Chapter 1: On This Hexed Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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cats are the

the guardians of hell,and if you belong there they will drag you right back. When the cat was gone lost in the shadows of noon, we continued to walk; slowly our feet in some thing of a pattern first I would go first with my right than she'd go with her left and so on and so forth, silents rained over she and I, until we came to a small town we knew from before. “You never told me, how did you become one of the fallen?” “I , come and sit with me.” I did not truly want to talk about it, or talk at all but I could say no to her. We sat on the side walk and looked around, “This was home, it all began here,” a tear came to my eye, as I carried on with the tale, she leaned against me and I wrapped an arm around her and continued.

It was1698, I was thirteen and had not a sole in the world to call a friend, my mother was terribly ill , my father had an awful cough, and could barely stand. My younger brother Martin was in school my elder brother William was lost in alcoholism, my eldest sister Ariel, she had been wed and never seen again. One day after school and work I had come how to find Martin and William fighting.

Stop it, stop leave him be William he's just a boy!” I cried attempting to pull them apart, Martin was bloody with one eye bruised and some what swelled shut, William had nothing more than a bloody nose that of which was now crooked, “Tell that little bastard to keep his hands off my boyfriend!” “I want nothing to do with your, stupid boyfriend,” Martin cried “Oh yeah, well kiss him on your way to hell.” William shouted “You go first.” Martin muttered. All I could do was watch my family what was left of ti, fall apart. Break down and scatter in the wind.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw mother hunched over in a pain that would kill even the strongest of hearts. Mother, a young beautiful women even when ill, not even gray but to be put to rest forever in a month's time. She had fire red hair, that fell freely on her shoulders, her face long a pail, covered in freckles that finished her some how. Eyes of mint green; beautiful I thought. “Mother, you shouldn't be out of bed.” I cried running to her, once by her side I took her hand and helped her walk. She pushed me away and forced herself up right, she took a deep breath, forced it into her body almost, her hands together behind her she walked slowly down the stares, to the living room, she passed me smiling at me a bit, than stepped in front of William, she s tricked him across the face, jerking his head to one side. Silently she said, “Don't you ever come home with alcohol, or drunk ever again.”

Than she turned to Martin, “What did you do?” She demanded, she seemed most weak but still she did not fall to her knees, like I thought she would, no, no she stood tall and stronger than she had been in many days. “I, well, he saw me talking to his boy friend and he just got crazy and brought me back home, and started beating me, so I fought back, and the bottle of alcohol he bought spilled over to the floor; I fell over onto it. My back still hurts from wear it cut into my skin, my back. He pulled me up to my feet and he beat me even more.” Martin whispered, than mother turned to me, “Where were you when all this happened?” She asked, her voice soft and loving how it always was even when stern her voice always had love. “I was at work mother, I did not make much today, I came late from school.” “Why!” she raised her voice turning from me, and walking forward . “Chasper, he wanted to talk to me ; about some thing, he said it was important. So I came, “And was it?” She asked, “Mother?” “What he had to say, was it important?” “Yes, mother vary much so ; to me.” I said stepping farther from her.

And what was it that was so, imperative, so much more important than your job.” She was in a mood of which I did not understand. A mood that all women go through, I call it the dance of the seven heads. I call it this because for my mother it last seven days, and she was vary moody so much that some times I would look at her and not know her. it was like she was a different person, like second nature, at the end of the month. “A girl of that I fancy, is to soon be leaving, at noon tomorrow, I hoped to see her before she's off.” I sighed. She turned back around facing me, “You may, my dear.” Mother's voice returned to undying love. Than she turned to William again, “Keep your hands off of your brother, and should you touch him ever, again or any of your siblings ,for that matter, I'll put you out.” Her face grew rosy and her nose twitched, than she smiled at me, than said, “Go practice the piano with your brother love.” she motioned for the side room and than turned back to the direction of which she would have taken her leave.

I walked slowly over to martin and caught the most gruesome look I ever could imagine all on my own, his lip was curled up showing his kindness. The most hateful look crawled over his face beamed straight at Martin, than he and I locked eyes and I knew hate and jealousy boiled inside his thin abused body. I came slowly into the side room , to be at peace, to be with the piano. The side room was not only home to the piano, it also held shelter, to a few chairs, a coach of beautiful, creamy ac-rue, and a chandelier. Floor of marble. When I was younger I would run there, after disappointment or dismay and the room would give me happiness that the best toy could not . Some times I forgot that the house was not truly ours, it belonged to a kind man who had dyed, about seven weeks earlier, you'd think his house would be taken care of, but no. Nothing had happened to it yet. Nothing at all. We were never the fortunate ones, never.

I found my father sitting beside it in a chair as if to be waiting, he stuck out a long thin index finger first pointing at me than bent it back and forth, commanding me to come to him, with out Martin. I sat in the piano chair next to him, “My love, my most favorable child, I am dying, I will not live to see sunrise tomorrow. I thought , it was just pain, but apparently I've had the flu as well.” I stared blankly into his eyes, I could hardly believe he wanted me to take it all in like it was simple words with out meaning. For a second that was what it was, it did not posses, I did, not understand . Than I began to cry hopelessly and uncontrollably, he put his arms out before him to hold me, and I softly through myself into him and together we cried there, before the piano, Martin stood in the door way; I knew he wanted to know, wanted to feel every thing, that we , my father and I felt and knew. But father silently whispered, “Do not tell him, I want you and your brother gone before 10:30 tonight.”

