I am the forgotten

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



  1.  Feeding

Second period was a whole lot worse than first period.  Third period was alright, gym sucked, and fourth period was like murder… murder to my brain.  I walk through the lunch line with a tray of slop on it and I sit down at a table by myself.  Ronny is on my mind for some reason.  And as if right on cue Ronny sits right next to me.  “IS there something you want,” I ask coldly.  Ronny sighs and says, “Okay um… I was thinking that we could be friends since we exchanged a few words on the bus this morning.”  This girl was such a terrible liar but, I didn’t tell her that.  Instead I smirk and shake my head.  When lunch is over I walk to my locker and open it with a sigh.  “Sorry I didn’t know the guy would be stupid enough to scratch him.”  What the heck did I just hear?  “Jameson you need to apply yourself and turn in your homework!”  All of a sudden I can hear people’s voices everywhere!  I can hear a teacher chewing out a student, a mother crying, and other voices as well.

My ears are screaming in pain as voices flood into my head.  I drop to the ground placing my hands over my ears but I can still here everyone.  But then for some reason I uncover my ears and stop for a second.  I just heard a Forgotten talking!  I focus on the voice and hear more.

“I don’t care you idiot!  That kid is infected now!  He might come and avenge you know who.”

“But sir he’s only a child.  We can easily manipulate him!”

“Hmmmm… send in our best men.”

They’re coming for me.  They’re coming for me!  I grab my book bag, shut the locker door and walk/run out of school.  “Hey wait up!”  I whirl around only to find Ronny bounding towards me.  Just like Natalie did.  Ronny bumps into me, making us both crashing to the ground with her on top of me.  Her eyes are trained on my lips and mine are trained on hers.  Her hair is shielding my ears from the cold and her breath hits my face.  “Um… Ronny- you’re squishing me,” I say.  She just looks at me and my heart races.  Finally, our lips meet.  It feels good to have her lips on mine.  They taste like- like oranges.  But I feel slightly guilty and soon push her off of me. “I’ve got to go,” I murmur.  I walk off into the distance with mixed feelings for Ronny.  That kiss was so… wonderful, but Natalie is still in my head.  I can still see her slender face and blue eyes.  I wish that she was still here.  I really don’t even know Ronny but yet somehow we end up kissing.  Maybe I should just get to know her first.  I mean Ronny is cute but that kiss just kind of threw me off even though we both leaned in.

Next, I hear footsteps behind and suspect it to be Ronny’s but when I turn around I find a giant Forgotten standing over me.  I ball my hand up into a fist and punch its stomach without even flinching.  The thing doesn’t even budge so I tackle it to the ground and start punching in its face.  “You monsters killed Natalie,” I scream.  Ronny must have heard me because next thing I know she come running toward me.  Blood is gushing out of the wolf’s nostrils and I don’t even stop punching.  I eventually hop off of the beast and stare it down with my nose flaring.  “Stay down,” I snarl.

When I look back at Ronny I see her trembling.  “Ronny look-“ Ronny is crying and then she squeezes me tightly and screams, “Don’t leave me like that Tyler!”  When did she learn my name?  I hold her close to me and finally realize how soft her skin is.

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