Valentines trip

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 16, 2014



I woke up as they were rolling me on a mitts into the ambulance. Both Jenny and Key were at my side with the ambulance men. "Hey, what happened?" Jenny asked me as she noticed me waking up. I swallowed and sighed. "I don't know, I just hit my head," I said. The ambulance man looked at me. "Miss, we're transporting you to the hospital, you've got some internal bleeding and possibly a concussion," he informed me. I nodded a little. "I'm so sorry," Key said really worried. I looked at her as it hurt inside me just to think about it. I didn't say anything as they just pulled me up in the car. "One of you can ride in with us," the ambulance man informed. Jenny got in automatically and that's what I wanted so I didn't protest. The doors closed and soon we started moving. Jenny held my hand. "It's got to be you that always gets hurt isn't it?" she said and sighed a little. I frowned and looked down a little. "Yeah, it seems like it," I said. She looked a little sad then. "I wish it wasn't. You deserve to be happy just once," she whispered. I sighed. "Well, at least if I die now, or any time soon I won't be a virgin," I said. She looked more worried now but remained quiet until we got to the hospital.

Having Jenny with me helped since she knew everything about me so she just gave them all the information they needed as well as filled in paperworks and such. I was sent in to surgery and sedated. Once I woke up from that, I threw up and felt horrible. Jenny helped me as a few hours passed. "What did you really say to Key?" Jenny asked after a while. I sighed and looked out of the hospital window. "I told her I couldn't do this," I answered. She frowned lightly. "So you broke up with her?" she asked carefully. I swallowed. "I guess. Jenny, how do you do it? I mean, deal with being unsure of everything, knowing that the other person has scars in their heart that they can't overcome?" I asked. She looked thoughtful. "It's part of who they are. Matt isn't that scared though. He had one girl before me and she broke his heart but for the better because she was a bitch to him," Jenny answered. I nodded. I know Key had a horrible past with at least one of her exes. I've never asked about the others or even her ex really.

Jenny then sighed and looked at me. "Why were you dressed like a dude?" she asked then. I looked at her and frowned. "Key's idea," I answered. She frowned and nodded. "Is that why you're fighting?" she asked. I shook my head. "No, I don't even really know myself why we're fighting. It just hurts so much when...," I started but grew quiet as Matt came in followed by the others. "Hey, how are you?" Matt asked. I shrugged. "I'm fine, minor concussion, some bleeding on the side so they had a small surgery to empty it and then they put some stitches on my leg," I answered. I looked at the others and noticed that Key wasn't there. I pretended to not notice it and just talked to the rest. It made me feel worse that she wasn't even there that she didn't even come to the hospital. It's official then? It's over.

 I was able to go back to the hotel a few hours later, which was in the middle of the night. We all took one cab to the hotel, it was crowded but luckily they sent a buss like cab. As I walked towards mine and Key's room, I felt nervous and a little sick because of the morphine. Jenny had offered to walk me to my room but I said I could do it by myself. I opened the door as our room was clean and the bed was made. Key stood out on the balcony looking at the ocean. It made me feel a little bad but I swallowed it and sat down on the floor by my bag as I had to put the pills in my chart since I had to have painkillers and such every four hours. I started putting them in as I tried to not think about it.

Key came walking in and stopped as she looked at me. I looked up and then down and continued. "Are you okay?" she asked. I nodded without saying anything. "Faith, about...," she started. "Don't, could we just not? I really don't feel like talking about it right now," I said. Key sighed. "You promised you wouldn't just drop me," she said then. I frowned as I knew she was right. I sighed and leaned my head against the wall and looked at her. "Fine," I said. She looked at me with such a heartbroken expression that it cut deep into my core. "So you did mean it as in breaking up with me," she said. I sighed and looked down. "I meant it as that I can't do this, I can't deal with all of this crap. I know I'm not being fair and I really don't like to but I don't want you to get hurt and I don't want to fall more in love with you only to figure out that you just want sex," I said. She looked at me in disbelieve. "It's never been about sex! God you can be thick sometimes. If I really just wanted sex I wouldn't have tried so hard to get a girl who's inexperienced and insecure and shy and a lot of things. If I really just wanted sex I would have gone with anyone else!" she said frustrated. I felt a lot worse by her pointing out my flaws.

