Foul Play ;)

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At Eastview High School, soccer is the sport everybody cares about. It has the highest attendance rate of all sporting events at the school. The school has a history of being great at soccer. Champions for 7 years running.
Andrew Nathaniel Parker is the captain of the soccer team and the star. He has blue eyes and brown hair. Hes 18 years old and born to the richest family around. He's a senior trying to get scholarships to college. He's pretty great and the best one the town has seen. Things are about to change.
Allie and Dylan Webster are the new set of twins in town. Twins are cool but twins who can dominate the field in soccer are even better. Dylan has black hair and blue eyes while Allie has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Dylan is about to give Andrew a run for his money on the boys soccer team. The girls are now destined to be the best nationwide.
When the three start butting heads will there be foul play?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Foul Play ;)

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012



Moving to a new place is difficult. This is my sixth high school. Thankfully, I graduate this year. Plus, having a twin is a bonus. It's a friend that never leaves you. My name is Allison Marie Webster. My brother is Dylan Webster. My parents couldn't think of a middle name for him. We are 18 years old and obsessed with soccer. Soccer is life. That's the motto. Moving here to the beach and going to Eastview High is honestly intimidating. They're known for their soccer teams. As soon as we moved in last week, we went to the beach with our soccer balls and played for a while. It's good training running in the sand. However, it's back to reality and time to walk through the double doors of the school. I took a deep breath before walking in with Dylan right behind me. There were so many cliques everywhere. I saw nerds, stoners, goths, peps, jocks, freaks, sluts, then finally the soccer team. It was only boys but it didn't matter to me. Soccer is soccer. Me and Dylan smiled at each other before walking over there. The conversation halted and they all just looked at us.

"I don't think you belong in this group" one guy said.

"Says who?" I asked, being the more outspoken of us two.

"Says me" another guy stepped forward.

"I don't know what makes you so special. Tell me why I can't stand here and talk with you without one reason being I'm a girl" I demanded.

"This is soccer players only. Actually, correction soccer SUPERSTARS only" he emphasized superstars.

"We are soccer superstars"

"I don't know who you are"

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Allie Webster and this is Dylan my twin brother"

"I don't care. I'm Andrew Parker and you won't forget it"

"I don't care" I mocked.

"Allie lets just go" Dylan stated.

"Yeah Allie listen to your brother" Andrew teased.

"I'm gonna dust your ass on the field one day. Just know that now. You will never forget my name, my face, or my skill level. And by the way you really aren't intimidating" I said before spinning around and walking away.

"Allie can you please not make people hate us on the first day?" Dylan sighed.

"Sorry but he was asking for it. Who does he think he is acting all high and mighty? He obviously has never seen us play"

"He doesn't need to. Tryouts are soon so just wait until then. For now please steer clear of him"

"I'll try but I make no promises" I shook my head "he makes my blood boil"

"You make my blood boil"

"I know. Sorry but I can't control my anger and emotions"

"Allie, anger is an emotion" he corrected, laughing.

"Shut up you know what I mean" I laughed.

We get along really well surprisingly. I'm just much more outspoken and confident than he is. He likes to let his feet speak but I like to let my mouth, hands, and feet speak. When the bell rang, we went different ways. I sat in the back of the classroom. A girl with blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail sat beside me.

"Hey I'm Allie" I introduced myself.

"I'm Karlee. Are you new here?"


"I hope everybody has been pretty nice to you. Do you play sports?"

"Soccer and I've already made an enemy" I rolled my eyes.

"Perfect sport for this school and who?"

"Andrew Parker"

"Ignore him. He thinks he's the best thing ever but he'll get knocked off his pedastool soon enough"

"My brother will show him what's up at try outs" I redid my ponytail.

"Your brother plays too?"

"Yeah his name is Dylan. We're twins and he's a beast at soccer" I looked at the door when I heard it open and in walked Andrew.

I groaned.

"Eww it's you" I mumbled when he got closer.

"I was hoping to never see you again"

"Well now you get the pleasure of seeing me everyday" I smiled.

"I might commit suicide"

"Go for it. I'll cheer you on"

"You are such a bitch"

"And you are a complete and total asshole" I stated before looking at Karlee who seemed to be in shock.

"Wow such strong hatred" she looked at each of us.

"He started it acting like he was high and mighty"

"I believe it. He thinks he's the shit"

"I can hear you" he said turning around to face us.

"I know. I'm helping you get past pondering suicide to being determined to do it" I smirked.

"You're a reincarnation of the devil himself"

All I could do was laugh. It was funny. My next class literally put me to sleep. The bell for lunch woke me up at the end. Dylan wasn't in there but I don't eat lunch anyway so I bought a Gatorade and grabbed my soccer ball and went on the field. All lunch period I practiced. It became an everyday routine. When we got home my mom asked how school was.

"People already hate us" Dylan answered.

"They don't. Only one person and he hates me" I corrected.

"He hates me too"

"Mom, his name is Andrew and he thinks he runs things. Well he finally met his match cause I'm not backing down and it infuriates him" I explained.

"I have to play soccer with him can you please stop making him hate you. Get him to like you"

"No. I don't care how anybody feels about me. If he messes with you let me know"

"No I'll handle it on my own. You'll make it worse"

"If that's how you feel then okay" I said before going to my room.

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