Valentines trip

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In the morning we walked down to breakfast as we were supposed to meet up with the others. She held my hand as she seemed to be glowing today. I felt a little tired but actually happy. The others were waiting and we walked in together. Jenny smirked a little as she looked at us as we sat down. "So what did you two do last night," she said teasing a bit. I looked at her a bit horrified. Is she actually going to comment on that. I looked down. "We went straight to sleep once we got in. I feel so hungover," John complained a little. Everyone complained. I didn't feel as hungover because I used a lot of the rush of the alcohol when I was with Key. Key smirked. "I feel fine, but then again we were probably awake until the alcohol had left our systems," she said. I looked over at her a little embarrassed. Jenny grinned. "Knew it!" she said. Holly sighed and rolled her eyes. "Lesbians," she said. I frowned and looked at her. Everyone froze. Didn't she learn from last time. I could hear Key sigh. "Actually I'm going to quote Orange is the new black, Poussey - Love, it's just chilling, you know? Kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad jokes. And, like, not even wanting to go to sleep, 'cause then you might be without 'em for a minute. And you don't want that," Key said. I looked at her and wondered if I possibly could love her more right then. The others nodded a little. Jenny frowned. "But you did more last night right?" she asked. I sighed as I kind of wanted to smack her at that moment. Key smirked. "Yeah, of course but usually we don't. I mean, we've just started out," Key said. I looked at her and then down at our joined hands as I let my thumb stroke over her knuckles. Does she think we'll have more sex later or does she think that we only hand it because it's new. "Isn't that when you're supposed to fuck yourselves mad?" John asked. Key smiled a little and then looked at me. "I would but I love how romantic she is," she said then. Me romantic? I've never thought I was. I'm just myself and when I'm with her I just want to be close to her and talk and anything but just have sex even if a huge part of me wants that all the time.

"So she's the one who holds the breaks in?" Seth asked. I looked up at all of them. "No, if I remember correctly I've never said no since we got together, but I've been occupied," I said. Key leaned in and kissed me. "True," she whispered. The others started talking as we then ate some breakfast. Afterwards we went up to change and go to the pool. As I was about to remove my shirt, Key grabbed it and pulled it off for me as she kissed my shoulder. She let her hands go over my stomach. "Key, we're going downstairs right?" I asked carefully to make sure she wasn't heading in another direction. "Yes, absolutely, I just...," she said as she then kissed me and pushed me against the wall a little as we stood there making out. I removed her shirt fast and then let my hands feel her and then look into her eyes, wondering if this was what she wanted. She smiled softly and looked up at the roof. "You know, I honestly can say that it's a lot more than this," she said then. I sighed and kissed the side of her face as I couldn't answer that. I let my hands slide down a bit and tugged at the edge of her pants. "Faith, it's okay if you don't feel like it now," she whispered. Why does she always think I don't feel like it?

I shook my head and pulled down her pants as I got down. I kissed her stomach a little as I stood on my knees. She brushed away my hair from my face as I looked up at her and felt everything inside me move. She looked so full of desire as she met my gaze. I pulled down her underwear as well and kissed her a little and then let my tongue slide between and tease her as she moaned a bit. I kept going  until she was just about to cum. Right right then the door opened as Jenny came in saying "you guys need to...oh, shit," as she turned around fast and covered her face. I blushed as I helped Key pull up her panties. She blushed as much as me be cause she'd just managed to cum and was a little wet. I whipped off around my mouth.

"I totally didn't think this through," Jenny said. I sighed as I pulled on my shirt again. "Not really, no," I said and walked over to her since I didn't want to ruin our friendship because of exposure. "Jenny, what did you want," I asked. She turned and looked at me and shook her head a little. "I was saying that you were slow. I guess I figured out why," she said. I sighed and looked over at Key who looked a little worried but grabbed her bikini and gestured to the bathroom before she walked there. "Yeah, should have locked," I said. Jenny nodded and looked at me as she bit her lip. "At least your girlfriend is super hot," she said and smiled. I smirked a little and nodded as I felt a bit bad about it. "Can I ask you something?" she asked then. I looked at her and nodded. "Do you like it, I mean going down?" She asked. I shrugged as I thought about it. "I guess, I mean, it's kind of hard to explain what it's like but she makes me so happy and I feel great with her so I guess I don't mind," I said. She tilted her heads to the sides. "Well, she's got a Brazilian so I guess it's not as grouse as I thought," she said and shrugged. I blushed. Oh, she saw that much.

