Breath of Life - Paranormal Romance

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Whose side am I on?

Maya is a normal girl just like the others. At least during the day.

At night her dreams are full of nightmares – nightmares with wings, grey eyes and death.

Her death.

They want my power… They’ll have to catch me first!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Breath of Life - Paranormal Romance

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



This is my new story, it's a paranormal romance and I hope you like it! :)



Like the other nights I was terrified of falling asleep. It seemed that whenever I closed my eyes my mind connected one switch that was scheduled to have only nightmares. And they were all the same.

I closed the book and lay down, covering me with blankets. It was a cold and rainy night outside, but inside my room was not better. I looked up at the ceiling of my room and took a deep breath. I need to rest.

I closed my eyes and fell into darkness.


I open my eyes, everything is blurry. Sitting on a bench in a bus stop I looked around. There was nobody near me ... so why did I felt like I was being watched? I looked at my lap and opened my book. Strange ... I could not understand the words written in the book, they seemed Latin but they were unfocused.

A chill ran down my spine. I closed the book and put it in my purse. I looked at my watch and saw that I didn’t have one. I felt a sharp pain in my head and heard someone talking. I clutched my head in my hands as if that would help ease the pain. There was no one near me so how could I hear someone talking?

The voices were in my head and they were louder and louder.

Tua fata venit

Women voices exploded in my head even louder.


I got up from the bench and, never releasing my head, I screamed. I yelled for them to stop talking; yelled for them to leave me alone ... I just yelled. I heard the distant sound of the brakes squeaking. I looked up in pain and saw that the bus was coming towards me out of control. There was no way to stop it.

And I couldn’t escape. My feet were glued to the ground.


I yelled... because of the pain I was feeling and for someone to help me escape the bus.

Silver eyes appeared in my mind amidst the screams of women. I closed my eyes and felt the impact of the bus on my body.

"NOOOOOO" I shouted getting up on a jump.

“Maya… Are you okay?” My grandmother asked with her pretty face twisted with worry.

I was shaking all over and gasping for air. I couldn’t remember the nightmare even if I tried. Every night this happened. I would fall asleep and after a while I would wake up screaming and never knowing what I had dreamed.

“More nightmares?” She asked rubbing my cold arms trying to calm my chills.

“Yes…” I answered weakly leaning my head on her chest and letting her lull me like she always did when I wake up screaming. Which was almost every night since a year ago.

“Oh honey…” she whispered with her voice full of compassion, “What did you dreamt about?”

I was shaking so bad that my teeth chattered at each other while I tried to answer.

“I can’t remember…Grann what’s happening to me?” I begged crying against her chest. She didn’t answered and just kept lulling me as if I was a baby.

I looked at the bedside table clock and saw that it was 6A.M. Lifting my head from her chest and wiping my tears I said, “I’m going to take a bath to calm me down. Kelly is going to be here in a few minutes…”

My grandma stroked my curly hair and smiled at me trying to cheer me up.

“Yes honey, do that… I’m going to make breakfast. When you feel ready come down, okay?” She said kissing my check and leaving me alone in the room.

I admired my grandmother… and I appreciated her being so understandable. Anyone else would send me to a hospice. Even I thought I was crazy sometimes. It wasn’t normal to have nightmares every single night for almost a year. My grandma usually says that it because of stress… but I was afraid it was something else.

What if I was really going crazy? I haven’t told her the entire truth. I haven’t told her that sometimes I hear people talking when there is nobody in the same room. It could just be my impression but…I was scared.

My grandmother was more than just my granny. She was my mother and my father. I never knew my parents. Grandma said that when I was a little baby my parents had an accident and died.

Despite having 70 years old my grandmother looked like a 50 year old person. People often commented on her looks but she always said that her good aspect was due to exercise, a good diet and good genes. Her dark curly hair was usually caught in a bun, her green with a few of brown eyes were sweet and warm and she always wears those floral dresses.

I inherited my mother’s blond hair and my father’s brown eyes. There weren’t a lot of picture of them in our house because it pains grandma to know she won’t ever see her son again.

The truth is I only know my parents from the photographs. Even if the pictures are in black and white the few similarities I have with them are there.

I glanced back at the clock. 6:30 A.M. I had to hurry or Kelly would arrive before I showered. I got up and grabbed the white towel that was on the bottom of the bed.

In the bathroom I turned on the hot water at its maximum and wait. As I undress I look myself in the mirror. My big brown eyes stand out on my pale face. It looked like I was seeing a ghost. Very pale skin with dark circle under my eyes, blue lips and curly blond hair sticking out in all directions.

