I am the forgotten

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A child the age of twelve goes through a seires of events that lead to an upcoming supernatrual war

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I am the forgotten

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



  1. The Future

“Mom,” I shout.I can see blood spewing out of her for-arm and she wails in pain.My feet feel heavy and beads of sweat run down my for-head.I have to save her before I hear the gun shots.Bang!  Bang!  I’m too late now!The sandstorm seems unbearable.A hand full of it goes into my mouth and I immediately spit it out.I shut my eyes in order to save my eyesight but, my efforts are useless and, I’m slowly sinking into the sand until finally, I’m buried alive.It’s forcing its way into my throat as I try to burst my head through the surface and I can feel scorpions everywhere sinking their poisonous tails into my skin.I’m feeling light-headed and the poison is coursing through my veins…

“Help!”My eyes open and I’m back in my room with rain droplets padding against the window.Nothing has changed… it was just a dream, except it really is true that my mother really is dead.Despair and loss grip its hold on me as if trying to strangle any possible thoughts of happiness and I sink under the covers.I hate Saturday.Whenever it is Saturday I have to hunt for food, but if I can’t get any I steal some.My stepmother is too cheap to buy any, despite the fact that we’re rich, and she does whatever she wants.It’s like that Cinderella story except I’m a guy and I’m black.Besides there are no happy endings in Turncopia.

The bright side is I might see Natalie again.I grab my dagger and sword.Minutes later I’m walking through the woods, ready to kill anything that moves.The trees surround me in the cold air and I let out a sigh.It’s the year 3000 and so far I’m wondering if the year 2000 was a lot better.I bend over and pick up a rock.It looks like it could be quartz.Man I wish I was dead at the moment.Who knows maybe I’ll die early and finally, be relieved of this horrid world?My family is counting on me to find food, but as usual I can’t find any.Just animal carcasses and spilled blood.There was a war hear once.My mother died in it.So, my dad remarried an evil witch and now I’m cursed to hunt by myself.“Hey Tyler,” a familiar voice shouts.I turn my head in the direction of the voice and here comes Natalie bounding toward me again.“What do you want,” I growl.Her smile turns into a frown and she replies, “I just wanted to give you a hug.”I stand up and embrace her.

She squeezes me tight and I somehow manage to break away.“Find any food,” she asks.I shake my head and sit down.Natalie follows.“I don’t feel like going back home anyway,” I mumble.Natalie shrugs and curls up to me.I stroke her long brown hair and sigh.The world seems better with Natalie next to me.I wrap my arm around her and plant a kiss on her for-head.Natalie is pretty small compared to me.I’m around five ten and she’s about five four. She looks up at me with those pretty blue eyes and brushes her lips against mine.They’re soft and warm, and lavender fills the air between us.She clenches my chest and I seem not to mind and kiss her back.Her breath taste of strawberry which is her favorite fruit and we find them near a pond next to her house. I think of the meat we had the night when we first discovered it and then theirs that urge.The urge to kill is rising in me.The government has pretty much become too powerful.I live in a wasteland for crying out loud.Pollution crowds the air the ground is practically a grey dust and a virus is going everywhere.I’d rather live in South America where it’s pretty much more… clean.Natalie is soft against my chest and I feel like if I’m going to die, then I’d love to die next to her.Grr!So much for that.Natalie and I immediately pull away from each other, hop up, and look around. This was the virus.People had been turning into these monstrous beasts.I pull out my dagger and hold Natalie close to me.The growling grows louder and my sharp ears detect where they are coming form.The west side of where we are standing.Natalie is clutching my arm and I can feel her nails digging into my skin.I wince at the thought of the pain but, keep my eyes open for any sign of a threat.

Next, a fairly large animal lunges at us from behind but, I slash it belly before it can do any real harm to us.I hear it whimper in the distance and grab Natalie’s hand.

We run through the forests with leaves crunching beneath our feet, branches slapping our faces, thorns scraping our ankles, and howling and growling are chasing us.I hop over a log with Natalie right behind.There’s no way we can escape these retched creatures so I find a questionable nearby stream and point it out to Natalie and say, “We can hide in there so we can escape them.”She looks at me with her worried blue eyes and I gently squeeze her hand.She finally, nods and we plunge into the water.The stream is actually a whole lot deeper then I think and I dare not look down despite the fact that we could have billons of crazy creatures down there lurking about.I look up and see the hairy fanged beast pass by the stream and I let out a few bubbles to give myself more breath.Natalie on the other hand is looking too pale for healthiness so I swam back up and our heads burst through the surface.We’re both coughing like crazy and I motion for Natalie to get onto the grass.She climbs onto it and then the growling comes from above her head.“Natalie,” I scream.Natalie is screaming like crazy and then I throw the dagger into the beast head.Apparently the other monsters must have over heard us because they came howling toward us.

I hop onto the grass and snatch the dagger out of the creature’s head and prepare to fight.“Don’t do it Tyler!You’ll be mauled for sure,” Natalie exclaims.I shrug and run through the forests to face my death.I finally, come face to face with the creatures and I twirl the dagger in my hand.There are at least eight of them which give me no chance at all of surviving.One of them lunge at me and I sidekick it in the face.They then close in on me and I think to myself what will happen to Natalie.I really shouldn’t have left her by herself.I slash one of the monsters snouts and put it in a choke hold.It scratches at my arms and manages to scratch my wrist.Damn it!I’m finally able to choke the thing until it dies.Then a strange thing happens, the monsters run away whimpering and howling.