"You do realise it's cleaner to go down on a girl than a guy right?" I said as I thought about it. She frowned. "No, they just have sticks," she said. I rolled my eyes a little. "Think about it, girls wax or shave, clean every time they go to the bathroom and really you're not even licking the part that you pee with whitest with guys they never clean it and they stick it in your mouth without you knowing what's on, around or where it's been," I said simply. Key just returned so she raised one eyebrow and looked at me. I blushed heavily and looked down. Jenny sighed and crossed her arms. "Ugh, you might be right," Jenny said then she looked at me and smirked and then over at Key. "Hey, is she shaved?" she asked playfully. Key looked shocked but then smiled. "No, she's got a Brazilian. She even did during Christmas. Some girls like to have some during winter but not her," Key said. I felt a little mortified. I only chose to get it done every now and then because I feel that it's easier to keep clean without anything there. It wasn't because I ever expected to have sex. Key smirked. "Believe me since she's new I was worried," Key added. I sighed and turned around and grabbed my bikini and walked in the bathroom and changed. As I stood in my bikini in the bathroom I kind of had to look for myself. I had got it done just before our trip and brought some wax with me. It was okay I guess. I just always think that this parts of girls were weird. Key's cute though and I love how fast she gets wet and they swell a bit. It's just so hot.

Key opened the door just as I was looking. She looked a little shocked as I felt mortified. "Oh," she said and then walked closer to me and kissed me as she wrapped her hands around me but let one slide down and cares me lightly. I felt embarrassed that she'd seen that. She pulled out a little, while still caressing me, and looked into my eyes. "Don't worry, you're beautiful and smooth," she whispered. I nodded a little and swallowed as I felt myself heat up a little by her touch. She grinned and pushed me against the wall. "Jenny...," I started. She shook her head. "Sent her down, told her we'd find them," she whispered as she then kissed me. I kissed her as well as it became slightly desperate and explosive. She ginned as she just pulled down and put one of my legs over her shoulder while she ate me out. I wanted to scream in pleasure, but as I'm a quiet person I breathed it out and clenched my jaws together. She was squeezing one of my boobs at the same time. I was kind of holding back one hand and the other one in her hair as I couldn't control myself. I came moaning and almost crying. Key blushed just as much as me as she slid up and kissed me and slid her hands around my waist a little. "You know, sometimes I'm worried that you won't cum and then I look up and see your face," she said and grinned. I blushed. "Ooh, no, don't do that. Don't look at my face," I complained a little as I knew I had to look so stupid. She smirked and kissed my cheek a little. "Oh, you're so cute," she whispered. I shook my head a little as I felt embarrassed, partly because I wasn't wearing any panties.

She kissed me. "You are, I've never met a girl that doesn't make too much notice or sound like they are in a porn movie. How do they even come up with saying stuff like that?" She said playfully. I sighed and looked at her as I didn't like to think about the people she'd slept with. I swallowed a little and looked at her as I felt really bad. She noticed at once. "It's not like it sounds," she whispered then. I looked down as I felt a lump in my stomach. I went with the girl that clearly dressed fashionably hot, I went for the girl that's so hot even straight girls start to think. She would have had people wanting her for years and she's older than me. Most importantly, she's fun and happy and sexy and all those things I was never good at. I was always introverted. She's not and she probably wasn't before either. She sighed and laid a hand on my cheek. "I was trying to compliment you, not make you...feel bad," she whispered then a little sadly. I looked into her eyes. "I know, I'm sorry, I just...let's get ready and go down stairs," I said as I didn't want to take it up. I bent down and grabbed my bikini bottom and then walked over and put on a kimono inspired robe. It wasn't long it was just short and fashionable.

