Safire James: Darkness and Blood

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Everything you ever knew changed and everything you thought was sustain is lost. War, blood, fire.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Safire James: Darkness and Blood

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Safire James: Darkness and Blood

The lights sipped in through the window as the sun was bright and up in the sky. I looked over at Hanna as she was sleeping beside me. The softness in her face were remarkable. The sun against her skin enchanted her face and body. I smiled a little as I thought of the first time I saw her. It was the day we played paintball together before I started on the team, before I got bitten by the Umbra, a wretched shadow creatures, and my life wavered. Hanna took care off me when I was feeling my lowest and from that point it kind of climbed between us. I don't know how I'll be able to go back to school without her since she used to be a senior. She was the cool and outgoing senior, I was the little freshman with a broken leg. I'm a second year this year at the northern tower academy. I guess I first learned about my real parents and about magic when I started there. A lot happened last year. I learned to use magic. I got two moms, I had to fight for my life, I was shot by and arrow one centimetre from my heart. I guess everything was a little complicated but after Christmas it was so easy, so natural. Hanna made that happen. I mean we could argue but I felt genuinely happy and we just were so in love.

Laying with her here in my bed, reminds me of how little time there's left before school starts again. Five weeks. Hanna opened her eyes and looked at me sleepily. "You're staring again," she whispered. I blushed. "Sorry, it's hard not too, your skin in blinding me and you're too hot to turn away," I said playfully. She blushed and smiled. I kissed her as I slid my arms around her and held her naked body close to me. I know I shouldn't have had sex with her in my moms house but we really didn't have anywhere else to go. I mean, we did go camping and we did figure out having sex on a blanket in the fields was kind of strange as the gras and bugs creeped us both out. Not saying that we have sex a lot but we have made an effort to at least connect every now and then. Not because it felt like a need but because we love to be together as there was this magnetic pull between it. It's been harder with school and such before but now during summer it's been easier I guess. Once this summer I tried to change the colour of my hair as I was joking around with Hanna but rendered it changing after my moods. Red for passion or love. Purple for jealousy. Blue for sadness. Black for anger. At first it made me feel really stupid and worried so it turned bright yellow. Kelly and Helen just laughed as they saw me. Hanna loved it. She couldn't stop laughing as she saw me. At least I had already done like my mom and permanently made curls, like Hollywood and not the Scottish fizzy kind. It looked great as long as my hair wasn't black or blue. It rarely was since I felt happy most days.

I thought that after the first time, that it would get easier and less awkward to undress I front of her but I'm always just as nervous and I always feel scared but I push through for her. I want her and I want to do it but I'm scared and all butterflies about it. This morning bit has gotten better since I've started to accept that it's like this to wake up with her. I kissed her softly as we lay there a little bit. Then I made sure we were dressed really fast. I just focused and it happened at once. The beauty of my powers being so different from everyone else. I don't have to know spells like the rest. My magic comes from my energy or so they explained it to me. I'm a descendant from the original caster, which it supposed to be better than witches and wizards like the rest at my school, I also learned that I have a reading power, so I never really have to read properly. I just know everything. It's like having a photographic memory except for that the text moves and shows me what I need to know. It's kind of creepy if you ask me.

We walked into the kitchen where Kelly, aka one of my mothers had left a note saying they were out and we could help our selfs. I have two mothers actually. Helen is the headmistress at my school, but since Christmas I haven't connected well to her since she didn't trust me, which in turn led to me being close to death with an arrow in my chest, and at first it pissed me off but now it kind of just hurts to think about. We made some sandwiches and sat watching TV since it was Saturday anyways.

Hanna intwined her fingers with mine as she kissed my hand and held me against her as I was leaning against her since she sat slightly behind me. She kissed my shoulder a little. "Hey, what do you feel like doing today?" she asked playfully as she started tickling me a little. I screamed a little as I laughed. "Maybe go to town," I managed to say as I couldn't breathe properly. She grinned. "Oh, really!" she said as I started tickling her and we rolled around a little and onto the rug and then I managed to trap her hands and push them down on the rug as I sat on top of her and we both started laughing. Then I stopped laughing as I just watched her. She looked at me as her eyes glistened with joy. Her blond hair was spread out perfectly. Everything about her is so beautiful. Her eyes are so strong and her smile and her lips so happy and hot. I blushed, as did she. Then I leaned in and kissed her tenderly and then pulled away a little but then she closed the distance again and we ended up kissing for a long time. I could feel the energy sprouting inside me as I just felt so happy. Then she giggled a little. "I can feel you vibrating," she said as my phone resived a text message. I blushed. "Sorry," I said and kissed her as I pulled up my phone and checked it. It was Salt asking if we'd meet up sometime before school. I texted back and said I would see her next week.