My mind soon wonders off to Natalie and I run back to the stream.I don’t find Natalie anywhere and soon began panicking.What if she was mauled?What if she caught the virus?And then my eyes fall upon my wrist.I have been scratched.Oh no!I’ve been scratched. No!No!No!!!!!!I’m infected now!But for a second I stop thinking about the infection and go back to thinking about Natalie as I hear her scream.I run as fast as I can while my heart slams against my ribs.I can’t let her die.She’s my friend.And then memories flood into my mind.Natalie is so sweet considering the time she gave me her game.Then there was the time she helped me in school when three boys were picking on me.Tears stream down my face as I hear Natalie scream at the top of her lungs.The pain in my legs is almost unbearable and then I see a few of the mutant creatures hovering over a body.I trip and fall on the ground hard and I can hear Natalie moaning until she goes silent.

I lay there feeling sorry for myself and then I blackout.

Moments later I wake up in bed with my wrist in a bucket of water.I see my big brother, Garter and he smiles grimly at me.“Where is she,” I blurt out.Garter shakes his head and I get the message.Natalie is dead.Dead as a doorknob, checking out, biting the dust, and being set down.I grit my teeth and sit up looking at my wound.The cut isn’t severe as much as it was during the fight.“Mom and Dad are going to kill you… literally,” Garter assured.I manage a chuckle and reply with a, “Yeah but, I rather have you do it before I finally, turn.”He nods and takes away the bucket of water.Garter is 20 yrs. Old and we have an eight year age difference.Natalie’s death is kind of minor to the government any way so they won’t go and avenge her or anything.Someone being killed by those things is actually considered a personal problem.When someone would die in Turncopia a funeral would be given for them and then we’re supposed to move on.“Tyler come downstairs,” my dad shouts.I sit up and frown.I know the news is probably talking about Natalie’s death but for some stupid reason I walk downstairs where Garter “mom” and dad are all gathered around the television on the couch.I walk toward the back of the couch and watch the news.“That’s right Rachel, another preteen attacked by the virus.”Another preteen?“Hey Sean did anybody else die,” I ask.She looks up at me with a snort and nods.“Yeah yesterday dork.Some guy named Rodney,” she replies.I blink hard and nod back.Next, I go into the kitchen and think about the death of Rodney.He went to my school but we hardly ever talked.He was an outcast but the guy was pretty nice.I feel sorry for his mother who lives in a Cot House.In Turncopia there are three neighboring cities.There are The Samed houses which is where I live in.That’s the second richest part of the city.“Mom” is rich so, when dad married her we moved from the Cot House to the Samed house.The Cot House is the poorest city and the people who live there are called Cotians.The richest city is the Norphians.Their kind of stuck up snobs.Then, I decide to sleep and by the next morning I’m emotionally stressed.I pull on some pants and a green V-neck shirt.I slip into my converse and pull on my black jacket.

Next, I run to the bus stop and wait.Within 8 minutes the bus shows up and I hop on.I take seat next to Ronny, the school outcast, and say hi to her. She says, “Hey” and looks out the window as the bus takes off.The road is bumpy as usual and after a minute or so Ronny says something that makes my blood run cold, “I heard about Natalie.I’m sorry to hear about her death.”And for some reason I snap, “What’s it to you!”For a moment Ronny holds my gaze and looks away.Then a lump forms in my throat (Probably guilt) and I put my hand on her shoulder.She looks back at me and I apologize.“It’s okay I’m used to is,” she mumbles.I never noticed how pretty her eyes are.Now that I think about it I’ve never noticed their color either.They’re ivory green and they have a tint in them.We stare at each other for a while and then she brushes away a stray of her black hair, and looks at her feet.For the rest of the ride we don’t talk which is fine by me. The bus arrives at our school and everyone is hopping out of the bus chatting with each other except me and Ronny.I go to my locker and place my book bag inside of it and pull out my history text book and notepad.I slam its door and head to English class.I enter class and take a seat.Ms. Verdean walks into the class and commands, “Class open up your text books to page 834 and read from pages 834- 840.”School was always boring and still is.I flip the pages with a grumble until I finally land on page 834.I began to read the title and then my mind goes blank.The title says:The disease.The book trembles in my hand and I can feel my heart quickening.This could be some valuable info.But, text books give you such little details on these kinds of things.The hell with little info.My eyes scale through each sentence as I soak in all of the facts and theories.


In the year 2000 things were going fine.

As the years passed through a disease began to rapidly spread, thus ending almost all of humanity.

The disease causes unnatural hair growth, sharpening of the teeth, and animal like behavior.

Our scientists today have studied the humans who have been infected and finally, find more symptoms.

Human’s teeth just don’t grow but their spine and other muscles begin to expand.

They’re heart rate is out of control causing that person who is infected, to have many heart attacks.

Most scientists think the disease came from a rare breed type dog.

Although much evidence has been gathered to support this theory people seem to think there is something wrong with the theory.

After at least three days of the infection the person who was infected becomes unusually fit, healthy, and famished.

No sign of any sickness can be seen and occasionally they howl at the moon.

Soon, the infected human will slowly turn.

They lose their capability of sense and destroy everything.

Back in the year 2000 they were known in myths as werewolves.

The stories about them died out until 800 years ago.

They are now known as the forgotten.


That first page… it was just so… scary.Werewolves?Myths?The Forgotten?This is too much for me to handle and I immediately slam my book.Wow after one page I already hate the things… I mean werewolves.I stare at my book as if it’s a stranger at my door, knocking, waiting for me to open it for him.I take a shaky breath and open the horrid thing again.When I read the second page I automatically shut the book for the final time.


The humans would scream in agony begging to be put out of their mercy but since we do not know the cure to this murderous disease, so instead of killing them we let them be.

Pain would usually occur in the cells as they are being ripped and are forming into new ones.

Screaming would keep up young children and they would have constant nightmares.

Some would become traumatized and would lose their mental conscious.








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