The White Dog

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A story of loss ,heartbreak and identity

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The White Dog

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013




The White Dog

Chapter 1

A night of passion and lust, with the boy from the local church choir had now led to this moment. Her screams were heard from far down the hallway of the women’s hospital. She was still in two minds. How can a sixteen year old look after a baby? But how can she give this child up?  This baby boy, that came about from a night of love and passion with the young singer in the church band.

Bert had made her feel special, like she was as princess and he was her prince, but when he found out she was pregnant he was nowhere to be seen.  However it would not have made much difference if Bert did stick around the decision had been already made for her by her mother and Grandmother.

 It was the late sixties in Sydney, a time where single teenage mums were fround  upon by society and even family. Donna’s  grandmother, Beth, was a very strict matriarch and in her eyes, the birth of this child was to be kept a secret, to save the family from embarrassment. Beth was an authoritarian, a little old woman who kept the family together and made the decision that had to be made, Including this one.

Five hundred Miles away in a smalltown farmhouse ,the phone was ringing. A slow hand nervously picked up the phone.”Mrs Gordon” the cheerful voice said.” We would like to inform you that we have found you a Baby boy and if you could meet us in Crown Street on Saturday in three weeks you can take him home”. June’s face lit up , finally she and her husband Bobby would have the child they had dreamed about. A child that nature hadn’t been able to give to her. Tears of joy ran down hear face as she ran to the shed , where Bobby was welding.” We have a boy, we have a boy” she screamed, as she flung herself into bobby’s arms.

Back at the Hospital,  Hilda, an old Aboriginal lady was tending to Donna, who was a blubbering mess. “Darling” she said “its for the best. You know you can’t look after him and he will be cared for by lovely people who can, just like I was.”  Hilda had looked after Donna for the last 5 months, in a home for young expecting mothers. She knew what Hilda was saying was true, but this was still her baby and her heart was breaking.

 Hilda handed her a little white toy dog “a gift for you” she said. “ He will be like this little foxie and get through any issue in his life. I bought you this for you to remember him and  help you fight through life like a fox terrier as well. Donna hugged the little toy dog, gave Hilda a half smile and rolled over in her bed sobbing. “What will you call him Donna” asked Hilda. Bryan, Bryan James just like  my boy.

Beth walked into the room striding out like a Nazi soldier. Well it’s all done , everything is signed  and we can  go in four days. “Where did you get that” Beth said, pointing to the little toy dog. “From Hilda. She gave it to me to remind me of Bryan.” “Well its staying here” grunted Beth. “you don’t need anything to remind you of this whole shemozzle. He is a mistake that should never have happened.”

Four days later, as Donna walked from the hospital, she placed the little dog in Bryans crib ,knowing it would probably be the last time she would ever see him again.” Goodbye little man I hope you have a good life” she looked at the little toy dog ”Make sure you look after him,OK.” The dogs glass eyes stared back as though it was real, Glazed and sad looking, watching, as she walked out the maternity door. She may not have the little dog to remind her, but she would never ever forget that dreadful day when she left her baby behind for someone else to raise as their own.


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