The Migrate

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Jake's a Demon Wolf who is a first class assassin who has been downgraded to the earth. Collecting resources whithout blowing his cover, he encounters three friends. While joining their clan, Jake may know a little more than he needed to. Will that change his whole personality?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



The Migrate


I never thought i would see the day. July 5th 2013, it came too qucikly. My life couldn't get any worse from this nonsense. I wish something convenient would stop this event from coming. But enough complaining for now; I should get to introductions.

My name is Jake, I am a demonic figure of a mutated wolf. There is one thing living creatures know about us that is true, we live in a place called hell. The place itself is not called that but our master is. Also we do not live underground, we live in a entire different realm. A realm of whichonlydespair lives.

We appear from the ground of any planet every 100 years to clear anything disrupting the balacne of time and space. This entire "program" has alway been organized by the legendary god up in the realm of the heavens. He always looks out for all the demons and other life forms. Nobody trusts Hell, not at all. There is something about him, very suspicious to everyone, but nobody, not even me, can find out what that mystery is.

If you want to know what demons do with souls, i can tell you that. Once a life forms passes away, it's soulgets carried to the baseof Mile Rivers for the demons to wash up. Once the soul is washed up it is transported into the realm of the heavens to reach the final step of reincarnation. if the living creature has been killed thendepending the experience of the form,it will be relivedas an angel or demon.

Enough aboutthe life of demons;I didn't give you a proper introduction of myself. I am a first class assassin thatwas made to wipe out an entire army of killers. I have never failed a mission, notyet, not at all. I would really like to keep it that way. My reputationhas never been better.

Untilthis very unluckyday...

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The Migrate

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