Making Promises (Completed)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Not Good

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Chapter 4:

I was only a few minutes away from San Diego when I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw my mom calling me again. "Hello?"

"Grace, I need you to come home right away! I know you had plans...but they'll have to wait."

My mom sounded urgent so I chose my words carefully when I asked, "Is it grandma?" My grandma had been battling stage four of bone cancer for 3 years now, and my mom volunteered to take care of her for her siblings.

"Yes. She's having a bad day...and I'm needing to take her to the ER."

As much as I didn't want to, I turned my car around and said, "Alright, mom. I'm on my way home right now." Matt would have to wait another day...

"Thank you, Grace. I know you're disappointed, but you're really helping me out." I could hear the fear in my mom's voice when she spoke.

I replied, "'s ok. Matt can wait another day! I'm on my way home."

"Alright, sweetie. I really appreciate this!" There was a loud clatter on the phone, and then my mom continued "She just fell! I have to go!"

I know I should've been worried, but sadly, I was more concerned about Matthew. The address Louis gave me was so far away...why wouldn't Matt tell me he was going there?

Wherever 'there' was...

When I got home, my mom and grandma had already left. I would meet them there later, after I ate me a quick snack. Walking to the fridge, I saw my mom had scribbled out a note telling me she had left some stir-fry from supper.

I ate at the table, with the phone beside me. Both mom and I were use to grandma's bad days...the ritual was: Mom would drive grandma to the hospital, I would stay at home and answer urgent phonecalls about her, and grandma would come home with yet another pill.

I had finished my plate and was washing it, when the phone rang.


" this Grace's house?"

I didn't recognize the voice, but I could tell it was a young girl...maybe my age.

"Who wants to know?" I simply asked.

"Roxy Richards."

I almost dropped the phone. Why was Roxy calling me and how'd she get my number?!

I gained my composure back and said, "Oh...hey Roxy."

"I know it's weird me calling you, G. But I was wondering if you would help me tomorrow."

G? She's already giving me a nickname! " you with what?"

Roxy's voice was very unique. She sounded rough and yet you could tell it had feminine qualities.

"I couldn't find one of my classes I kinda skipped it."

This was such a random question at 9 o'clock at night!

I replied, "Um...I'll help if I can. What class is it?"

"Photography 101."

Roxy had photography class with me?! For once, they'll be someone I semi-know in that class!

I said, "Oh! Yeah, sure meet me by the office and we'll walk together."

"K. Thanks much! I owe you." Roxy hung up without even saying bye.


My grandma came back home a little after 10 pm. She looked so feeble and I could tell she was tired.

I helped her into bed and tucked her in. Although she was slowly dying, my grandma was one of those people that live to the fullest.

"Grace, did you see Matt today?" She asked between her covers.

I smiled, "...No, grandma. I came home to help with mom."

My grandma gave me an impatient look and said, "You should've told her no. You need to see that boy!"

"I can't tell her no, grandma. She's my mother!" I finished tucking her tiny body into the blankets and sat down on the bed beside her.

"Why can't you tell her no? I'm her mother and she tells me no all the time!"

My grandma was such a jokester, I couldn't help but laugh at her statement. "She tells her no because she's an adult now."

"That doesn't matter. I am her're suppose to respect your elders."

Her eyelids began slowly drooping, so I got up, kissed her on the forehead, and said, "And mom and I both respect you, grandma. Goodnight."

She was already asleep by the time I shut the door.

I walked into the kitchen to find my mom talking on the phone with someone.

She sounded very impatient, so I motioned for her to tell me who it was.

"Your dad." She whispered.

I beamed. "I wanna talk to him! Let me talk to him, please!"

My dad was in the navy, and right now, was stationed in Japan. I never got to see, but we stayed in close contact by phonecalls and e-mails.

"Greg, your daughter wants to talk to you." My mom handed me the phone and walked off to her bedroom.

I quickly pressed the phone up to my ear and said, "Hi Daddy!"

"Gracie! It's so good to hear your voice! How have you been?"

Just to hear my dad's voice made tears form in my eyes. "Not good. I can't find Matthew, Daddy."

"What do you mean you can't find him? Is he missing?"

The possibility the Matthew was missing had crossed my mind multiple times. "Sorta. His parents won't tell me where he is...and he had his number changed, so I can't call him."

"Oh, Gracie! I'm sure he'll come around."

I smiled. My dad could always cheer me up. "Yeah. I hope...Louis gave me an address and told me that's where I would find Matthew. I was going to go today, but grandma had to go back to the hospital."

"Yeah...that's what your mom was telling me. Is she taking it ok...honestly?"

"No...she needs you dad." I had to be honest with him. If my grandma slips away and my dad's not here for my'll be bad.

He was quiet for a few seconds but then said, "I know, Gracie...I'm going to try to prevent that."

I heard a muffled but loud voice coming from the other side and my dad said, "Yes sir!"

He, then, came back on the phone and stated, "Gracie, honey, I have to go...I'm so glad I got to speak with you! And I promise I'll try to call again tomorrow."

"Ok, daddy! I love you!"

"I love you too, sweetheart. Give your mom my love." I heard more voices in the background, his roomates perhaps.

I replied, "I will. Goodnight Daddy!"

We hung up and, immediately, I felt lonely. Being without my dad has always been hard but that I might lose my grandma and Matthew is not here with me...I need him.

I need him now.


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