Door Of Worlds

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First chapter of the novel I'm attempting to write

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Door Of Worlds

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



Going through the mail I came across the letter I was dreading. I was being summoned by the Council, I'd recognise that red waxy stamp anywhere.

" Miss A.M.Collins You are hereby called upton to guard the door of the world whilst the current keeper of worlds is within our Council. You shall report to Mrs Brown at 09.00 hours on May 21st 2013 at the door. Should you choose not to show this matter will be placed into the hands of the Termination department. We look forward to working with you Signed The Council Of Worlds"

Shit! Shit! Shit! I hated working for them! Last time I was stuck fighting off an angry group of trolls who were trying to steal from the buildings confication room. Plus you can hardly call three days,much notice. With that I threw the mail onto the kitchen side and left for work.

When I wasn't working for the Council I spent my days earning a living in the local pawnbrokers. The thing is, it wasn't just any pawnbroker shop but a place where everyone out of the door had to come and register to get a visiting pass to be in our world. Redditch seemed to be the best place to hide. It was just a small town when we had just started, just factory workers and their families lived here.

"Your late again Allysa!" Mr Green called from the back office. Mr Green was sent here to run this place. It made me laugh really, one of the biggest rules is that you have to blend in, stay hidden, and yet we have a dwarf running a very public shop.

"Sorry boss" I called back. " I got distracted this mornin. The Council have called upon me again." Mr Green came tottering into the room. He was such a sweet old fellow, only 3ft4, with sea blue eyes and his long grey beard tucked into his belt so he wouldn't trip on it, like he always does.

"Oh my dear, when are you going to get out from underneath them? They call upon you more than ever lately. You've been dissapearing for days at a time almost every couple of weeks! When will they hire someone else in this retched little town!" That always made me laugh.

"Mr Green, why do you stay here if you don't like being here? You can go back to your own world any time you like".

" Because my dear, I have no one to go back to and someone needs to take care of you, and I'm the dwarf daft enough to do it. Besides this shop needs someone to run it, and as good as you are my dear, you are just not up to it yet. Right enough chit chat, off to work! Your list of returnees are next to your till. Make sure you contact them all. They need to be on their way back home today."

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