Hood Bat

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Night Mare Begins

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Walking down the streets of Turnsville or rather actually Turns city which was full of cars and busy people who didn't even take a look up from their phones and other devices. It reminded Brett of his hometown NewYork where nearly everyone was just as busy as the people here in Turnsville. Brett was looking for a place to stay to and then he would start his investigation on this serial killer. Then a gust of wind blew throuh out the city and a flyer flew into Brett's face. He pried it off his face as if the paper had tentacles and read it.

HOTEL BLACK 8th Reopening!!!

Owner Derek Willaims has reopened Turnsville's favorite hotel after another two years!

Brett smiled to himself and looked up into the sky praising the lord. It was often that he would do so but he felt certianly now was the time. After, hauling acab Brett, appeared before thefour story black marble hotel within minutes. He slowly climbed out staring in awe. "Hey you, listen!" Brett turned around and the cabdriver leande out the window. "Listen kid last year there was a big murder here that killed three hundred people and the owner along with a few guest who survived and were found hiding inthe trash chute. The year before that an excutive was assaniated by an unkown killer. And the year before tha-" Brett put his hand up and questioned, "What is your poin excactly?" The cab driver shrugged his shoulders and answered, "All I'm try to say is that this place has been shutdown eight times because of murder and nine times out of ten the only one that lives is the owner and a few people. Those murders were planned by someone and the way most of them were killedtwo years ago makes you wonderif those folk were even killed by a human." Brett shook his head and insited, "I'll be alright and thanks for the story. Here take fifty dollars." The driver took the money without a thought and shouted good luck and drove away.

Brett entered the hotel and immediately felt relaxed. The place was nice. Brett could tell why the hotel was called Hotel Black. Thewall and floors possesd black marble. The couch was covered in black leather and was occupied by dozens of adults allyoung and old on laptops with wine in hand. Brett let out a long whistle. "This place is too nice! Wonder If I'll be able to afford it." Suddenly a hand clasped his shoulder and a voice said, "Are you a regular or are you new here?" Brett whirrled around and was greeted by a man in a crisp black suit with pale brown skin and peircing brown eyes. "Hello allow me to introduce myself. I am Derek Williams, the owner of this hotel."

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