Blades of Kingdoms

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Alex sped pass mountains and valleys with his horse galloping at a hard pace. Derek might've been Alex's friend but, that didn't change the fact that Derek was a free man and had a life withoutworries. Shaking his head in disgust and envy Alex drove his horse harder plowing through the tall grass. He soon came upon his father's castle and reeled his horse's reigns to the left. Upon entering his stable a filthy child age of twelve came to his side and steered Alex's horse inside the horse's quaters but, not before letting Alex step off of it. "Why back so soon from your battle with Derek?" Alex let out a tiresome sigh and walked off without answering the boy's question. "Where is my father?" The boy smoothed his hair back and wiped his for-head with the back of his hand. "King Argbus is out strolling around the garden with his lady Madison." Alex thanked the boy and walked through a wooden door that led into the castle. "Alexander my love I have missed your company!" Jasmine, daughter of Merchant with long blonde hair that was as soft as silk, adoring blue eyes, and a sleek graceful body ran over to Alex and caught him in an embrace. Alex had met Jasmine at the Lumania festival and chatted with her on that very evening and when they departed they shared a tender a kiss and begun to court. "I have not seen you as of late my beloved," Jasmine whispered into his ear. Alex stepped back to admire his beautiful lady. "Yes I know I have given my time to my friend Derek my sweet." Jasmine scrunched up her nose and spat, "You mean the common boy?" Alex flared his nostrils and growled, "I do not wish of you to speak so lowly of Derek. I have known him since birth and shall never abandon him. He is like a brother to me." Jasmine lowered her eyes in shame. "You are correct. I should not say such things about your fable brother but do you have to spend so much time with him?" Alex's eyes widened. "Such a selfish thing to say! I give more of my time to you than Derek! I can not neglect him!"

"Nor can you neglect you duties as a prince!"

"As a prince or as your passione knight?"

"Alex why would you choose to say so?"

"Because you speak of my duties as a prince but, when my time is spent with you there are no such complaints!"

"I just want our future together to be secured." Alex grabbed Jasmine by both arms and pulled her planting his lips upon hers. "Our future is already secured my love. Now no more of this jealousy of Derek and talk about my duties. I would like us to go and see my mother and father." So, Alex and Jasmine headed down corridors and so until they finally, came upon Alex's parents. His father was the first to notice his presence. "Ah my son! Back from your sparring with Derek I see."

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