Blades of Kingdoms

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In the land of Lumania there is a blade that is for-told to have great power that can cause a man to posses power of lords of all lords and kings of all kings.

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



The blades clashed against each other as each opponent lunged at each other with swords in hand teeth gritted and sweat beading down their forheads. "Yeild!" A man with a square jaw, with yellow stubble on his chin, curly long locks, green piercing eyes, pug nose, and a muscular built with plate mail armor on, backed away and held his bronze double edged sword tightly with his gloved two hands. "Derek the victory is bound to be mine. I wish not to kill you to obtain my victory but I shall if ye do not yeild!" A man the age of twenty four with shaggy aurburn hair dressed in rags, with a iron sword in his hand,his body was slender, and he wore a smirk on his face. "Alex I've told you once and I shall tell you again. I shall not give up to you or your fine crafted blade!" Alex rubbed his chin and than thrust his arm foward but Derek countered the attack with the block of his blade and a swipe at Alex's shin gaurds. Alex then whirrled around and the two men danced about with sparks flying and the exchange of taunts dabbed with a few insults. Finally, the two stood before each other tired out and panting like wet dogs. Alex made a shake of is head, blonde curls bobbing about. "Derek this fight cannot last much longer. You and I both know that." Derek wiped his brow and stood up straight and gestured with his hand for Alex to attack. Alex grinned wildly and charged foward which Derek had anticipated that would do and waited until Alex was only inches away before Derek turned to the side causing Alex to stumble into a wall making him collapse. Derek walked over to where Alexy lay, placed a foot on his chest and held the tip of his sword to Alex's chin. "I shall not yeild as I've said before but, I think it is finally, time for you to." Alex looked up at Derek thorugh his bangs and sighed, "I yield." Derek backed off while Alex undid his armor. "Finally, I've bested you for the first time in our young lives." Alex cocked his head to the side and sneered, "Young? Do you truely consider yourself young?" Derek snorted and pointed out, "Remember the festival for your birth is only two weeks away and by then we shall be of the same age." Alex nodded solmenly as if aging pained him. "Enough about me, hows your mother and young Travis." Derek looked into the sky and watched an eagle passed by and answered, "They are doing quite fine. Mother is yet again preganet with child. Bless her hardworking soul. Working at that brothel all day and night. She only has her break when the luminous moon arises and even then that is only a day. Travis is practicing on his smeltering." Alex smoothed his hair down as of the heatand mosit of sweat was causing is hair to frizz. "Send them my regards I look foward to meeting them again after so long."Frowning Derek asked, "What of your family?" A groan escaped Alex's lips and he spat, "Father is studying a battle plan that Ser Norwin has come up with for the war against the Gaterias. Motheris is as sick as ever while Evlin is taking care of her and I have this arranged marriaged with a girl from Egnolia. She is very vain. Pretty but, vain to the point where she makes my mother's sister look humble."Derek howled with laughter and rolled over onto his stomach falling onto the soft green grass. "My dear friend I am sad to say that for once I am glad that I am not you." Alex stood and growled back, "You have it easy bastard! You are free to roam as you please while I am clammed up in that damned castle! I must leave immediatley." So, Alex walked awayand mounted his horse and dug his heels into it and took the orange afternoon.

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