Breathe Into Me - Romantic Suspense

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




New Chapter! 
Warning: This contains sexual scenes, if you don't like to read it please skip this chapter.


The rest of the day was spent dealing with paperwork and reports. When almost no one was in the station I decide to call it a day and go to the gym to release some energy.

I went to the locker room, changed my uniform for tracksuit pants and a black tank top. The gym was big and broad and had some mattresses spread on the floor. I went to the boxing bag while putting on my boxing gloves. Although this was not my favorite sport, boxing helped me releasing the energy I had been feeling since this morning and since then my levels were at maximum.

I remembered the moment I arrived the station after the rescue. The Director Adrianna Santos congratulated me for the good performance. It was rare with this Director. She got the job four months ago because Director Taylor retired. She was 45 and was a bit harsh. In the station she wasn’t the most beloved person… but she deserved our respect.

After almost an hour and out of breath I see Max watching me with his arms crossed on front of his chest. Panting I look at him running my arm through my forehead to wipe the sweat and ask,

“How long have you been there?”

He smiles and replies, “A while.”

I sit on the mattress with my knees bent and lean my elbows on them.

“You have to improve your arms position.” He says heading for the shelf where the gloves are packed. It should be a crime for a person to be so beautiful and graceful. If I wasn’t hot and breathless already, after seeing him I definitely would.

“What are you doing?” I asked watching him put the gloves on.

He turns to me and says, “I’m gonna fight with you.”


“Come on, get up.” He says getting on the mattress.

I do get up and standing on front of him I put myself in position.

“Knees bent and arms rose to protect your face.” He recommends.

I smile and snarky I say, “I know… you taught me that.”

He laughs and puts himself in position. At first we just walked around each other, but when it comes to Max I have little to no patience and I give the first punch.

Of course Max defends himself without any effort.

Tired of being the only one attacking I say exasperated, “Strike me Max!”

I only call Max by his name when we are alone. Usually is by Sir or when we are out of the station is by Cooper.

He smirks and continues to defend himself.

After some time attacking him I start to get tired and sloppy and he sees this opening to attack me.

Suddenly I feel a knock on my legs and my world revolves. I find myself on my back on the mattress and a muscled Max over me holding my hands above my head to avoid attack.

“I won. Never lose your focus.” He says with his face so close to my own that I can feel his warmth.

I don’t know what came over me I just know that I was not taking it any more. Mesmerized by his blue eyes I lift my face to stick my lips to his. Max freezes for a heartbeat and then kisses me back. A kiss that started soft quickly becomes intense and hungry. Max frees my hands, removing our gloves. An arm rested on the mattress while the other runs through my body stopping on my hip. My hands fly to his hair pulling him closer.

His hands get inside my tank top and I shiver. It feels so good. All the frustration and sexual attraction between us explodes in this moment. Nothing matter to us, we just want to kiss and explore.

His hands find my breast and caress it over the bra. I moan against his lips. Wrapping my legs around his waist I kiss his neck.

“Max… not here.” I say in a moment of lucidity knowing it could shatter what he had begun. To my surprise and delight Max secures my hips and lifts us from the mattress. I wrap my legs even tighter around his waist kissing his jaw. On the showers in the locker room, Max - never losing contact with me - turns the water on and tries to take my top off. It’s a little tricky to undress when we are glued to another person.

Jumping from his waist I take my bra and pants and stay in only my panties.

Max’s eyes roam my body with a hungry look.

“Nice tattoo.” He says in a thick voice. In my ribs on the left side I have a quote from William Shakespeare that says

Hell is Empty
All Evils Are Here

“It’s appropriate, don’t you think?”

Getting near him I slowly undress him and wrap my arms around his neck kissing him voraciously.

Everything happens very fast, Max takes the rest of our clothes and moves us to the showers closing the door behind us. The water on my body, Max kisses, his hands running through my body make me lose my mind. I felt him big and hard at my entrance and sighed. I lift my eyes to Max and come across a piercing and fiery gaze with a soundless question passing between us.

"Please. Inside me." I answer his silent question. When it came to Max I didn’t care if I had to beg.

"Condoms ..." he said in a glimmer of control.

"I'm on the pill." I said pulling him over to me and squeezing my legs around his waist.

He gets inside me with one thrust. We both groan at the impact and the feeling of having him inside me.

After a few moments for me to get used to him, Max moves creating a spiral of pleasure inside me. I bit his neck trying to silence my moans.

"Baby ... fuck, you're so tight." Max retorted pressing me against the shower wall and investing hard in me.

“Don’t stop” I asked breathless.

His moves start increasing pace taking us to climax.

Gasping for air we just stood there - staring at each other’s eyes, the water falling on us, kissing softly as if we had all the time in the world.

Max turns us around and leans back against the wall, slipping down it and sitting on the shower floor with me straddling him.

I ran my hands across his face memorizing his masculine traits; I outline his lips and move on top of him. Max groans and leans his head against the wall. His hands moving through my body; one on my hip helping me riding him and another on my hair pulling me closer to his lips.

I devoured his mouth, my tongue rubbing against his. With the pleasure I tilt my neck back as Max suck my breasts.

“Max…” I moaned.

His movements become faster and faster until I reach climax again and start seeing stars behind my close eyelids.

Exhausted, I fall against him burying my face in his neck while he caresses my back and my hair.

How I wished we could stay like this forever. Stuck to Max, with him inside me.

 I close my eyes and hug Max even harder.

I didn’t want to get my head off his neck. Didn’t want to face him with fear of rejection or that he would say that everything that happen was a mistake. Or worse, he would ignore me.

I feel his lips running up my shoulder and I shiver. His hands went up my back and one of them laced my hair while the other caressed my face, trying to get my attention.

