Queens are Wild

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Young Margeaux conjures up powerful reinforcements in her showdown with King Ballentine's bodyguards.

Chapter 32 (v.1) - Shark Food

Submitted: June 30, 2012

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Submitted: June 30, 2012



Date: March 20, 2036
Place: Aboard the Rendezvous Two in the western Pacific Ocean
Young Margeaux was still naked and handcuffed on the bed at 2 p.m. She refused any offers of food and was forced to use the toilet in front of Andre and Walter. She had not uttered a word during the guards’ three additional attempts to pump her for information. Now they were eager to hump her -- information or not.
“You get started and I’ll take some video as a memento because we’re gonna miss her when we dump her bare ass overboard,” Walter said to Andre as he stood near the bed with his smart phone camera ready.
“That’s right, it’s party time, mate,” Andre said, quickly removing his black muscle shirt, gym shorts, gun, underwear and sneakers. He dumped them on the chair and jumped onto the bed. The smart phone he had stashed in his shorts fell out of a pocket and onto the carpet with a soft thud. A text message light was flashing, but both guards failed to notice. Their minds were focused on one thing -- sex.
Rape. I can’t believe I’m about to be raped by two Neanderthals, Margeaux thought, as she closed her eyes and remained rigid, sitting in an upright position on the bed with her handcuffed hands over her breasts. Andre easily pushed her backward onto the tropical-themed sheets until her head fell on the pillow. He loomed over her with massive biceps, shoulders and chest, ravenous hazel eyes and a hard cock ready to poke her. His mouth was open and stinking of beer. When the blond giant attempted to enter her, she wriggled her lower body left and right to avoid his member.
“Stop doing this to me!” she screamed. “I don’t deserve this!”
“Oh, so now you know how to talk, little girl. Isn’t that funny. Just shut up and take it,” Andre said, grabbing her slim hips with his powerful hands as she struggled.
Walter smiled and enjoyed being the voyeur with the small camera capturing it all. He also pictured himself mounting the sexy teenager next. Not your average afternoon on the high seas today, he mused, as saliva flooded his hungry tongue.
One single hard knock on the door made Walter jump and Andre freeze.
“Now what?” Andre shouted.
“Who is it?” Walter yelled at the door. “Go away!”
“It’s me,” a woman’s voice shouted back. “I want to join the fun in there.”
“What?” Andre asked in disbelief as he sat on the bed with his cock up and his eyes darting from the door to his gun on the chair and back again. “Go see who it is, Walter. Shoot first and ask questions later.”
Walter warily crept to the door, putting his camera phone in the left front pocket of his blue jeans, grabbing the pistol out of his holster belt with his right hand and turning the door knob slowly with his left hand. He opened the door a crack and peered into the corridor. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was another completely naked teenage girl who looked exactly like their prisoner.
“Don’t you want to double your fun?” the girl asked playfully. “I’ll pair up with you while they’re doing their thing.”
Walter leered at her up and down, paralyzed by her beauty.
“Who are you?” he finally asked.
“Really? I’m so tired of being asked that,” the girl replied, not so playfully this time. Then she kicked the door open with superhuman force, leveled Walter in the process, grabbed his gun off the floor and aimed it at Andre’s cock a split-second before he could reach the chair. He froze, facing the armed-and-dangerous girl like an obscene naked sculpture.
“Touch your gun and I’ll blow that one away!” the naked girl shouted, nodding toward his erect penis and kicking the door closed behind her at the same time. “This is a private party. We don’t want any other guests right now.”
Young Margeaux sat up on the bed and couldn’t believe her eyes. She looks just like me. Stark naked, too.
Walter moaned, writhing around on the carpet in agony and grabbing his bleeding head. He seemed concussed and completely useless.
“Move your raping ass back toward the window ledge and stay there or I will shoot you full of holes!” the naked girl commanded Andre.
The guard silently obeyed. He slowly raised his hands in a defensive posture as his cock started going in the opposite direction. His desperate eyes stole a few glances at his pistol on the chair.
