Making Promises (Completed)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Next Morning

Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013



Chapter 10:

I woke up around 12 pm and decided to skip school. I was sore, raw, and kinda in shock from what I had done last night. Why did I let that happen??

My phone buzzed next to my bed and when I picked it up, I didn't recognize the number. I was curious but scared to answer it...what if it was Justin?!


"Hey my beautiful Gracie! Are you in school?"

I let out a sigh of relief when I heard the familiar voice. "Matt! So this is your new number?"

"Yep. Now that you know my location, you can know how to contact me now!" He started laughing in the phone and I grinned at how happy he was acting.

After his laughing calmed down, I said, "You seem like you're in a chipper mood today..."

"I am! What are you doing right now?"

I grimaced when I shifted in my bed. "Um...laying in bed."

"Are you not going to school!?" His voice was filled with surprise because he knew I never missed school.

Laughing, I replied, "Yes. I'm kinda sore..."

There was silence on the other end for awhile, but then Matthew said, "Oh. Can you come see me today?"

"Of course! Wouldn't miss it, Matt!"

I could hear my mom washing dishes downstairs and my grandma humming down the hall.

Matt replied, "Great! We have so much to catch up on!" His voice sounded so healthy to would never guess he had lung cancer.

"Ok. I'll see you around 3ish."

We hung up and I, painfully, crawled out of bed. I was so mad at myself for letting Justin take advantage of me. If I would've known I would be in so much pain the day after, I wouldn't have done anything with him!

I took my time walking downstairs. I knew my mom would ask me where I was last night and I had to come up with a story for why I was so late.

"Hey, sleepy-head! Not going to school today?" My mom thought she always had to call me a nick-name when I got out of was weird.

I replied, "No. I'm not feeling good."

My mom felt my forehead as I was prowling in the cabinet for my cereal. "Are you sick, honey?"

"No...just sore."

As soon as I said that, I wish I would've took it back! She automatically started questioning me.

"What did you do last night, Grace?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "Nothing, Mom. I went to see Matt and then came home...maybe my period's coming."

She looked at me with suspicous eyes once more, but then changed the subject. "So how's Matt?"

"He's good. He moved to San Diego to get away for awhile...I'm visiting him later."

My mom sat down at the table with a plate of eggs and bacon...why I didn't getany, was beyond me. "What time are you leaving?"

With cereal in my mouth, I replied, "I told him arond 3ish."

She nodded and said, "Alright. Your grandma has a doctors appointment at 5...I would like you home when I get back."

I nodded my head but, I mumbled, "That doesn't give me much time with Matt."

"Dammit, Grace, I can't have you going to San Diego every single day! That's too much gas!"

I was blown away by my mom's attitude and I was going to snap back at her, but instead, I slammed my spoon down and went back upstairs.


My grandma was standing in my doorway, when I was putting makeup on. "Good morning, Grandma."

"You know she didn't mean to get so mad at you, dear."

My back was turned to her, so I rolled my eyes. She continued, "You're in front of a mirror, Grace. I saw that."

I sighed, "Grandma. It's not fair! Matt needs me now more than ever..."

"What do you mean?" I didn't want to tell her...I couldn't or I would be breaking my promise to Matt.

Instead, I said, "Nevermind. It doesn't matter anyway...I have to go."

My grandma shrugged her shoulders and stated, "Grace, I understand you want to be there for Matthew...but remember, he's just a friend. You mom is family."

"No, Grandma. Matt is my family." But, she was gone. I groaned and made my way to my car.


I was driving on the highway, when I saw him. He was on the side of the road and was taking pictures of something. It was Logan.

He was wearing a navy-blue plaid shirt and faded jeans...I couldn't believe he was my teacher at such a young age! I pulled over to the curb, and rolled down my window.

"What exactly are doing?"

Logan turned around and smiled when he recognized me. "Well hey there, Grace! Come here and I'll show you exactly what I'm doing."

His tone had a flirty side to it and I happily jumped out of my car and made my way across the road. He held up his camera and shot another picture and finally looked my way.

"Now, in class today, you are learning how to crop photos. By the way, why aren't in class learning how to crop photos?"

I smiled a wicked grin and said, "I wasn't in the mood."

"I don't believe seem like the girl that wouldn't miss school if the apocalypse was happening!" His laugh was bold and strong and I loved listening to it.

"Hey now, I'm not that bad. But, I didn't go because I wasn't feeling well. Why are you at school today, Mr. Logan?"

Logan looked down at his camera and said, "I didn't want to go. Teachers need a break every once in awhile, you know."

I nodded and replied, "I totally agree. Did Mr. Shepherd care?"

"Nah. He told me that I could make it to him when he needed a break." We both started laughing, then. When we stopped, I looked over at Logan and asked, "What exactly were you picturing, though?"

"Oh! Take a look." He leaned closer to me and I leaned closer to him. I could smell the cologne he was wearing and I also smelled aftershave. We both peered at the screen on his camera while he explained what he had done.

"Ok, see the tree right there? I thought it was a beautiful tree! So I took the photo, only that telephone pole is in the picture also. I don't think the telephone pole is beautiful, so I want it out of my photo."

He pushed the button on the camera to go to the next photo, and showed me the same picture only the telephone pole was gone.

Logan continued, "See right there? I cropped the pole out of my photo and now, I have a beautiful tree!"

I looked up at him and smiled. We stood close to each other for a long time until finally I turned around and said, "Well. Good thing I know how to do this now, since I missed today!"

He looked kinda disappointed that I moved away, but he quickly replaced that disappointment with a gorgeous smile and replied, "Yeah. Now, you don't have to be a slacker."

I giggled and said, "Well..I have to be going, now. It was great seeing you, Logan." I begun to turn away, but Logan replied, "Can I get a goodbye hug?"

"Of course." I went back to him and wrapped my arms around him. He looped his arms around my waist and held me close. When he let go, I felt disappointment...but decided not to show it.

"See you tomorrow!" He hollered as I was walking back across the road. I climbed into my car and waved bye to him. When I pulled out of the parking space, I realized that today was Thursday...I was going on a date with him tomorrow!!!

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