Fade Away Creek

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John awakes after being in a car accident, he catches a ride to the nearest hotel through Fade Away Creek. The place is dark and grey, the amount of fog could limit your sight. He stays at the hotel and sees things leaving him to think the injuries to his head are causing hallucinations, could they also cause strange dreams? Or is there more to it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Part 1: The Hotel

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012



Fade Away Creek

Part 1: The Hotel

Driving along the snowy road, John finds himself in a tough situation. His hands are freezing, he can barely see, and the snow storm is getting much worst. As John is driving a deer jumps out in front of the car, John reacts quickly and stamps his foot on the breaks. The car accelerates uncontrollably and causes the car to flip over and run off the road. John sits inside the car passed out with bruises to the head. With the freezing night, John’s only hope of surviving is if somebody drives by and spots his damaged car that sits on the side of the road.

John awakens to the sound of a tow truck, as the truck driver pulls over to the side of the road, John opens the car door waving his arms for help. The man approaches, “hey there, you need any help”? John replies “yes, I’ve been in an accident”. The man see’s the bruises and lets John know he should see a doctor. John tells him the injuries are minor, he then asked the man for a ride to the nearest hotel. The man says there is one just up the road, so he towed the wrecked car and kindly gives John the ride. As they drive, John notices a sign that reads “Welcome To Fade Away Creek”. The place is dark and grey, visibility is low due to the amount of fog. They arrive at the hotel; the man drops John off and continued to drive along the snowy road.

John walks into the lobby where he confronts the woman at the front desk. “Hello, how may I help you?” the woman says. “I need a room for the night, are there any available?” She looked at his head and notices the bruises, “sure follow me”. She escorts him to the only room available. As they walk to the room John notices how quiet it was and how nobody seemed to be there but he and the woman. John asked for the time, she says 12:43 p.m. “But it’s night out”, John says. The woman stops and looks at him, “Not as I see it”. John shakes his head and gives her a grin. They reached the room and the woman opens the door. John walks in and immediately notices the fireplace. He takes off his shoes starts the fire and sits in front of it. After being stuck for almost an hour outside in 20 degree weather, it’s exactly what he needed.

John awakes to see the warm feeling fire still burning; he felt the dryness in his throat and the need for a nice cold drink. He walks out into the hall searching for a vending machine; as he walks up the hall he sees a little girl holding a red ball. She drops the ball and it rolls towards John. She yelled “car!” and then ran down the hall. John picks up the ball and chases after her, as he turns the corner he sees the girl walk through a door. He dropped the ball, stepped back in shock and found his way back to the lobby. He confronts the woman at the front desk once again. “This place is haunted”. The woman looks surprised. ”Excuse me?” John moves in closer, with a little hesitation and whispering, “I’ve seen a girl walk through a door, this place is haunted”. She laughed and walked into the room behind the desk. John felt his head and thought maybe he does need to see a doctor, maybe the cuts and bruises to his head are causing hallucinations. As he walked along the front desk, John see’s a vending machine, he buys a cold bottle of water and heads back to his room. As he reaches the door, he notices that it’s locked and that the woman at the front desk never gave him the key. He walks back down to the lobby and once again to the front desk. He tells the woman that she forgot to give him the key. She turned her head sideways and with a smile and some laughter she says,”We don’t use any keys here”. John’s yells out, “well how am I going to get into my room?!” She replies “You walk through it, like everyone else”. She began to laugh and once again, she goes to the room behind the front desk. John doesn’t know if she was actually serious or if the woman was making fun of him with the incident about the girl walking through the door. He does know his door is locked and he has no key, so he grabs a card off of the desk and walks back to his room.

As John is walking toward his room, a man catches his attention. “I’ve seen the girl too, I killed her, she’s dead because of me. The man had a GNC shirt on, blood on his chest and what seems like bullet holes. John’s door suddenly opens and then slams shut. He walked over and tries to open it but it seemed as if there was a stronger force pushing it the opposite way. The door opens and John notices the window is open, letting in the cold strong wind. John takes a look at the clock it shows 2:25 a.m. He thinks to himself, “These clocks must be broken”. He looks around and next to the burnt out fire place is a red ball. He doesn’t touch the ball; instead he feels his head and with a little fright he walks to his bed and lies down.

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