I lift my head from his neck without looking in his eyes. His fingers traced my features. I grabbed his arm to my body and kiss each one of his fingers, gently biting his pinky.

“Daisy…” he moaned.

I opened my eyes and stared at his, black with desire.

Getting some courage I ask, “What does this mean?”

Max sighed and wrapped my face in his hands pulling me closer.

“It means that I can’t get away from you…” he said with a heavy voice, “Since that night I kissed you, I tried to ignore you… you are so much younger than I am… and I am your team leader. There is a reason why the rule ‘No relationships between team mates’ exist… in a critical situation, in which your and the victim’s life is in danger I can’t worry about you… if I let myself get involved…” he muttered shaking his head.

“It doesn’t have to be like that…” I insisted putting my hands in his hair grabbing him closer to me, “The civilians’ lives are always in first place… that was the oath we did.”

“I know…” he replied kissing my lips lightly, “And I also know I can’t get away from you…”

“So that means…”

“It means that I’m tired of denying what I feel. At work and at the station I’m your team leader and you are my subordinated but out of here…” he muttered kissing me

“We are a couple…” I completed. “But now one can find out.”

He nodded and kissed me.

Getting up from his lap I turned the water off, offering my hand for Max to get up. He accepted it and we were face to face. Chest to chest. He was so much taller than me I had to lift my head up so I could face him. Max grabbed the towel that was hanging on the door and wiped the water off my body. I do the same to him and kiss his lips softly.

Pushing me gently to the bench that was in the middle of the room, Max makes ??me lie down. Wanting to tease him as I lay down on the bench I took my arms over my head. My position was worthy of a Best Photograph Award; back arched, legs bent and face lifted back.

Max came over me and ran his hands through my body. His knuckles roamed down my face, through my jaw and my breastbone till his fingers touched my breasts. I gasped.

He rolled my nipples in his fingers while I kissed his neck. I had never felt so much desire as today. This man drives ??me crazy.

"Max ..." sighed.

One of his hands went through my ribs stopping at my hips. I trembled while he strokes my center. A finger thrust inside me while his thumb rolls my clit.

"Max ..." I cried. He just smirked and continued his torture.

He wanted to play... fine. We’ll play.

My hands dropped from his hair and stroked his muscles feeling them moving under my fingers. Running my hands through his side I scrape his hip bone.

Max groans. I smile.

I move a little and close my hand around his member.

"Fuck ..." he groaned burying his head in my neck.

I start making moves up and down until his hand wraps around my wrist and makes me stop.

"If you continue like that I won’t last long." said with his voice clouded with desire.

He sat on the bench and bringing me up, pulled me onto his lap.

I sighed when I felt him thrust into me.

I hugged him closer to me and lost myself on our pleasure.


Closing my home’s door I lean against it smiling, thinking about Max.

“I know that smile. His name is Maxwell Cooper, SWAT Team 3 leader.” Lily said.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize Lily leaning against the living room door.

I just go to her and hugging her I say, “Hello to you too sis.” I kiss her cheek and leave my bag on the floor, sitting down on the couch.

“Oh, no. Now I want to know” She said curiously, sitting beside me on the couch. “Tell me everything.”

I just looked at her, smiling naughtily.

“You had sex?!” She shouted jumping on the couch and grabbing me by the arms.

“Calm down Lils. You’ll rip my arms out.” I said feigning pain.

“I want to know everything. How?!” she said excited. I raise my eyebrows. “Not that How…you know… how did it happen?” she said giving me a pat on the arm.

I laughed and said, “We were training and he pinned me to the floor… and I don’t know… I kissed him,” I said hiding my face on my hands and blushing, “One thing led to the other.”

“What about now? Are you going to pretend nothing happened?” Lily asked me worriedly.

“No. We are going to keep this just between us. In work he is my leader and I’m his subordinated but out of the station we are… a couple. Nobody can know.” I replied.

“I know how much you love him. You’ll see that everything will be fine.” Lily said in a soft voice.

“What would be me without you sis? Only you give me hope.” I said hugging her.

“I know,” she replied smiling, “By the way I have something to tell you.”


“Today when I was leaving the gallery I saw your boss.” Lily answered losing the smile and getting a serious look on her face.


“Yes, Adrianna Santos.”

“Oh. Nice, isn’t she?” I said ironically.

“It’s not that…”


“When I saw her she was with a man… it was weird. He had a hood over his head, all dressed in black and he had a scary look,” she said, “I moved a little closer to them and I heard them talking. She said that everything was going according the plan and that no one would catch them. That they would get away as always. When I approached them to greet Adrianna the man hastened to get away. And she was troubled to see me there. It was strange…” she said going through her sheets with drawings.

“Who knows?! Maybe she has a lover and doesn’t want anyone to know about it.” I replied with a shrug.

“I don’t think so. I know that man… I know I’ve seen him somewhere. Here, I drew his face.” She said giving me the sheet.

The person drawn on the paper was a known criminal. Bones. It was one of the most wanted. Every time he was caught he always found a way to escape. It was unlikely he was talking to Adrianna.

“You’re probably wrong. This person you drew is a criminal. I doubt Adrianna was talking to one of the most Wanted in the world.

“Daisy, I know what I saw. It was that person.” She insisted.

“Lils, look, the person you drew is a little different. This one has a mustache, Bones doesn’t.”

“It could be fake.”

“Sis, is it or is it not possible that you might have confused the person who was speaking with Adrianna with a criminal that you see almost every day on the news?” I tried to reason with her.

Lily thought for a while and replied, “It’s possible…”

“So, let’s forget it. Probably Adrianna has a lover and she was scared when you saw her because she might think you’re gonna tell me and her reputation will end. Don’t worry about it.” I said giving her a pat on the head and headed to the kitchen to get something to eat.

“Maybe…” she murmured.



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