I shook my head out of the daze and got under the shower.

I tilted my head back and let the hot water run over my body and my face, wiping the sweat and the chills I was felling.

Out of nowhere, silver eyes appeared in my mind. I didn’t know why I thought about silver eyes I just knew that they were in all of my nightmares… and that was the only thing I could remember over and over again.

I opened my eyes and stared at the fogged door. If the nightmares continue I would have to ask grandma to take me to her doctor. I didn’t want to take medication to sleep but if I had to… so be it.

I finished rinsing my hair and turned the shower off. I wrapped a towel around my body and another over my hair and went to the bedroom to get dressed.

As the days were cold I choose some black jeans and a red turtleneck. When I was finishing my makeup I hear a light knock on the door.

“Come in…” I replied and saw Kelly’s white blond head coming from the entrance.

With her blue eyes and her lips painted in black she smiled at me.

Kelly was my best friend. Even though we have nothing in common we always got along. Kelly is a goth and always wears black clothes and her lips painted with black lipstick. My grandmother at first was always trying to change Kelly’s style… but then she just got over it.

“Good morning sunshine!” She said jumping on my bed.

We were both in the third year of college and we both study Illustration. My passion has always been painting and drawing. I could spend hours in front of canvas sketching worlds I didn’t understand… and faces that tormented me.

“Good morning… Ready for another day?” I asked turning to her and combing my hair.

“Hum… if we must.” She replied bored. “What’s important is that when I came in I smelled those amazing pancakes your grandmother does. I swear that lady makes the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted in my life!” She said with a smile on her face and rubbing her stomach.

“So let’s go…!” I told her entwining our arms and taking her to the kitchen. When we got there the first thing I saw and scented was a table full of food and the smell of freshly made pancakes.

“Wow… there’s food for a battalion here Mrs. White.” Kelly said amazed while sitting in a chair in front of a plate with pancakes stuffed with strawberry jam and a coffee mug.

“Oh darling, I don’t want you to starve…” my grandma said smiling and signing at us to sit down.

As we ate Kelly and I exchanged ideas for one of the assignments a teacher gave us. The theme was the paranormal.

“I was thinking we could do something about vampires…” Kelly replied with her mouth full of pancakes.

I laughed and said, “Don’t tell me you want to draw Edward Cullen shinning at the sun… Give me a break.”

“You know, there are more vampires in the paranormal world than Edward Cullen. That is a cheap invention and a destruction of vampire myths. Please, a vampire who walks by day and shines…” She said shaking her head in disbelief.

“Well… I thought we could do something related to angels and demons… What do you think?” I asked biting a pancake.

“That is so Dan Brown.” She laughed. Suddenly a noise of breaking porcelain echoed in the kitchen.

“Grandma, are you okay?” I asked getting up from the chair and dropping at her side to help with the remains of the broken cup.

“Yes… what a mess. I was distracted and didn’t even realize the cup was on the edge…” She answered with an uncomfortable smile.

“Did you cut yourself?” I asked looking at her hands.

“No, honey, don’t worry. Go finish your breakfast so you two can go to class.” She said.

I looked at Kelly and she shrugged attacking another pancake. I really can’t understand how in the world can she eat so much and look so thin!

We finished eating and got up to get the necessary materials for class.

Kelly thanked for the pancakes and left to the car that was parked in front of my house.

Before leaving I turned to my grandmother. She was staring intently out of the window.

“Grandma…” I called. She didn’t answered me, her eyes fixed on the garden.

“Grandma?” I called again. This time she jumped as if I had scared her. She turned to me and smiled.

“Yes dear…?” She asked kindly.

“I’m leaving… Are you okay?” I wondered putting the bag at my shoulder.

“Yes, of course. Have a good day honey.” She said walking up to me and hugging me tightly. “I love you sweetie.”

Okay… that was weird.

My grandmother always said goodbye like this but… this time it felt different. I really needed to go see a doctor.

“Me too grandma.” I told her returning the embrace. I kissed her cheek and left.

Kelly was already in the car and when I opened the door a whiff of gothic music crashed into me. I would have to endure a twenty minute ride with this music. Great! The music was actually good… if wasn’t so loud that people in China could hear.

“Come on…” Kelly said impatiently while turning the volume up.

“You’re too hasty today…” I retorted. I sat up and put my seat belt.

“No… I just don’t want you to be late. See I take care of you.” She said shrugging.

“Yeah, right!” I answered sarcastically.

Kelly just laughed and put the car in gear.


Please let me know what you think about the story and the characters. :)

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