 I felt myself go cold. "Well, now you can," I said unemotionally. She let down one tear and then she slapped me so hard that I felt my cheek burn bright red. I could even taste blood in my mouth. I looked at her as I let one teardrop slide down even if I so wish it wouldn't. "I hate this part of you, how can you be so cold," she asked in disbelieve. I swallowed and looked her straight in the eye. "Because I turned off my feelings like you told me to. That is how I protect myself, not by being shy or anything like that. Me being shy is usually because I don't like people and the reason for that is because if do they can leave me or die," I said harshly. She stared at me blankly. "You made me drop all my walls and go against all my fears only to have you tell me that I'm not enough. Thank you, you've officially broken me. So you got what you wanted," I said and got up and walked towards the door. She grabbed my arm. "No, that's not what I wanted. I love you, I wanted you to be carefree and happy and be able to be yourself," she said. I sighed and continued walking. I didn't know what to say to her.

I walked out and walked down to Jenny's room and slept beside her as Matt offered to sleep on the floor. The next day we were flying home. Jenny collected my stuff since I didn't want to see Key. I ignored her as we walked to the cab and at the airport. Jenny checked in most things for me and then we went through security. I got searched again but it went swiftly. At the gate I sat with my headphones on as I needed to not think at all. Key was sitting further away looking like she was in pain but keeping it hidden. A part of me felt bad but another still felt angry and so hurt. Come on Faith, it's better this way. You won't have to worry about her any more. Now I'm just lying to myself. I'm always going to worry. I swallowed as it made it hurt so badly inside me.

On the plane I sat in an isle seat beside Matt and Jenny. We had hours in front of us as the plane set off. I held my breath as I felt really scared. After three hours I was bored out if my mind really. I had a few drinks even though I wasn't supposed to. The people around we're having fun. Key was nowhere to be seen so I felt more at ease with that but it also worried me. How did I really think this through? I just broke up with the only person who's ever been able to get to me. I'm so stupid. 

I stared down a little as suddenly someone came and unbuckled my seatbelt. I looked up as Key grabbed my hand and jerked me up and down the isle and into a bathroom. She pushed me against the wall right in there, and she kissed me franticly as I couldn't help to kiss her back. She pulled down my pants and caressed me a little as it was slightly aggressive and slightly hot at the same time. I didn't even think properly as she was doing this and I automatically did the same to her. We both moaned and gasped a little as we fingered one another. She then pushed me to sit up on the sink as she started eating me out. I felt the tension in my entire body spread up and I wanted to scream but she covered my mouth as I came and tears came at the same time. She got up and kissed me as I couldn't believe what we were doing. I pushed her over the sink as I ended up behind her and pulled down her pants completely and fingered her some, a little roughly and then I slid down and ate her. She was breathing heavily as she then just let her cum run down on my face. It was salty. I felt this immense rush inside me and then I turned her around and kissed her as I automatically kissed her and started crying at the same time. She did as well. We just stood there half naked crying and kissing. 

It knocked on the door. "The captain has put on the seatbelt sign, you have to get back to your seat," a flight attendants said. I blushed and got down and pulled up both out pants at the same time. I then looked at her as I wasn't sure what to say. She then looked down and looked really sad. I sighed. She opened the door and walked away. I waited a little as I wasn't sure if I could handle my nerves and this. What the hell just happened? I then walked back to my seat. Jenny and Matt looked at me a little worried. "What happened?" Jenny asked. I sighed and brushed back my hair with my fingers as I needed to breathe. "I don't know," I said. I put on my seatbelt as the entire plane started trembling and jumping slightly. I held on to my chair as I felt like I was going to start hyperventilating. Then the guy on the other side of the isle handed me a piece of paper. "Here, someone sent this for you," he said. It was written "Send to seat 23A" on it. I frowned a little and opened it. It was from Key. "Sorry, that was so not what I was going to do. It's not fair to either one of us. Could you please just talk to me as soon as we get off this god damned plane," she'd written. "Ps, now you're my first at at least two things," she had added. I felt bad but also warm and happy because she actually did reach out even after we both got burned. I sighed and folded it and put it down in my pocket. The plane was calming down and I sat just thinking of what I should say to her, wondering what she would actually say to me. Then I started wondering what two things I was her first at.

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