The World of Supernatural

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Evelyn Bourdet lives in a very normal world in the middle of normal humans with a huge secret. She's a wizard. She doesn't know why, she doesn't know how, all she knows is the fact that she is a witch. Soon Evelyn finds out she's not alone with this magical secret. She'll see and experience things she never even dreamed of.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The World of Supernatural

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Submitted: April 23, 2012





1. A New Student

I stared at the boring brick wall behind the teacher, not bothering to pay attention. If the teacher happened to ask me a question, I would simply just use the mind-reading spell to pick the correct answer from his brain. And he wouldn’t probably bother anyway; he didn’t like to fail his attempt to catch one of his students ignoring the lesson, like he had failed with me so many times. He didn’t like my hidden cleverness, which wasn’t actually that at all. The mind-reading spell was one of the few spells I’ve managed to learn. That much for the awesomeness of being a wizard. I cannot believe that is what I thought of it at first. That it was somehow cool, extraordinary. Extraordinary indeed; not many people got to experience this kind of supernatural failure in their lives; I’d been searching for these few years. Searching for legends, for some kind of information about this, about where this came from, how did I get involved...nothing. I had found out nothing. All I knew was that I was a witch, a freak.
Perhaps I would have gotten some fun out of this, if I had someone else. Someone to share this with. Someone to understand. But I didn’t have anyone. I lived with my aunt and her son. Only my aunt knew, but she wasn’t a very good sport. She knew probably more than I did, but whenever I tried to ask about it, she started avoiding the subject, using the same old excuses; “I think it’s about time to do your homework.” or “Could you pick up something from the grocery store for me?”.  I couldn’t blame her. It must not be very great to have a freaky witch as a niece. And she’d already done so much promising to take care of my after my mother died. I tried very much not to bother her with my worries.
And for my friends...well, I didn’t really have any. I mean I had had friends, very good friends, actually, in the past. But after my former best friend moved away to another country, and after I discovered what I was, all my other friends thought I had lost my mind. Of course I tried to explain my behavior, but it just didn’t work out. I mean, what would I think if someone came to me babbling about being a wizard? I’d probably think that someone had ran away from a mental hospital or something. (You know, if I weren’t that kind of a weirdo myself.)
And then, or course, I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone anything. That was the most basic rule about being a wizard. All I knew about wizardry came from a tiny note I got on one day. A couple of days after realizing what I had become (or been all along), I had gotten a letter from nowhere in particular. There was no name or address. I started remembering the note...


“Ms. Evelyn Bourdet” it had said on the envelope.


“Confused you may be, and so should you.
But remember this;
Not one of us shall wander alone.


Someday our paths will cross,
Someday soon,
But until that,

Do not make a spectacle, keep quiet.

All is not clear to you, not just yet.

But all will be told that someday.

Until that,

This orded you must obey.”


That was it. That was all I knew. Even a little more stupid creature than me would understand the meaning of the note; I couldn’t tell anyone. Well, actually I only figured it out after my aunt started dropping me hints. Apparently she had read the letter herself before handing it to me. She had started using the “do not make a spectacle” sentence way too much. Her hints had started to get a little too obvious, and after she was sure I had gotten her “secret message”, she had dropped the subject. And this is why I thought she probably knew more than I did.

But who had sent me this message? Someone...My kind? Then that would mean that I was not alone in this, though.
“Not one of us shall wander alone.” After a while I was positive that there was somebody else out there, too. I was anxious to find out more, but there wasn’t much to begin with.
I wasn’t going to give up.

The ringing of the bell woke me from my daydream. I flinched at the sound and stood up immediately. I started collecting my things and stuffing them into my bag.
“Are you in a hurry, Ms. Bourdet?” I heard the teacher ask in a low but clear voice.
I looked around quickly and realized that everyone else were still sitting, evenly closing their books and pencil cases.
“I just – yes.” I stuttered and rushed out of the classroom. I kept my eyes on the dirty floor as I nearly ran through the hallways, stumbling forward. Only one more hour and then I could leave this rotten place.
I was deep in thought as I smashed against something hard. My foot slipped and I fell on the floor, my books dropping on the floor from my open bag.
“Ow.” I muttered.

