Essay-The Ripped Page of a Heart

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Libby is your type of person, who'll use you for a long period of time, to befriend you, and just when you're not looking; BAM! Betrayal.

It's now the end of the year, and as Libby starts to get the Jolly Christmas tree out, she also gets ready for the next year of school. On a long shopping spree in her local Shopping Centre, she comes across the cutest boy, but as stereo-typical as she is, she judges him and labels him 'Geek'

What she doesn't know, is that this boy could infact change her life, for the best.

But what he doesn't know, is that this girl could infact change his life, for the worst.
This part will only be giving the background stories of some of the characters. This is also the prolouge. Enjoy! ~JH

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Essay-The Ripped Page of a Heart

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



The Characters~


Libby Crushold

Libby was born, 9th August 1998 in Wellingborough, East Anglia. She lives her mother, Catherine, and her two older brothers, Mark and Liam. Since when Libby was a little girl, she's always been able to get what she wanted, whenever she wanted. She was; a spoilt child. That grew, and now in secondary school, she's bossy to everyone, including the teachers. If people were to give a description on Libby, here would be the list:

  • Bossy
  • Rude
  • Stereo-type
  • Annoying
  • Betrayer
  • Diva
  • Wanna-be
  • Sarcastic
  • Mean
  • Sneaky
  • Self-fish
  • Dis-honest
  • Not trust-worthy

However, she can be an angel; when she wants to of course. People sometimes find it strange to think she does actually have friends that are with her 24/7. But that's not really a surprize; they're just like her.


Ranger Philips

Rangerwas born,19thDecember 1998 in Leistershire, East Anglia, but when he was just 4 years old, he was moved to Wellingborough. This was because, when just 3, the day before his 4th birthday, a man, came to his parents house. He was just sleeping, a child, harmless. It was though the man was a family friend, of course, friends don't kill. Ranger was then forced to live with his Uncle, David.

Ranger was so heart-broken by his parents death, that he refused to go to school. But now, just 14, his Uncle can't keep tutoring him, his illness makes him too weak to even get out of bed. Ranger's just a shy boy, with no friends, he can feel very lonely, his only friend, the girl who supplied him fresh baked cookies everyweekend morning, Dale.


Dale Gold

Dale was born, 1st September 1998, in Wellingborough, East Anglia. She lives with her mother, Sophina and her grandmother, Francis. Dale has always been the type of person you could trust with your life, she's loyal, honest, trust-worthy; a true friend, including to Ranger.

When Ranger first moved to Wellingbrough, he had no friends. He would sit on the swings, and let the wind push him back and fourth. Luckily, Dale is always by his side. Though has other friends, Dale's closest friend is infact Ranger; she doesn't want to admit it, but she has a slight crush on him too!


Peach Jon

Peach was born, 11th June 1998 in Alicante, Spain but, was then put into the Student Exchange Program, and moved to Wellingborough. She stays with her older cousin, Benjamin. When Peach first started school, only knowing little English, she knew no one; but then she met Libby. Her whole personality changed; she was no longer the happy, good girl; no. She would sneak out on school-nights, rave and come home late. All thanks to Libby.


You can only be with someone for so long, to know themfrom the inside out. But judging them for the short period, can bring the worst in you

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