The Fall For You (Completed)

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - My Button

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Chapter 15:

I was sitting in the living room when I heard the sound of a running motor. I muted the t.v. long enough to hear the engine cut off and a car door shut.

Who was at my house? It wasn't mom...she was having to work late tonight. I carefully went to the window and peered out. I immediately recognized the mustang sittng in my driveway and quickly ran out the door.

Josh picked me up and swung me in his arms. We both happily laughed and held each other tight. I looked up into his dreamy eyes and said, "You're more a warrior than I thought."

He raised one of his eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean?"

As I, slowly, started making my way back to the porch, I said "You were brave taking on the dreaded beast you call 'girlfriend'."

Josh laughed but then said, "Ah. But you see, darling, Iusedto call her that. I am a happy bachelor now."

I smiled and sarcastically added, "Oh? Well since you're happy being a bachelor, I guess you can stop your sessions with me..."

He began chasing after me in the front yard. I was giggling while running barefooted through the dry grass. He finally caught me and knocked both of us onto the ground.

His arms were wrapped around me and he had his mouth pressed up against the side of my head.

Josh whispered, "I almost forgot. I'm not single...I'm with my Button."

I blushed. His whisper sent chills all down my body and I enjoyed the presence of how close he was.

"Let's go inside." I said quitely.


I led Josh to my bedroom, again. Here is where we first realized we had feeling for one another. I laid on my bed while Josh stood in front of the footboard.

"Do you want to?" He asked. I nodded and raised back up to where we were eye-level.

He gently kissed me. Over and over, our lips touched and soon the kisses became more persistant and passionate.

I moved my hands up his tight and lean abs and worked on unbuttoning his shirt.

His lips moved to my neck and I could feel the deep moans coming from his throat. I had finally gotten his shirt unbutton when he lifted me up and placed back on the bed.

He had a hold of the bottom of my tank and it was quickly lifted up over my head and down on the floor.

His lips moved down further to my chest and I sighed as each touch sent a spark inside of me.

We went all the way. I had never done anything like that with guy...I was glad to say that Josh Princeton was my first.


We laid there in the bed holding each other close. The sheets and blankets were all a disarray and scattered across my room.

Josh was fiddling with my hairas I ran my hands up his arms.

"Are you ok? Any pain?" He softly asked.

I told Josh that I was a virgin before we did anything so when he asked me, I was going to be completely honest.

I said, "Yeah...a little bit."

He gave a pouty face and said, "I'm sorry, Button." I smiled and ran my hand down the side of his face.

"Don't be. I'm just glad you got to be my first and not someone who would..."

"Use you?" He finished for me.

I cleared my throat. "Yeah."

He gently kissed me on the mouth and replied, "Let me go ahead and say that I will never use you, Button. I am falling for you...and falling very, very fast."

I blushed. "I'm falling right back only at a much faster speed."

The night flew by. It was 10 o'clock and we were still naked, asleep together. My phone vibrating on the table woke me up and when I looked to see what it was a txt from my mom.

It said: "Hey honey, just letting you know I'm on my way home right now. I have some leftovers from the restaurant, so you can eat those. Love you!"

The message was sent 10 minutes ago!

Although, I hated waking him up, I gently shook Josh until his ivory eyes were looking back at me.

"Well, looks like we let time slip by, Button." He said groggily.

I quitely laughed and said, "Yeah...we did. I'm sorry, Josh, but I have to ask you to leave. My mom is on her way home."

He didn't object at all! In fact, he put on his clothes at a quick-pace.

I didn't walk him to his car, this time. Instead, I just stood in the doorway with my robe on and said goodbye there.

Before he left, Josh paused at the door and said, "Let me know if the...pain gets any better, ok?"

I kissed on the cheek and replied, "I'll be fine. But, I'll be sure to let you know when I feel better. Be safe."

He grinned and pecked me on the lips. "I always am!"

When I could no longer see the headlights of his car, I quickly ran back upstairs and changed out my blankets. I, then, went back downstairs and turned on the T.V. and pretended I had been watching it the whole time.

The headlights reflected on the windows when I had finally made up a story of my whole night.

Yep, I was confident until...I heard two car doors instead of one.

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