Making Promises (Completed)

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Normal is Overrated

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Chapter 14:

Logan pulled up to a massive, black, iron gate and typed a code into a little keypad at the side. The gates opened and we continued driving. The house that appeared was beautiful...with five white columns holding a three-story mansion up that was brick with burgundy shutters on each window.

"You live here?"

My question made Logan chuckled but he nodded and said, "Yes. My grandfather passed away 5 years ago and I was the sole beneficiary. I got his house, his cars, all of his money..everything."

I was mesmerized by what was in front of me and all I could say was, "Awesome."

Logan parked the car in front of the house and a man, standing on the steps, came down and opened my door for me. "Thank you." I politely said.

The man took Logan's keys and went to park the car. "You ready to step inside?" He held out his arm, smiling, and led me into the mansion.

When we stepped in, high ceilings towered over us with chandeliers in every room. I gasped at all the portraits and photos hanging on the walls. "Did you do these?"

"All of them...yes." Logan escorted me through the winding hallways naming off all the rooms as we passed them. "This is the dining room...over there is the ballroom, I'll have to show you that your right is the theater your left is the staircase leading to the bedrooms, 14 to be exact,....and here the steps leading to the basement, which includes a game room, a full service bar, my wine cellar, and a photography room."

I realized that Logan was rich, then. Very rich. He could have anything he wanted...any woman, and he chose me. My question came out unexpectedly, "Why did you pick me?"

He looked at with a funny expression and asked, "What do you mean, Grace?"

No taking it back now..."You can have anything you want...any woman would pick you. Why me? I'm just a simple student in high school who likes nature and taking photos."


I was still confused. "Exactly what?"

He rolled his eyes. "Grace, darling, I picked you because one, we have so much in common, and two, you're not normal."

"Thanks alot!" I crossed my arms and began to build up anger. How dare he call me abnormal.

Logan put his face in his hands and groaned in frustration. "I wasn't insulting you, love. Normal is overrated."

I put my arms down to my sides and thought about what he said, "You mean you like that I'm...abnormal?"

He stepped closer and cupped my face in his hands. "Yes...that is what made me fall for you,'s one of your charms."

I closed my eyes and felt Logan's lips touch mine. His kiss wasn't nothing like Justin' was more pleasurable. Justin lusted for me...his kiss was passionate, but painful.

Logan pulled away and watched my eyes for any sign of objection. I showed none. He pressed his mouth back on mine and began planting soft kisses.

In between, I said, "Logan...w...what are we doing?"

He broke our lip lock and said, "I thought we were that not what were doing?" I laughed and put my hands up on his shoulders.

"Yes...but are you wanting to go through with the whole 'secret relationship'?" I watched his light-grey stare back at me, when he replied, "I told you I was ready. Are you ready?"


Logan drove me home 25 minutes before my curfew. We had stayed in his den, cuddled on a couch together for hours. He was showing me photos he had taken when he was in college. I would have stayed like that forever...if I hadn't looked at my phone and saw it was going on midnight!

That is what led to Logan speeding down the highway, getting me back to my house. "Thank you for a wonderful evening, Logan."

He glanced over at me and smiled, "No. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Grace."

Instead of arguing, I replied, "You're welcome." He chuckled and placed his hand on top of mine.

We pulled up to my house and Logan put the car in park. I sat there for a minute or two, and then looked at Logan.

"What?" He asked.

Sarcastically, I started, "What?! You're not going to kiss me goodnight? I am offended!" I pretended like I was getting out of the car, when Logan gently grabbed my arm and turned my face towards his.

Our lips touched, once again, and this time it was more passionate. When we both broke away, Logan looked at me and said, "I'll see you monday."

His kiss still lingered on my mouth, but I replied, "You sure will."

I stepped out on to the driveway and waved to Logan once more time. When I walked in, it was exactly 11:59 pm.

" cut it close, didn't you?"

My mom was sitting in the recliner in the corner, reading a book. I smiled and said, "I must be that good. Why are you still up?"

"Waiting up on you. I know I don't have to anymore, but it's reassuring to me, you know?"

She was so cool when it came to my choices in life and she always completely understood me. "I'm glad you did. Is grandma ok?"

My mom closed her book and sat it down beside her. "...I would say she's the same. She went to bed as soon as you left."

I shook my head and replied, "I don't want to lose her, mom."

She nodded and said, "Neither do I, honey. Get up to bed, Matt called. He wants you to come tomorrow."

I smiled at the thought of Matt calling me. "Ok. Night Mom."

"Goodnight sweetie. Is he a nice man?"

Turning back towards her, I blushed a bit. "He's a great man, mom. He really is."

She smiled. "I figured. Anyone who gets a chance with you, has to be good."

I walked upstairs and unchanged out of my dress. I quickly washed my face and then laid in bed. I didn't realize how exhausted I was, but as soon as I hit the pillows, I was out.

My dream, though, was awful.

I was sitting in a garden, on a bench, and Logan was in front of me...down on one knee. 'Will you marry me, Grace? I want to spend forever with you.'

'Yes! Of course I'll marry you!'

BAM! Logan fell down and blood poured from his chest, seeping through his white shirt.


He was still conscious. 'I love you, Grace. Spend forever with me.'

I looked up and saw Justin in the distance...holding a gun...pointing towards me.

Logan's words echoed everywhere...'Spend forever with me', 'Spend forever with me'...

I looked back at Justin and he pulled the trigger....


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