I whipped the tears from my face and nodded silently, his arms still locked around me, than I felt his hand clutch my side, and it seamed that death stood before us two, ever sucking the life out of him. Because he gasped for air, s I held him in disbelief. He clutched harder and I knew he was in pain, Martin just stood mouth wide,, eyes filling with tears, looking at him, knowing my father would die in my arms now in front of Martin killed me on the inside. Like a bouncy ball of fire, bouncing around in my chest, first, destroying one rib than the next , than the next and eventually, taking me out at the heart. I could not bear this, none of it; I wanted to become a boy again and run and hide, but with father gone with a strong wind, called death, and William, in and out of soberness, I would have to take charge of the house. I felt like an island, taken by a monsoon, over come by rain and forsaken by time. The way all this happened all so soon.

I stopped a moment and looked around, again, I healed her tighter, than released her and said, “We need to move.” “ Yes, you feel them too, getting closer. Yes we must go now.” I was happy that she listened, but she seamed to be in some thing of a trance. We walked slowly her hand in mine, our feet again fallowing the pattern. “Tell me the rest while we walk, please, I wish to know you , the way you know me.” she cried , I looked at her, she wouldn't look at me, she kept her eyes stitched to the ground. I thought she'd been looking at some thing in particular, but no, just the ground. “ Okay , my love.” I said, swinging her round and finally kissed her beautiful lips, as if we had danced. I felt I need to remind her , some how tell her I love her.

I wasn't sure at all, what to do as I held my father feeling his pulse, his beet that I wanted to never end finally, come to a stop. His arms lost all the strength he had put into them to hold me, and would have fallen out of my hands, had I not been holding him. I gathered his feet and carried him to the side of the room and laid him down on the couch,, that couch I admired so much. I rested him there, the room was as dead as my father, silent, and all the joy that would come to me, when I needed it , wouldn't come, the coach, I felt nothing for it now. “Is he, dead? Jasper, is he dead!” Martin was to much for me now. All I could do was shake my head, I don't know which way I shook it or how fast or slow, but I had to hold back the tears , I had to be strong.

Suddenly, Martin came running at me, he jumped on me,causing he and I both to fall to the ground, I let go of father's body so he wouldn't fall. He let me go after attempting to strangle me, he jumped on father and hugged him, held him close like there was was still life left in his body. I came to my feet, and pulled Martin off, prying him from father's corpse “He's dead Martin, get off of him, get off, leave him be! Damn it let him go!!!” I screamed; just than I smelt some thing burning. Some thing caught fire

Then all at once the fire bleed into the side room, My heart pounding I thought we would all die together here in this house. As I saw it eat the walls destroying all the fell in it's path., I grabbed Martin trying to pull him off father. He screamed and kicked as I dragged him to the window. I kicked it, shattering It of course. I pushed him through first, than jumped out after him, it seamed that faith, and hope were on our side, because after I got out, and dragged him to the other side of the lawn it burst ed. The whole chess board as I call it, went up in flames. Martin pushed me off him and ran for the fire, I chased after him screaming “ Get your little but back here! Come back now.” I was running as fast as I could, but still he beat me to the water fountain. I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared , I cried and moaned as the town people came to see what had happened. I sat on the front grass, and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up I found a creature sitting in front of me on the couch I had set my father on. I looked in wounder,at the chair; I cared not about the man who sat so comfortably on it. He on the other hand was gorges.

His legs stretched out, and wrapped in am material most puzzling to me. Color was black, his hair was an impossible dark brown, that dangled in his face. Eyes light blue, face full of freckles, like my mothers. His lips were a pail pink and thinner than ever. His mouth was small, his nose was just as small and pointed. He had elf ears, the kind of ears you hear about when your mother reads out of the book to her little bastards. “God, damn you.” He said to me and even his voice was wonderful I did not even care that he was insulting me. He was beautiful, like the Greek god Himeros, he was just so, inviting.

He stood up from the chair, “If you know anything at all, you must be thinking I must be the devil, or perhaps how the hell did I get your chair or even, what hole did I crawl out from. Well I will tell you, I did not crawl from any hole known to earth, I am not the devil in fact I am one of the masters of death, now weather you meat the delve well that is up to you. Or me if you decide not to play your cards right.” He laughed, than seconds later began again. “ I have all types of magic lurking around about the shadows of my pockets, magic that you will soon learn about, and that is how I got your chair. So if you would be so kind , take my hand, would you.”

His mouth asked a question but his eyes demanded an answer. I took his hand and that was when it began. He walked me through a meadow, of his creation, using his magic of course, he asked me what I wanted, than claimed he would grant my wish. As you know I wished my mother and father to live again and be here with me. He granted my wish, but of course took from me. He had to kill me, to give them life than he turned me into a Vampire.

So that's my stories, so now you know. “ I said twirling her around some more. Lightning struck hard and tornadoes, of black and gray pored out of the sky, “They're coming, come on run they're coming!” We darted down the street to find the cat was following us, we took refuge in in betweentwo house. We were so close to each other close enough to kiss,we were facing each other, our eye locked , our breathing was soft and steedy. I could see the fear in her it bled through her eyes , I wrapped my arms arounder, her so reasuring i wanted to seem." Oh Jasper, I'm scared." She said driving her head into my chest. There was hardly any sighn of them, but the black cat remained. It stared at us, jusst sat there in the middle of the road eyes wide, and full, it stared. Than it stood on it's hind legs, it's bent spin brock for a moment, you could see that it was broken, than it foldeed, and became straight. As did the ribs, than it grew taller and thicker. It's fetchers changed dramaticly, and I knew, it was an angel, from hell. A well trusted friend, the man I had longed for all too long ago. The story ofCristianThe end till Next Hex=)

Submitted: January 28, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Jade Scott. All rights reserved.


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