The Curse of King Arthur

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Chapter 5 (v.4) - Secrets Revealed

Submitted: November 27, 2013

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Submitted: November 27, 2013



The Curse of King Arthur

Chapter 5: Secrets Revealed

If you asked me last week what the worse part about this reincarnation of King Arthur mess; it clearly would be the evil, centuries old sorceress who wants to kill me and take over and/or destroy the world (Still a little foggy on that). This week... I know of a greater evil...

"I swear, Nimue is sadistic," I mumble out as I run up the stairs of the school. Ever since the mess with Psycho Dude, Nimue has been on my case to learn the 'proper' technique of wielding Excalibur and not, in her words: 'Swing it around like a blithering idiot'. You would think that I just threw the sword and hoped it would hit something...

"Never mind the fact that I actually put up a decent fight against a guy who could do shadow magic..." I grumble as I walk through the doors and into the mostly deserted halls. The only good part of Nimue's Boot Camp of Hell, is that she'd been getting me up at the crack of crack, which mean I've actually been early for school for the last couple of days.

I head towards my locker, but before I can even reach it, a hand shoots out and grabs me, pulling me into one of the adjacent halls.

"Who the hell... Oh no..." I am so dead...

"Hiya, Aus! Long time no see!" Katie cheerfully greets, even though her eyes reveals nothing close to cheery.

I knew one of my friends were going to confront me on my radio silence sooner or later (They're not the type to let you fall off the face of the earth without a fight). But I had hoped (and prayed), that it would be Reagan or Blaine who would confront me, because then I would have a slim chance of diverting them off my back for a while, but Katie...

Yep...I'm dead... But I have to give it a shot. The last thing I need is to drag any of my friends into this mess.

"Hiya, Kate!" I greet with a bright smile. "It's been a while. Have you lost weight? You're looking good, even better than you usually do! Is that a new jacket?" I look down at my wrist. "You know, I have to get going, but let's catch up lat-"

"How about we catch up now?" Katie interrupts as she grabs me before I can walk away and pushes me against the lockers.

"Guess we're catching up now..." I groan out. "What you want to talk about, Kitty Kat?"

"Hmm...what do I want to talk about? Maybe the weather, or about baseball and softball season starting. Oh, how about you, avoiding all of us!?"

And we have come to the 'Pièce de résistance'... "Avoiding all of you!? I'm not avoiding you, what a silly notion! You're just being para-" Katie pushes me against the locker, a little harder this time. "...noid. Can we at least figure out a safe word before we get to the fun and rough part?"

"Do not get pervert cute with me, Augustine," Katie warns before grabbing my collar and pulling me until we're eye-level, which is not hard since there's only three inches between our heights. "Now you are going to tell me what's going on with you."


"Don't lie to me, Austin," Katie threatens as she presses her arm against my throat. Not enough to kill me...yet, but uncomfortable enough.

"Kate..." I strain out. "I can't...tell you...anything...if you...kill me..."

She glares at me for a few more moments as she presses her arm a little harder, before letting go. "Austin, what in the world is going on with you?" She asks, the fight drained out of her. "Normally, I don't care if you're hiding something because barring murder, it's never anything too crazy and if it was anything like murder, you usually tell me. But, you dropping a bomb like you did, you can't up and hide!"

"I-" Katie holds a hand up to stop me.

"You told me you were having visions; that you felt like it could be a schizophrenic episode!" She harshly whispers as a couple of people walk by. She waits until they're gone before continuing. "Have you forgotten that I have been front-row center to what this does to your family? You cannot just tell me that, then, when I call you the next day and check up, mind you, after your blowup in class, you send me some bullshit text saying you're ok and then fall off the face of the earth!"

I stare at her for a few moments before risking moving my mouth again. "May I speak?" She gives me a cold stare, but doesn't say anything which I take as a green light. "You're right, I'm an asshole and I'm so sorry for worrying you. I should have given you more than a text, but I couldn-"

"Augustine William Cavalier, I swear to all of goodness, if you finish that sentence, I will call Gran, right now and let her know that Caleb will be the only grandson to expect great-grandchildren from!"

Wait to go, Austin... Piss her off even more... She pushes away from me and crosses the hall for a few moments. I just continue to stare at her, while she takes a few calming breaths and I hope, contacting the rational part of her brain not to kill me.

It takes her a few moments, but she finally comes back and the fight seems to have truly faded from her this time. "I get it, Austin. You're not under any obligation to tell me about everything happening in your life. I'm not your girlfriend; you're not my boyfriend, but I had hoped, as your best friend, you would have at least had the decency to come to me in person and tell me to my face that you're ok or, at least quell my fear for you a little, but I guess I'm not important enough for that." She backs away from me. "I really hope whatever going with you, you can get through it." With that, she starts down the hall, her boots clicking on the floor.