I walked between, Harold's naughty prank and Mrs. Diana's Handy works, with Hanna. We'd already been shopping some clothes that she liked. I didn't feel like buying anything I was just happy spending time with her since she did work during the weeks at a cafe. I leaned my head on her shoulder a little. "You know, I love you and all but are you sure you're not going to get anything?" she asked. I sighed and looked at her. "No, I'm fine. I like watching you and decides I don't look as great as you in most things," I said. She stopped and turned to me, just in front of the bank. "God, Safire, you don't even see yourself. I swear your boobs have been growing at least two sizes in the last few months," she said and laid her hands on my boobs and squeezed them a bit. Which in turn made me blush. She was right, they had been growing a little bit. "Only because you keep forcing me to eat," I complained a little. She grinned and bit her lip. "Well, most girls would be lucky if they only grew boobs from eating food," she said playfully. I rolled my eyes a little and kissed her. She kissed me back still with her hands on my boobs. "I have always thought you were hot in a tomboy kind of girly way," she whispered. I smile as I looked at her. "Well I love you in every way possible, no one could ever be more in love with anyone," I whispered. She grinned and kissed me deeply. "Not as much as I love you," she whispered. I kissed her cheek and rolled my eyes a little and pushed her playfully away from me. She grinned and looked at me. "You're ridicules," she said and winked a little. I blushed and smirked slightly. "Only because I love you," I said as I pulled her back to me and kissed her deeply as we stood there. I let my finger go through her soft hair a little bit. God, how can anyone be this way. Then I grinned and pushed her away. She smiled a little as she stumbled back a little. "Jerk," she said and turned away a little as she spun around and then looked at me.

Right then a loud explosion inside the bank erupted and the pressure sent me flying to the ground. My hearing went silent with a loud tinnitus sound whaling in my ear. I scraped my hands on the asphalt as I then felt glass tearing at my shoulder as I scrambled to my feet. I couldn't focus on anything. My balance was off and I felt my heart pumping faster. Fear struck me like an iron club as I just saw Hanna laying on the ground. The bank in flames and bomb residue. I ran, stumbling over, and slid down beside Hanna as she looked up at me with fear in her eyes. "Hanna, oh my god Hanna," I repeated as I couldn't even hear my own voice. She coughed up blood as she tried to speak but I couldn't even hear what she was trying to say. I hugged her closer to me as I could see her clutching at her chest where a large chard of glass stuck out. I felt everything inside me tear apart. I held her up in my arms. "Oh, god, no, please no, you can't leave me," I pleaded as she just slumped in my arms and I tried to get her awake again but she was gone. I screamed as I tried to get someone to help her but she was gone. I felt completely empty as I felt the wind pass through me and my hearing was still not back. I just sat there crying as people tried to talk to me while they were trying to call for help. She's gone. Hanna, she's dead. The fire fighters and the ambulance came as well as the police. They were all running around trying to help. I couldn't even think as they removed her from my arms. I didn't want to let her go. They had to tear me away from her. I just cried.

I was checked but it felt like I was just sitting there and people around me just moved around. At some point I was at the hospital and Kelly and Helen was there. More people showed up but I just stared out at nothing. Some would say they understand why I'm not saying anything, that they know what I'm going through. Some would compare loosing their aunt, grandparent or friend as the same thing. Hanna was neither of those things. I lost the only person who ever cared for me, the only person I could love that way and who loved me. She's dead and I'm still here and it's my fault. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have pushed her or stopped I front of the bank. Why didn't I see it coming.

I stood in front of her grave as they lowered it down while a priest was talking. The skies were crying with me. A lot of students from school showed up. Standing there watching her casket being lowered down was like lowering down, burying my heart. I could feel myself suffocate as they tossed dirt down. I swallowed as it felt like acid. I should have been in there. I should have died at her side, I should have died at her side. I'd tried to give her a good funeral. As I looked up, her family stood there as well. The people who's love was bound to weather or not she loved a boy. I felt rage inside me as I looked at them standing there sobbing. I walked straight up to her mother and slapped her. "How dare you show your face here! This is for the people who loved Hanna!" I screamed. Helen and Kelly grabbed my arms as I waved and tried to hit them all. I screamed out. I couldn't stop. They had to drag me into a car. I just looked at Helen and I felt even more betrayed. Kelly pulled me into her arms to calm me down and I cried.

The papers wrote about me as a lucky survivor of the bomb at the bank, they mention nearly nothing of her. They just called it a casualty. The people who planted the bomb in the bank was not found. It pissed me off whenever I saw a paper. How could anyone over look her. My hair seemed to stay blue and black as I only felt angry and the empty and sad feeling that she's missing. All the happiness drained from the world. How can I live without her? What's the point?



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