diary of a serial monogamist

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


Dear Diary,


I should have left him with his wife. I was hoping that maybe this one would be like my father. Maybe he would be the one to wisk me off my feet with his charm and damn straight white teeth. He was a God, and though I knew he was married; I had to have him. He was as refreshing as an ice cold glass of the finest red wine. He excited me in more ways than one, and then he fell in love.


Jason loved the way that Kashmir moaned and whined when he was inside of her. He loved the way her skin smelled like warm vanilla, and the way her body arched in his arms when he suckled continuously on her breasts. She was everything he had wanted in a woman. Despite the fact that he thought his ex-wife was his everything, he had found everything in the eyes of this beautiful seductress.  Kash needed at that moment to be inside of Jason’s arms. It had been a whole ten days since she had allowed him inside of her….and ten days she had spent looking for his replacement. To be honest Jason was a great man. He had a nice car, a banging body, and he knew how to please a woman.

It was too bad that he had chosen to love Kashmir Pierre. You would have to be one dumb idiot if you didn’t know her reputation. Not that she was the town slut or anything, but she was the local serial monogamist. Her last five relationships had only lasted a maximum six months combined. That was how she made her rules.

It was six months max, no longer than sixty days, then maybe a booty call. She had it all mapped out; that way nobody, especially her got hurt. Jason was just at the peak of coming when Kashmir stopped stroking and stared him in the face. This was the perfect moment for a kiss, but Jason was too busy trying to come. Kash jumped off top and rolled over on her back to distance herself from him.

What had he done wrong? Whatever it was he was willing to fix it.


“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked looking her deep in the eyes. He was weak, and there was nothing that sickened her more than a weak man. She was a damn strong woman so she needed someone who could catch every curve ball that she threw. She was growing tired of the games with the “Yes Men.” Where the hell was her tiger so he could bite back?


Kash flopped over so that they were nose to nose and looked him square in his face.

“This is not working for me…” she said gesturing towards their bodies.

Jason didn’t know what she meant, so he looked at her in that confused dear in headlights look he always got when he was being dumb.


“Oh my God Jason, us. I’m breaking up with you. See yourself out,” she said going to hop in the shower.

It was over and done, and now she could get cleaned up and get to her date with Dorian. Now that was a man. A pure bred stallion, and he was hers tonight. Some men could just be so vulnerable. She didn’t try to always save herself, but she did have a saying. That saying was, “When things are getting too good, run.” It was always better to hurt someone before they hurt you. This was the way she saw things, and she lived every word of it. Kash didn’t know or care if Jason was still in the apartment. There was no way she was going to miss a night on the time with a hot topic like Dorian.

 She wanted nothing more than to be on his arm so that everyone could see she had finally pulled herself an athlete. She didn’t want to waste time worrying about Jason and his puppy dog eyes. She wanted to worry about what she was wearing, because just any old thing just wouldn’t do. She flounced around in her closet, and Jason was thrown back by her lack of concern that he was still there. He got up out of the bed and grabbed her elbow. She shot him a look that said if he wanted to keep it, he would move it.

Jason threw up his hands and backed off.

“Ok, I won’t touch you, but why… why are you doing this baby?” He asked.

He sounded serious. She knew he couldn’t believe that she actually cared for him after all the hell she had put him through in these last few months. She had caused him to lose his wife, his house, his car, and damn near his sanity. How dare he act like he didn’t see it coming.

“I mean make me understand what I did so wrong that you have to chew my heart up and spit it out,” he said sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Do we have to do this right now? I mean I do have plans,” she said gesturing to the dress in her hands.

“Babe… I just want to fix this. I can’t—I can’t see myself without you,” he said.

This had to be the biggest bowl of bologna any one had ever tried to feed her. Was he out of his mind? She didn’t need to hear his sorry ass attempts to get her to stay around and play with his emotions. There were no feelings between her and him as far as she was concerned.

“My God man, have you no dignity? Pick up your dick and walk away,” she said.

“Just like that?” was all he could say.

“Yep.” She twirled over to her dresser to pick out eye shadow.

“You’re one cold hearted Bi--.” She shot him a look that told him to never finish that sentence.

“Fine I’m out. I never stay where I’m not wanted, but don’t come calling me when some nigga beats your ass.” He dressed and stormed out of her door shirtless.

He didn’t want to look at her, his heart was in so many pieces all he wanted to do was pick them up and try to glue them back together. He had been her latest victim. She had claimed another one, and if her streak kept up she would be getting a two for one very soon.






Kashmir picked up her fork and pushed her salad around. This was a great place, and Dorian was a great guy, but there was just something that stuck in her head. She was twenty-nine, and the big three-o was nearer than she thought. She knew a lot of females her age that had families and careers. She on the other hand worked from time to time for her parents and received money from  a trust fund like she was a wild teenager. “I’m quite sorry, but are you alright. I mean if it’s the food—.” His strong British accent was cut off by her weak laughter.

“No…no… the food is great; I just have some things on my mind,” she said smiling weakly.

In all honesty she was wondering how long she could keep hurting people before it back fired on her. Maybe Jason was right, maybe she would meet her fate one day. The heart was a sensitive organ; she couldn’t just keep on abandoning people’s affections.

“Come on now, don’t let it get you down. I’m here if you want to talk about it,” he said placing his thick strong hand on top of hers.

Damn, this man was fine. She knew in her heart she was planning on breaking Dorian’s heart just like she had broken all the other men’s hearts in the past. The question was…did he truly deserve it?  All he did was see a beautiful woman and ask her out on a date. She already had ill intentions from jump, but the ball was in his court.

Should she just end it now and not wait to hurt him later, or just let her insecurities go and try to for once in her life fall in love?  She had to laugh to herself. Who in the hell did she think she was fooling? All this love stuff was just not for her. She was never supposed to fall in love. She was the ultimate female player, and she would hold true to her title. Dorian however, had a problem of his own. He loved beautiful women and laying them down. He had been doing it since college, and there was nothing like to hunt for the kill. Not a physical killing, but a moral killing. He liked to break their petty little spirits.

He had known what she was from the day he laid eyes on her. She was one of those uppity types that always went after the ballers, and the men with so much to lose. Those types of broads sickened him, and he always loved to set them up with expensive gifts. He would show them the time of their lives, define beautiful for them, and please them with his A-1 sex game. All the attention would then abruptly cease, and their little perfect world would go crashing down. Served them right anyways. If he was still a poor kid growing up in the slums, none of them would even look his way.

He had a complex about females who tried to get on the band wagon just with a brother for his assets. He had not always been what he was today.  He had grown up in Britain, but the streets were deeply rooted in him. His father had never given a damn about him. His mother had only been a British whore that he had taken advantage of when he was in the Navy. After his time was up, he left her. When she wrote to tell him that she was pregnant, he ignored her letters. Then she died, and he either took the kid or paid someone else to take him. There was no way he could raise a child. He was too selfish, he would at least have a chance to screw the kid up, if nothing else.

Dorian flashed Kash another smile and covered his tailored pants with a cloth napkin. That was right, he would give her everything she wanted and then take it away and move on to the next. He loved to have these females dangling by a thread, it was just what he did. He got pleasure from their pain.


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