Awkwardly Incredible

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Stuttering

Submitted: April 12, 2010

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Submitted: April 12, 2010



“Hey, dude!” Adam exclaimed, jumping into the seat across from Mason. Mason looked up from his salad.

“Hey,” he replied simply. Adam frowned slightly, taken aback by Mason’s simple response. Mason wasn't really in the mood to talk. He was sitting alone because Isabel couldn't be there with him. She had sent Mason a text earlier, saying that she needed to help Heath with something at home.

“Come sit with us, man. You look lonely.” Mason looked around for Isabel. Maybe she’d be back earlier than she had expected. Maybe he wouldn’t have to sit with Adam and his cronies. Mason sighed, picked up his tray and followed Adam to another table.

Adam sat down next to Jacquelyn, who looked up at Mason with a smile. “Hey, beat boy,” she purred, taking Mason’s hand, “Come sit next to me.” She pushed Adam out of his chair and dismissed him callously. The green eyed boy stared at the girl incredulously.

“What?” he shrieked, waving his hand at the chair, “I always sit there.”

She smiled – and angels began singing in Mason’s head - and replied, “Well, always is over.” She gave him another gleaming smile. He huffed and found another chair. She patted the seat next her, beckoning Mason to sit there. The blonde boy looked around for Isabel, still waiting for her to return so that he could get out of sitting with Adam. He frowned slightly, realizing that Isabel really was, in fact, gone.

He sat and Jacquelyn scooted closer to him, resting her hand on top of his. “So, tell me, beat boy,” she hummed, her lips almost touching Mason’s ear, “What are you doing this weekend?”

Mason turned his head and jumped back slightly, shocked by Jacquelyn’s closeness. “I, uh, don’t know. Um, I, uh, why?” he stuttered, forgetting about his lunch with Isabel.

She stuck out her bottom lip before saying, “Well, why don’t you come over to my place on Saturday? I’m having a small get together. Few close friends will be there. Adam can pick you up.” She shot a glance at Adam who groaned.

Mason looked at Jacquelyn, who smiled back at him angelically. “Um, I, uh, sure. Okay,” he replied, smiling weakly.

“Great! Adam will pick you up around 11. The party – I mean, get together starts at 11:30. Can’t wait!” she cooed, picking up her tray. She turned to Adam and gave him another look. He rolled his eyes and huffed. Jacquelyn’s posse got up and followed her out of the cafeteria, leaving Mason and Adam alone at the table.

“So, dude, just text me your address whenever. I don’t see why you can’t drive yourself to her crib. But, the goddess insists,” Adam grumbled. “Later,” he said, grabbing his bag, “Can you dump my trash for me? Thanks.” He ran out of the cafeteria, giving Mason no chance to reply.

Mason groaned, got up and took both his and Adam’s tray to the trash. That was an unfortunate lunch. He missed his daily talk with Isabel. He wondered if he’d see her before he went home. If not, he’d sent her a text just to say ‘hello’. Little did he know, he was going to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

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