“Are you okay?” I heard an alarmed male voice asking. It took me a while to realize he was talking to me.
Unwillingly I lift my face up to see him. I realized that he was the thing I had smashed against. I felt my face going bright red. “I’m fine.” I assured him. I started picking the books from the floor. The boy got on his knees and gathered the books into a pile and presented them to me. I thanked him and stuffed the books into my bag. This time I remembered to close the zipper. I rose and walked swiftly forward to get out of this place. I was so embarassed. Gladly he would probably never see me again in this big school. I was sure I had never seen him before. It wasn’t like me to be so...clumsy. I didn’t bother to look back as I ran to the next class.


I heard gabbling coming from the class. Good, the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. I walked to my desk and sat down on the seat. I opened my Geography book and started reading the next chapter. I needed to focus for just one more hour.


“I have an announcement for you, students,” Mr. Baroochi said, almost shouting.
This must be about the new student, I thought. People have been talking about someone new coming to our class.
“We have a new pupil in our class. Let’s honor our new classmate by intoducing ourselves to this young man. Come on in, Mr. Carbonell!” he welcomed the new student.

This Carbonell kid walked in and my nonchalant expression turned into shock. It was him. The guy I had embarrassed myself in front of. I felt my face warming up again. He met my gaze and smiled. I turned to look away from him.
“Hello, everyone, my name is Johnny,” he said in a friendly tone.

I looked at him again and noticed that his face was not mocking at all. Maybe there was no reason to be embarrassed after all.

“Now, let’s all tell Johnny our names in an order so he will get to know us too,” the teacher said and waved his hand to a girl sitting in the back of the class.
“I am Emily,” she said and smiled at him. Was it just me or was she flirting? I rolled my eyes.

From the expressions of the other girls, they considered him good-looking. I had never really thought about that, I’d been too awkward all this time. I turned my face back at him as the others introduced themselves.

He had a short brown messy hair. It reminded me of that vampire guy from that vampire movie, Edward. It didn’t look bad at all. He had blue, deep eyes, and a straight small nose. His full lips were curved up in a polite smile. He had a tiny scar on his left cheek.

But he was actually very nice looking. I hadn’t really paid attention to that fact.

I heard a voice behind me speaking. Amber, I reckon. Half a second later I realized it was my turn to say my name. “I’m Evelyn. Evelyn Bourdet.” I muttered in a quiet voice.
“Nice to meet you, Evelyn,” Johnny said, smiling. I answered with a tiny smile myself.

What was with me today?
“Alright, great. Johnny, here are your books. You can pick any seat available.”
Johnny nodded and looked over to my table. There were quite a few free seats in the class and the girls of course, offered him one. He walked next to me and asked; “May I sit here, Ms. Bourdet?”

Me? Why me? For God’s sake, hadn’t I humiliated myself enough already. “ Sure,” I answered and cleaned his side of the table. He sat down and opened his book, still smiling.


The lesson finished very quickly. I had done what I had to do quite fast but I didn’t bother asking the teacher for more. We didn’t chat very much with the new boy, but from what we did, I could tell he was very nice, polite. And apparently he didn’t think I was a freak of nature.

I’d also noticed that there was a hint of a French accent in his voice. Interesting.

I exited the class and ran out of the school. Finally! The day had felt like forever.

I felt warm raindrops on my skin as I walked to my car to the parking lot.
The rain helped me think more clearly. To put my priorities in a right order.
Aunt Caitlin was going to be working late tomorrow, it would be a fabulous chance to try to figure out the note and try some new spells.

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a familiar voice behind me.
“Evelyn! Wait!” Johnny shouted.
I was opening the door for my car and stopped to look over my shoulder.
“You forgot your notebook,” Johnny said, a little breathless. He’d been running to get to me, apparently.
“Oh, thanks,” I said and extended my arm to get the notebook.
He passed it to me and my breathing stopped. Impossible. That scar in his hand...There was a mark in his right arm, a mark just like mine. I had had it since I was born and according to my aunt, from the little information I had gotten from her, it was some kind of mark of my wizard-being.
No. It can’t be. It must be some kind of coincidence.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, suddenly worried.
“That scar of’s...,” I mumbled. I wasn’t supposed to say it aloud but I couldn’t help myself.
He pulled his arm back and yanked the sleeve of his jacket to cover it.
“I accidently cut it when I was five,” he explained, rushing through the words.
He murmured something that sounded like “See you later,” but I couldn’t be sure. He walked away and was quickly out of my sight.
I stayed still for a long moment. Suspicious. After a while I climbed into the car, started it, and drove out away from the school. I had a hard time concentrating on driving, confused as I was.


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