Bright Eyes Seek No Redemption

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Have you every needed to escape, to leave the life you live for something more- for something new? Humanity is a prison to the life we sometimes wish we could leave-to enter a more dangerous realm we pray for. Have you ever walked down the street almost wishing to be kidnapped- if so you are not alone, you are just one of the many who embrace the darker mysteries of life. The question is what would you do after such a life altering action takes place?
Yes as humans you have the entire heroic battle planned, but what if it failed? Some of you may even want it to fail, some with a darker view wondering-hoping something new may happen, something that may allow you to escape the binds that have you caught in the redundancy of your everyday schedule. This is such a tale where a simple wish of a girl comes true, and I, I am simply the story teller her to navigate through the events

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bright Eyes Seek No Redemption

Submitted: April 21, 2008

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Submitted: April 21, 2008



Chapter 1- The Night It All Happened

A beauty she was, only 19 years of age, but she held a dark dream inside her- little did she know I had been watching, so I granted her wish true. It
was a Friday night in October, and the God were sending down thunderous amounts of rain and such- it was in fact due to me they were having such a
tantrum in the sky. But, that will be explained another day, for now let us return to our swan- who was at the time walking aimlessly upon a beach watching the waves crash upon the shore.

She wore a black fitted trench coat that was buttoned completely, the collar on it pulled up around her face shedding everything just below her nose. Her hair was black and drenched from the rain as it whipped at her back from the tantrum of the gods. She was pale and frail in size- a good specimen I though at the time. Her skin was flawless- as long as you ignored the unusual lack of color you’d think ones face should have, but the best of her in my belief were her eyes. Such bright eyes are what caught my attention originally; an ocean blue outer iris with a green center being merged with the blue around it. At first I dismissed them as contacts, but much to my delight I had been wrong such eyes, such a body, it could create me such a fortune.

I knew what I wanted do at that point, feeling a sense greed well-up in me, but I knew I could not act upon any desire of my own, for that was my one punishment that the gods had situated upon my shoulders; along with their idea of an ironic punishment for having all my wishes come true. “…You shall be sentenced to a lifetime of servitude to the gods, your curse shall be to serve only other, to make only their wishes come true for your previous actions of selfishness.” To me the Gods made little sense, they cared so much about there precious humans they created, but yet they did the same I had been punished for- personal gain. But again, that is of another story to tell.

As I watched the girl from my hidden situated spot I waited knowing in my bones something interesting would be happening, something that very well might allow me to have my desires created- so I waited. I had waited quite some time as the girl traipsed about, looking up into the storm, and finally deciding to lay on a flat rock where waves just barely were out of stretch.
Then, my dream came true, she uttered the very words that created this entire story-“I wish I could leave, I wish I could just fall into somewhere new, I want something new, I want change”

She never specified what kind of change, she never said where she wanted to leave to, she never said what she wanted to be that something new-and it because of humans being as broad as they are that my plan took itself into action.

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