I know, the good part of me should just let her walk away. At the end of the day, me being out of her life would be for the best because the mess I'm would eventually drag her in and that's the last thing I want. But...the selfish part of me? It needs her in my life...

...And that's why I'm not surprised that I feel my legs running in her direction.

"Katie...Kate...Katherine!" I yell out, knowing that I'm making an absolute fool of myself (Not the first time...), but she just speeds up. Alright...time for the big guns. "Katherine Annalynn Nero-Noble, please stop!"

That causes Katie to freeze in her track before looking over her shoulder with a look of disbelief. "You did not, just use my full name?"

"Well, you're the one who started it," I state when I catch up to her. I start to open my mouth, but I spot the obvious vultures on us, who have stumbled upon my begging. "Come on." I grab her hand and luckily, she let me and pull her until we reach an empty (Hopefully...) stairwell.

"Alright, you got me to stop and dragged me here," Katie says as she watches me look up and down the steps. "You're finally ready to talk, for real?"

"You were right..." I begin when I decide that it's just the two of us. "You're right, it's not that I can't tell you what's going on, it's that I won't, but it's not because I don't want to."

She stares at me for a second. "Austin, my head hurts and I'm not in the mood to translate 'Austin-eses' today, so just spit it out."

"Trust me, I wish that I could, but this isn't the type of thing you can just spit out!"

"...Oh, my goodness, please tell me you didn't actually commit a murder or something like that, did you!?"

"Of course not!" I exclaim. I barely could get away with holding a sheep brain in biology, so murder is out of the question.

"You scared me for a second!" She says in a relieving chuckle. "For a second, I had actually thought you killed someone and was just trying to shield us away from it because you, you don't have to. I'll help you hide the body because for you to kill someone, they must have had it coming."

"And you would do it, no questions ask." I state with a smile, no question needed.

"Of course, ride or die," She answers with a simple shrug, like it's no big deal. "Now, don't get me wrong, if the police have enough evidence, I'm going to take the plea because I still want to go college, but I will visit you every day...barring I don't have classes."

"Wow, you're such a pal, Kate!" I exclaim, sarcasm dripping from my voice, but her words push me over the last hurdle. "And that's why, I'm going to tell you what's going on."

That causes her to freeze. " are?" That causes to bust out laughing.

"Seriously!? All that and you weren't even certain I'd spill!?"

She quickly composes herself. "Oh, I knew you were going to spill eventually. I just thought it would be more of a fight, that's all."

"Yeah...of course." And as much as I want to be sarcastic, I can't because I should have known she would have pried it out of me; intentionally or not. Me plus keeping secrets from Katie equals never going to happen.

"So, what is it?" She asks, bring me back to her full attention. "What is this secret thing?"

"Not here," I quickly answer. Katie starts to open her mouth, but I quickly cover it. "Please listen, I'm not flaking on you, I promise I will tell you, but not here. Not where we can be overheard."

She gives me a roll of her eyes before looking down at my hand, which I take as a sign to move it. She looks at me for second before speaking again. "So, if not now, when?"

I think for second. "The woods. At the tree where you flew-"

"You mean the tree, you flew my kite in," Katie corrects with a smirk. "And broke your arm in, getting it out."

"No one likes a smartass, Katherine." She just sticks her tongue out at me. "But yes, that tree. After school, today. I promise, I'll tell you everything."

"I'll hold you to it." She gives me a smile before starting up the stairs, but I grab her before she can go.

"As much as I hate this...but please, don't tell Reagan and Blaine about this." Explaining this to Kate is going to be hard enough, but dragging my other friends into this is a whole nother ballgame.

She gives me an inquisitive look, but nods. "I promise, lips are sealed." She pulls away from my grasp and raises her hand to lightly flick me on the forehead. "Looking forward to our talk, Mr. Cavalier."

That causes me to smile. "See you later, Ms. Nero-Noble." I watch her go up the stairs before heading down to find Nimue. I'm going to need her help...


"Alright, Austin, old boy," I pump myself up as I lean back against the tree. Ever since our talk, I've been practicing what I was going to say...and each speech sounded worse and worse...

"How in the world do you even begin to tell your best friend that you're the reincarnation of a king, that before this point, you thought was fictional and that you have to stop an evil sorceress before she decides to get trigger happy and wrecks the world!"

My over-exuberance causes me to tilt and almost fall out the tree. Luckily, I manage to regain my balance before this whole mess became a moot point.

That was a close call... I think as I wipe a hand across my forehead. As I lower my hand, it brushes across the chain hanging around my neck that holds Excalibur. Since this isn't the Sixth Century and people tend to get nervous when you carry around giant swords; Nimue thought it might be best to have Excalibur in a less conspicuous form. And speaking of Nimue...

"Where the hell is she!?" I yell out and almost fall again. Right after my integration, I hunted down Nimue and asked her for her help in this mess. I had prepared myself for a fight, I was even ready to stoop to begging if I had to, but... to my surprise, she didn't fight... In fact, she actually agreed! If I didn't know any better, it seemed like she was...expecting this to happen...