“So close and yet so far, mate,” the girl taunted him. “You almost reached your gun. You almost noticed the text message on your phone warning you about us and what we’re capable of. You’re way off your game, mate. That’s because you and this girl-slapping, titty-twisting scumbag here were too busy almost raping a virgin. Oops. I almost forgot to tell you. Your phone is about to ring.”
Sure enough, the ring tone on Andre’s phone went off. It was the catchy, familiar melody from “The Pink Panther.” The naked girl knelt down, picked up the phone off the floor with her left hand and flipped it to Andre while still aiming Walter’s gun at him with her right hand. Andre caught the phone just to the left of his limp dick.
“Answer it,” she ordered, moving a couple of steps closer to Andre with her eyes full of venom and her finger itchy on the trigger.
Andre reluctantly punched a button with his thumb and the familiar, bearded face of fellow guard VD Victor appeared on the screen. “Where are you guys? Where is everybody? What the fuck is going on? I just watched Dennis get tossed overboard from the sky deck. He’s gone man. Deader than dead.”
“Who did it?” Andre asked, his skin turning more pale by the second and his fretful tone suggesting he was gravely afraid of the answer.
“You’re not going to believe me if I tell you, mate,” Victor said.
“Try me ... I just might,” the blond giant replied haltingly.
“I was 40 feet away, but I swear I saw a naked girl send him right over the railing like he was a rag doll,” Victor said. “I couldn’t believe my … shit! Stop! No!”
“What? Vic?” Andre asked.
That’s when the guard watched his smart phone in horror as Victor got forced backward and hurled overboard, too. The phone’s camera quickly lost sight of him, spiraling through the air with rapidly changing views of the white clouds and the blue Pacific. Seconds later, the phone went dead as it pelted the waves.
“And then there were three -- you two pervs and the one guarding the TV show that's going on right now,” the naked girl said, glaring at Andre as if he were next and time was running short. “Well, make that four. We don’t want to forget the black king. He’s the reason we’re here after all.”
“I don’t know who or what you are, but I’m very impressed. Please don’t kill me,” Andre pleaded with terrified hazel eyes. Now he was the prey, not the predator, and naked at that. “I’ll help you kill Balls. I’ll pay you lots of money. I’ll do anything you want.”
“Apparently, we’re doing just fine without your help,” the naked girl replied. “I only have one question for you.”
“What is it?” Andre begged.
“Do you have any idea where we are in the world right now?” she asked.
“Yes, yes I do,” Andre slobbered like a dog. “We’re about 125 miles southwest of Wake Island, which is a U.S. territory.”
“Thanks, you’ve been a splendid compass,” the naked girl said with a killer smile. “My only regret is your plunge will be much shorter than the others. We’ll just make sure it’s messier, that’s all. Now go feed the sharks!”
The naked girl dropped the pistol, charged toward the window with blinding speed and kicked Andre through the thick glass with a force equivalent to 52 extremely pissed-off women. The guard crashed overboard amid shards of glass and plummeted into the ocean. He was swallowed up by the waves and quickly left behind by the fast-moving ship.
Margeaux’s jaw dropped open as she watched the whole scene unfold before her eyes. I do have a team! I’m my own army … navy … whatever. This must’ve been what G52 meant by using all of the cards in my deck.
Then she watched the naked girl drag groggy Walter by his hoodie across the carpet. “Say hi to Jaws for me, loser!” she shouted bitterly as she flung him out the broken window like a bag of garbage.
“Thank you so much for rescuing me,” Margeaux said as the girl she quickly fished the keys out of Andre’s shorts on the chair and unlocked her handcuffs. “Free at last!”
“There’s no time to talk,” her heroic doppelganger said, putting a finger to Margeaux’s lips. “We have one more guard to deal with and a very important date with the king in the waterfall lounge right now.”
“Can I at least put on some clothes?” Margeaux asked.
“No,” the girl replied. “There’s nothing more powerful than the naked truth of how they treated us. Only the president will be dressed.”
“The president?” Margeaux wondered aloud, standing up with a confused look on her face.
“You’ll see,” the girl said, placing both of her warm hands on Margeaux’s bare shoulders in an attempt to reassure her. “The president is now armed and ready to roll, so let’s all go crash the king’s party upstairs.”

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