Key walked beside me as she had a white dress on and a sun hat. We were both quiet as we walked down and towards the pool. "Four," she said right before we got close enough to the others. I looked over at her as I couldn't figure out what she meant and then I got it. She walked over to the two chairs beside the others and she put her towel on it and lay down like she hadn't done anything. Jenny looked at me and smiled softly. "Why do you look so shocked?" she asked. I blushed and shrugged. "I don't know, it might be because I can see Matt's butt crack," I said and everyone looked at Matt as he was about to jump in the pool. I didn't meant to say it but any distraction was good right now. I lay down in the chair beside Key. She had sunglasses on so I couldn't tell where she was looking or what she was thinking. I held out my hand a little to her and she took it and smiled carefully. I smiled a little back.

The palm trees were planted around the area as there were a lot of people around but it still wasn't a lot of kids so it was calm enough. More or less a good atmosphere. The sun was heating up. I'm not so good in sun so I put on my sunglasses and tried to relax. A servant came and we ordered drinks as we just lay there for a bit. "Remember sun block or you'll regret it," Jenny called over to me. I sighed and picked up my sun block as I was going to apply it myself. Key was just removing her dress so that she could gain a tan. Then Key grabbed my sunblock and shook her head a little as she removed my kimono and started applying it slowly and at first carefully but slowly it started feeling hot and massage like as she had me turned over as she applied it everywhere. She slid her hands along the sides of my body and a little inside most of my bikini.this side to her always scare me. She does it so sensually and it feels great.

"God, I love lesbians," John whispered to Matt as they sat watching, well ogling really. I blushed as I couldn't move while she was massaging in the sun block. "I didn't mean to be so sensitive about it," I whispered to her. She shook her head a little and leaned in closer. "I know sweetie, but you do have a right to know," she whispered. "The others they were...," she started but then sighed. "You're different," she said then. I frowned and turned over as she spread her legs and let me. She sat down and started applying to my front. "Is that good or bad?" I asked. She bit her lip and looked down a little at what she was doing. "In some ways it's great and other ways I'm just worried," she whispered. I frowned. "How?" I asked. She sighed. "Because I love you and I feel so strongly about you and it's so soon and so intense," she whispered. "That's a bad thing?" I asked carefully. She nodded and looked at me but all I could see was her glasses. "It is when I'm scared that you won't feel the same or that we might not hold," she said. I looked down at her hand as it was placed on my heart. "Okay, you have a point," I said. She nodded and continued.

"You keep asking what I see in you but have you ever thought that I might be wondering what you see in me," she said then. I swallowed. "How can you ask that? You know what you look like," I said. She looked a little sad and removed her sunglasses as she was done. "Yeah, that's not what I was talking about. That's only where you are worried. I know what people think of me but is that all you see?" she asked then. I looked at her. Of course she beautiful but that wasn't the part that made me fall for her. I've talked to girls that were beautiful but not once did I even think about them the same way. She makes me happy and she sees me, she's smart and she's got this thing where she just seem so alive. "I love how you laugh at stupid jokes, how you don't let anyone talk against you, how you smirk when you think someone is going to get a bitch slap. I love the way you make me feel, how you talk and how you always seem to be so happy, even when you're sad you seem to be able to turn things around and ask about something else. You're smart, I mean the real kind. You know what you're talking about. You could have been a doctor if you wanted to. I love that you never pressure me and you actually take the time to recognise me and see what's really wrong with me. You don't just ignore when someone says shit, you actually have a comeback every time. It'll probably be hell to fight with you," I said. She looked like she was going to cry with happiness as she just flung herself and her arms around me. I held her tightly. "I didn't fall for the ass or the boobs or the body or the hair and those lips and oh my god your eyes, I fell for the girl who actually just made me happy by being herself," I whispered. She nodded and kissed me deeply. I didn't know this weekend would be so deep already on the first day.

We actually lay in the sun and then took a swim. We all played games in the water and passed a ball. Key would sometimes touch me a little under the water as she'd slid her hands over my body. It felt great but it always made me blush. At dinner we just ate and drank some more. I actually felt a little drunk most part of the day as I just felt so completely happy with Key. It was like this glow in the world. I took a lot of photos of us just having a great day. Everyone went to a party. I'm not a good dancer as I'm way to shy but as we stood there and Key was pulling me into the crowd I couldn't stop her as she bit her lip and pulled me closer to her as she laid both her hands on my hips and started dancing. I moved with her as I felt ridicules at first but lost all sense of shame as she took over.

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