Soul mates

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: September 20, 2015

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Submitted: September 20, 2015



I watched as Louis left after Niall. Harry and Liam exchanged looks. I folded my arms across my chest and frowned. “what's going on? will somebody please tell me!” I said mad Liam sighed

“ Three months ago when we were on tour in Peru me and Louis went on a hike while the others recorded back at a studio before the show.” Liam started “we got about halfway up when we got a call from Zayn he said that something was wrong Niall went to the bathroom during a break and he didn’t come back.” Liam said

“Well I went outside to make sure he didn’t go to get a snack from the little coffeehouse across the road.” said harry “ that’s when I heard Niall calling out my name from back in the alleyway i could hear him cursing and kicking like he was fighting some one I turned the corner and two guys with black tees and black jeans had Niall”

“That’s when me and Louis pulled up we jumped out and me and harry rushed at the too men but all of a sudden four more showed up well we fought them and one knocked Niall out and carried him around the corner we finished fighting the other five when we heard a scream” Liam added

“it was Niall we ran around around the corner to find him on the ground holding his hand screaming in pain the guy was nowhere in sight.” added Harry

“He bit me.” came the quiet voice from the door. I turned to look at Niall

“I..I'm sorry Niall I didn’t know.. “ I said apologizing he sighed. His sighs are so cute! I thought dreamily sidetracked

“ that's okay you didn’t know” he said his hands in his pockets

“ well its starting to get dark well talk in the morning” said Louis coming in from the porch behind Niall. Harry and Liam took a bedroom and Louis took the couch. There was only one bedroom left. Liam and harry looked at us smiling

“ we'll looks like you two will be cuddling tonight.” Harry teased I blushed. I’m sure my face was a deep red. Niall didn’t seem to notice. Louis looked up at Niall.

“will you two be okay? He asked the question seemed like it was for both of us but he looked at Niall. Niall gave a curt nod.

“well be fine” he said briskly and turned around and walked into the bedroom. I walked after him confused at what had just happened. For some reason it made me feel giddy sharing the same room with him.





Louis POV>



I watched as Isabella walked out of the room after Niall. Harry and Liam came over as soon as they were out of sight. “what was that all about?” asked harry pointing toward Niall's room

“you have to promise not to say anything to Isabella about this okay” they both nodded simultaneously “Niall and Isabella are soul-mates” I told them liams eyes grew huge.

“are you bloody kidding me!” Liam whispered furiously I shot him a look

“shh they'll hear you there shifters you know” i shot back

“lets just go to bed we can talk in the morning.” Sighed harry they got up and headed to there bedrooms I lay down pulling the cover over me giving one last worried look at Niall's room. There was no telling what would happen now.





Isabella's POV>



I sat down on the opposite side of the bed as far away from Niall as I could. I mean even though he was my #1 hottie hes still a boy. I wish I could kiss him I shook my head unsure of where that thought came from I kept on my t-shirt but changed into a pair of sweatpants. Louis said it was perries when she would stay here but since Zayn left she doesn’t come here anymore. Niall changed into a pair of sweatpants and took his shirt off. He settled down on the opposite side and pulled the covers over him. I turned around my back to him. I was drifting into sleep when Niall leaned over my shoulder. I could feel his breath on my shoulder.

“goodnight Isabella” he whispered he then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. It was then that I drifted off to sleep



Nialls POV>


I woke up dawn filtering the air. To my horror I was lay-ed beside her holding her cuddling. I got back to my side of the bed before she could wake up and notice. She shifted a little at the presence of cold air but then snuggled down under the covers letting out a happy sigh. My face softened. She was just so bloody cute! Before I could stop staring she shifted getting up she blinked sleepily at me.

“wha- Niall why are you staring at me?” she asked still blinking from sleep before I could stop myself I smiled at her.

“good morning sleepy head” I said uncertain if she cared about me smiling

“mornih” she mumbled this only made me smile more. She sat up narrowing her eyes. “Is this how you treat all your female house guest?” Isabella asked suspicious I stopped smiling feeling like an idiot.

“well. . . no” I admitted rubbing the back of my head embaressed

“well im not exactly a normal house guest either though” Isabella sighed I laughed

“no your not considering you got kidnapped for your own protection” she smiled at me sweetly I turned around to find what I was going to wear today \\

“well im pretty sure you don’t kiss your house guest goodnight either.” came her sweet voice. I froze. I turned around slowly to find her arms folded around her chest eyes blazing. I flinched

“y-you were awake” I stumbled she nodded

“whats going on with you yesterday you just storm out and then you barely talk to me but kiss me goodnight!” she raged holding her arms out glaring at me I hung my head but sighed in defeat I looked up to see her still glaring at me

“ did you see my eyes turn leopard and back yesterday?” I simply asked

“i-i thought that it was just my imagination” she faltered gasping at me

“okay it was real do you know what soul mates are” I asked her she shook her head I sat down “soul mates are a shape-shifter term there is one shape-shifter destined for them in the world its very rare for a shape shifter to meet their soul mate.” I explained Isabella simply stared at me. I took a deep breath “when a shifter meets their soul mate there . . . eyes turn whatever animal they are and back.” I finished and hung my head preparing for her rage

“so... your saying that we're . . . soul mates.” Isabella said slowly I nodded my head flinching “i-i-cant believe this it explains a lot I mean is that why you didn’t talk to me?” Isabella asked looking into my eyes I nodded back at her

“i didn’t want to be caught up and do something stupid” I told her she looked up at me

“and last night?” she asked still looking at me

“i-i saw you laying there and i-i couldn’t help it” I stammered she looked at me to my surprise I saw nothing but warmth and understanding in them.

“well I’ve been feeling the same way” I looked at her shocked “you have?” she nodded “i put it down to just being around my favorite cute celebrity. Me being a fan-girl I didn’t think it was anything like this!” Isabella said looking a little flushed

“do you really think im cute?” I asked curious she nodded sheepishly I smiled at her “I think you are too” I answered looking at her surprised expression “so you want to try this please if it doesn’t work that’s fine but we should try I wont make you do anything you don’t want to please will you be my girl” I blurted out she froze mouth open looking at me “ its okay I understand if you don’t” I added quickly she shook her head

“no- no I will” Isabella said smiling at me

“you will!” I leaned forward and hugged her. She wrapped her arms around me returning the hug. There was a knock at the door. Louis poked his head in

“hey guys you up Harry’s makin-” he stopped dead at the sight of us hugging. He shook his head to clear it and looked at us. “Darn! Harry was right!” Louis grumbled Isabella giggled and pulled back and got up. She gave me a questioning look. Louis caught it. “you stop with the act we all know you two are soul mates it was you who didn’t know.” he said rolling his eyes he grinned “but you obviously know now judging by that hug” I stood up

“shes my girl now” I said his eyes widened

“so you two are going to try to do the whole soul mate thing well good luck although I doubt you'll need it” he said he shut the door. I suddenly remembered and hurried to get dressed

“whats your hurry” Said Isabella watching me with an eyebrow arched up I looked up at her and grinned

“Harry is making breakfast!” she laughed and moved into the bathroom to get dressed


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