After the surprise had worn off, I asked Nimue to meet us here after school and she said she would. Now, classes have been over for about twenty minutes and still no freaking Water Fey!

"It only takes ten minutes to get here! What's she doing, smelling the flowers!?"

"Last I checked..." A familiar voice begins below. Looking down, I spot Katie giving me a rueful smile. "...ladies are never late. Everyone else is just early. Here I thought Gran was raising a gentleman, not an impatient, lay about bum."

"Hey! As said, impatient, lay about bum, I take offense!" I yell down. "And I checked, I wasn't waiting for a lady, I was waiting for you!" The words slip out of my mouth before I can stop it and I just see the steam coming out of Katherine's ears.

She takes a few calming breaths before speaking, and I can tell, it's taking all her strength not to bust the tree down. "August...would you be a dear and please come down so we can have a civilized conversation..."

"I think it's better for my health if I stay up here," The only thing that's keeping me safe is Katie's fear of height. If it wasn't for that, I sure enough would be dead right now.

"I promise, Augustine, I won't hurt you... I just want to talk..." Her tone doesn't instill confidence, but I choose to believe her and finally decide to climb down. When we're eye to eye, she decides to speak again. "Alright, since we've established that I'm not going to kill you, you mind explaining what you were talking about earlier?"

"Right to the chase, huh?" I ask, more to myself. "Before I do, I need you to swear something to me, first."

"What is this, a secret club? Can't you just tell me?"

"Please, Katie. I need this." She lets out a sigh before finally nodding. I take a breath before speaking again. "First, I need you to swear that what you hear here, stays between us. No telling Reagan, or Blaine or even Gran. This stays between us." She gives a roll of her eyes, but gives a nod. " matter what I tell...that you don't look at me differently."


"I know it sounds strange, but I need you to swear that. What I'm about to tell you is big and crazy and a part of me still can't wrap my head around it, but it's happening and I can't tell you, if I knew you were going to look at me crazy and-"

'Austin, stop!" Katie exclaims as she grabs my arms and shakes me. "You are my best friend! There is nothing you can ever say or do, that will ever make me look at you differently!" She gives my arm a squeeze. 'Now, will you just tell me what this big secret is, so all the scenarios in my head can finally end!"

My mouth just hangs open from her declaration, but I finally gain enough of my senses to pull myself together and finally speak. Unfortunately, the words come out in rush... "When I finished talking to you that day, I started hearing voices in my head and the voices chased me to the lake, where a woman made of water started rising from it. Before I could ask question, a shadow creature appeared; I fainted and the water woman, who name I found out was Nimue later, blasted it away. So, I ended up waking in my room and..."

I just continue with my story, until I finally reach the end with what happened to Psycho dude. When I finally stop, it feels like I've run a marathon and brace myself against my knees to catch my breath.

After a few moments, it dawns on me that Katie hasn't said a word through all that. I risk a look up at her and see that she's just staring at me. "Katie...? Are you alright?"

She doesn't say anything, but slowly, I see a slight nod of her head. "Yeah...I'm fine. Just...trying to take it all in, that's all."

"You see why I was worried, don't you?" I ask when I'm fully upright again.

She gives another nod. "Oh, I can see why. That's quite a story."

My shoulders fall a little. "So, you don't believe me..." Not that I can blame her, it is a crazy story, but a small part of me believed that she would actually believe it.

"I didn't say that," Katie, unexpectedly corrects.

" believe me?"

She gives a shrug. "I can't say that I understand it all and I will admit, it's hard to wrap my head around, but..." She gives me a sly smile. "Like I told, I'm your best friend; come hell and high water, I will always be on your side. Even if that comes with evil witches and reincarnations of kings."

I can feel my heart starting to race as the reality of her words hit me. Like she said, Katie has always been my best friend. The person I would go to if I'm ever in trouble; had I actually committed a murder, she would be the one I would want on my side to hide the body and come up with an alibi, but even I underestimated her (Which, I should know better by now), with how much she'll stand behind me. Even swallowing this whole mess without blinking an eye.

For the first time in a week, I feel the first, genuine smile come to my face.

"I swear, Kate, you must be heaven-sent, to be able to take all this," I praise.

Her smile turns into a smirk. "Yeah, I must be because I took all this and didn't wring your neck for ducking me for an entire week. Let this serve as a lesson and memory, next time you put your foot in your mouth." Despite her lecture, I can see the genuineness in her eyes.

"Trust me, this will be embedded into my brain, for all eternity! And with helping you understand all this, I will do my best and help you. Nimue is supposed to be coming soon and even though she'll talk in riddles and by the end of it, you'll want to wring her neck too. I promise, she'll be able to explain all-"

Before I can finish, a male and unfriendly voice, interrupts me. "Or how about I explain it, instead..."

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