The Fall For You (Completed)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Bad Canyon

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



Chapter 22:

We all climbed out of Luke's SUV, silent. I was still very pissed at my mom and I felt bad for Josh because I knew this was awkward for him. Luke handed each of us are backpacks and filtered water bottles.

"Alright, Josh and Nicole, since you're going off on you own...I want you to carry one of these," Luke said with his back turned. He handed us a funky-looking device with an antenna and a speaker.

I stared at it and asked, "What is it?"

Josh took it out of my hands and asked, "Isn't it one of those satellite walkie-talkies?"

Luke smirked and said, "Why yes it is. You did do alot of hiking didn't you?" Josh laughed and nodded excitedly.

I glanced over at mom and could tell she didn't like how Luke was treating Josh and how he was having a good time. What a bitch! I thought to myself.

"Ok. Well thank you, Luke. Me and Josh will be heading off then." I turned around and started determining which trial I wanted to take.

Luke watched as I started on the one with a downhill slope. "Easy on that one. It leads right to the canyon."

Watching my mom, Josh looped his arm around my waist and said, "Don't worry Luke...and April. I'll look after her." I smiled and waved bye at Luke.

"Have fun guys!" He hollered.


Josh was walking ahead of me when I yelled, "Can we please take a break? I feel like we've been walking forever!"

"Button, we've only been walking for 20 minutes." He started laughing at me, while I glared at him.

I took out my water and poured some into my hands. I threw at Josh and got him right in the face! "Ha! In your face...literally!" I began laughing hysterically and tipped my head back.

"Oh? You think that's funny?" I looked up to see Josh chasing after me and before I knew it, he had me in his arms and my legs were looped around his waist.

We brought each other closer by kissing and stayed like that for what seemed like centuries. I pulled away and looked into Josh's ivory eyes.

"What did she say to you?"

I shouldn't have asked. Josh put back on my own feet and turned back towards the trail. He wasn't going to tell me!

"Josh, don't shelter me! I want to know what she told you!"

He turned back towards me and simply said, "I don't want to talk about it. Let's continue walking."

With that, he turned and began leaving me. I jogged to get beside him and stated, "I'm sorry if I upset you, Josh. It just makes me so angry that she would ask you to do that! She had no right."

"She had every right, Button. She's your mom."

I was growing impatient. "That doesn't matter! You're my boyfriend that I've loved since the 5th grade!"

Josh stopped walking and looked over at me. "You've loved me since 5th grade?"

I didn't realize until then, that I had never told Josh was my little secret. Not anymore.

I nodded and said, "Yes. Back when me and you were best friends...I had the biggest crush on you." He was completely silent forever, until he finally grinned and started chuckling.

"What's so funny?" I asked confused.

He quickly pecked me on the cheek and said, "It took you long enough!" He, then, starting running away from me and turning around laughing.

I was really confused. "Wait. What do mean by that?"

Josh came back up to me, panting. "You should've told me that back in the 5th grade!"

"Why? I don't understand..."

He rolled his eyes and said, "Button...sometimes you really need to focus! I liked you back then, too!"

My mouth formed into a 'O' and I gasped. "B...but if you liked me, why did you date Chloee?"

He smirked and said, "Because somebody didn't admit their feelings."


We walked hand-in-hand down the trail, until we reached a beautiful stream and at the top: Bad Canyon Falls!
The roaring of the water was overpowering and Josh had to literally yell to get my attention. "Button! There's a cave down there. You wanna check it out?"

I looked down to where Josh was pointing and saw that inside the waterfall was a lighted area, where you could explore the caves.

"Sure! Let's get our bathing suits on." We stripped right in front of each other (since we had already been naked together) and put our suits on.

I wore the solid black bikini again because I knew Josh liked it. Today, instead of the orange and yellow swimming trunks Josh wore at the beach, he was wearing a pair of trunks with different shades of blue.

"You got your snorkel and mask?" He asked over the roaring water.

I nodded and grabbed them out of my bag. We, then, hid our bags safely in some bushes and stood at the edge of the cliff.

"You ready," Josh asked me smiling.

I shook my head. "It's such a big drop!"

He held out his hand and stated, "We'll do it together!"

I grabbed Josh's hand and held on tightly. "3...2...1...GO!"

We jumped off the cliff and made our rapid descent down. Down, down, down, we went and screaming all the way down.

I finally hit the water and went under, but Josh was there to pull me back up.

"Oh my God! That was exhilarating!" I smiled at Josh and he was smiling too...but not for the same reason. Let's just say instead of wearing bikini bottoms, I was now wearing a thong.

My face turned beet-red as I fixed them in the water. "Don't be embarrassed, Button. No one saw except your boyfriend." Josh grinned and kissed me on the forehead.

His words lingered in the air.No one saw except your boyfriend.It felt so good to hear him be called my boyfriend, because I knew we weren't going to let my mom end our relationship.

No one was going to end our relationship.

"You ready to check out that cave," Josh asked.

I beamed and nodded. Josh grabbed my hand and helped guide me through the water towards the entrance.

"Don't forget to put your snorkel on, babe." He handed me my snorkel and waited until I was ready.

The national forest guides had turned the cave into a touring area. It was well-lit and they had cleared out any dangerous rocks from the ceiling.

This was exciting. I was ready for whatever Bad Canyon had to offer, as long as I was with Josh Princeton.

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