Dig for Death!

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This is a two part short story that I have written. This is the first part, the second part isn't yet done. I am sure that you will enjoy this...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dig for Death!

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



The voices. The voices in my head. They never stop. “Dig. Dig. Dig.” The incessant whispering that never stops. Over and over and over again. “Dig. Dig. Dig.” That’s it! I’m going to dig!

The voices started when I had got home, it had being a normal day at work for me. I’m a normal person, I live a normal life. Today was just another day of my normal life, until I got home of course. Once I had gotten out of my car I did the usual and headed to unlock my door. As soon as the key was in the lock I heard the dripping behind me.

Immediately I turned around and I saw the X clearly marked on my front lawn. A red cross. The X was massive, around the size of a car! I couldn’t understand how it had got there, I was sure that it wasn’t there when I got out of the car. Baffled, I walked towards the cross. Whatever liquid it was made from, it hadn’t dried.

But then I could smell the liquid. I could smell it. The iron, rich metallic iron. The smell of- blood! I reached out towards the liquid and I carelessly dipped my finger into the juice. It definitely has the same consistency of blood. I looked at my fingers as they glistened under the streetlights. After rubbing them on the grass to remove the blood I decided to go straight inside.

It obviously wasn’t blood; surely it was some kind of spray paint that a gang had concocted. Something made to scare me. Or it has probably just being made so they can mark their ‘turf’. Yeah, that’s it, a gang did it.

I walked into my house, and then I turned around to lock the door behind me. I noticed the letter in the door. The postman had already been in the morning so this hadn’t come in the morning. I took the letter out of the letterbox then I opened it. I slid my finger nail down the envelope, and then I examined the note inside…

It was a scrap of paper that had being torn and screwed up. On it, written in blood red writing, were the words “Get read to DIG” Get ready to dig? I read it aloud to myself. I couldn’t comprehend what the phrase was meant to mean. Who could have wrote this note? Why would someone put this note through my letterbox?

I know, it is someone playing a prank on me. Someone trying to ‘scare’ me. That’s it, just some youth attempting to scare me. Some degenerate idiot. I frowned at the note before screwing it up and putting it on the table.

Once I had walked into my kitchen I noticed the cat sat on my windowsill. That’s something you would expect, if you had a cat. I don’t. This cat isn’t mine. A jet black cat with a long black tail. A tail that has being dipped in something red. The same scarlet red from my front garden. And the paws, the paws which are covered in mud, the paws which have being digging.

“Get out!” I screamed at the wild animal. “ Get out of my house!” I pulled a knife out of the holder and ran towards the cat screaming. I was holding the knife in the air. I had no intention to stab the cat, the knife was purely used to scare the cat away. However when I reached the cat and the knife was just inches away the cat just hissed at me. It showed no emotions.

I decided to take a different approach at removing the animal, use water. I wandered over to the sink, dropped the knife in it, and then I filled a jug with water. I approached the cat with a slightly sinister smile on my face then I held the jug above its head…

“Wait, before you do this, you have to dig” It wasn’t me who said this! It was the cat! Then he smiled back at me in a sinister way. I jumped backwards and I almost fell over the table behind me. I did manage to throw water all over myself. The next thing I knew I was running towards the sink again, I had already dropped the jug.

The thing I wanted was the knife. I picked it up. I ran towards the cat. I speared the cat straight in the head. I then began to carve away at the cursed animals head. I jabbed and jabbed over and over again. I showed no remorse whilst I sliced the animal. I decided that the only option left was to decapitate this beast. I shoved the knife into the animal’s neck and decapitated the monster.

I fell back onto the floor, blood covered my hands. The animal’s minced head was in my hands, its mouth still smiling. I tossed it across the room into the wall, its head shattered upon impact. Rage filled my body yet tears ran down my cheeks. I realised that I needed to get out of this blood splattered room.

I dragged myself off of the floor and I stumbled into the living room. All of the furnishings in my living room were smothered in mud, thick, brown mud. The room was one thick cake of mud. Nothing identifiable remained. There were no marks in the mud; it was just a creamy mess of dirt. My house- ruined! Someone has come into my living room, and done this!

But then something strange happened, a hole appeared deep in the mud and a voice shouted out. “Diiiiiiiiiggggggg!” The voice was a deep, droning voice. The word was dragged out. I instantly slammed the door to the living room. Then I turned around and saw the blood stained kitchen. I looked down at my bloody clothes and hands.

I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, I opened the door to the bathroom and I was about to walk in… Something was wrong with the bathroom; actually it was more the lack of a bathroom. All that was there was a black hole. A hole that extended into a never ending darkness, eternal pain. Nothingness as far as the eye could see. An icy torrent pulling me in.

Then I heard the voice calling out from the darkness. A young girl, she sound like she was around 6 years of age. “Please.. Please just dig! Dig!”

I slammed the door then I fell back onto the dirty carpet. This carpet was also covered in a thick layer of dirt. I tried to rub the dirt off of the carpet however there was no carpet to be found. I pulled handfuls of dirt away from the floor however it just seemed to make a deeper and deeper hole. There was no floor!

Then the main voice began to talk to me. A man’s voice chanting away. “Dig. Dig. Dig.” He chanted dig three times before pausing. Then he would chant it again. Over and over again.

I screamed before immediately heading into my bedroom. I shut the door behind me then I turned. My bedroom was as it should be clean white sheets. Everything perfectly laid out, the only thing wrong was the spade neatly laid across my bed. I wandered up to it then I tossed it onto the clean floor. I dived onto the sheets, burying myself into the silkiness. The blood on my ruined the sheets but that didn’t matter. The voice was still chanting. And that means there is only one option – dig!

I did exactly that, I knew where to dig. It was obvious. I picked up the spade, ran outside into the darkness and began to dig. A river of water had begun to pour from the sky and the garden had become a thick mess of mud. The cross still remained firmly in place.

I shoved the spade into the sloshy earth and I dug. Deeper and deeper into the ground, I didn’t stop for a second. The chanting continued even while I dug. I had dug around 6 foot down when I hit something. Something wooden. I dug around it and then I realised it was a wooden door. A sort of big trap door. I reached out for the handle, my hands encased the cold wet metal and I pulled the cumbersome door open…

I hand instantly shot out, it encased me by the neck and pulled me into the eternal screams…

PLEASE NOTE: Part two will be uploaded as fast as I can! This is not a novel.

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