Lost in the Shadows

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

Submitted: August 12, 2009

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Submitted: August 12, 2009



I just sat there, with my mouth wide open.
Zeke stormed in and freed Aimee from Aaron’s grasp. She flew her arms around him before turning in my direction.
Claudia, in all the confusion of Zeke arriving, had found a towel and was pressing it to my head. I was still feeling really dizzy, I felt like I was going to throw up.
“Indi? Indi, you ok?” Aimee’s voice rose an octave in her panic.
I made an attempt to nod.
“Aimee, call an ambulance,” murmured Claudia.
Zeke had grabbed Aaron and pulled his hands behind his back. Although Aaron was ten times stronger, he seemed to be a bit confused; which gave Zeke an edge.
The door then again flew open. We all looked up with a start. A police officer charged in and grabbed hold of Aaron.
Zeke then ran over to me, and kneeled beside me. I looked up, and smiled at him. Without warning, his face grew blurry and I blacked out.
* * *
I woke up in what I assumed to be a hospital bed. The blood that had been caked to my cheek was gone, and my bruised body had been numbed. I sat up slowly and looked around. No-one was in my room.
“Weird” I murmured to myself.  
My head felt heavy, and as I raised my hand I came into contact with a large bandage wound around my head. I sighed, great! I’m sure to look like an idiot now. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the sight of my overnight bag. I leaned over and rummaged through. I found what wanted, a mirror.
I took a deep breath, and lifted the mirror. I couldn’t help but gasp. My face was covered in large purple-black bruises and red cuts. The bandage was wrapped so it covered my forehead and just above my right temple you could see a faint patch of blood seeping through. The bruises continued down my neck. I must have hit the table pretty hard. Then again Aaron clearly didn’t have an ‘I don’t hit girls’ rule.
I wanted to cry.
Aimee and Claudia walked through the door, chatting a mile a minute. They stopped abruptly when they saw me awake and sitting up. We silently stared at eachother. Aimee was fine but Claud also had a few bruises painted along her cheek.
“Hey,” I said awkwardly. “I’m not that hideous am I?”
They burst out laughing, and came over to hug me.
“So, what did I miss?”
“Besides you spewing unconsciously all over my floor?” joked Claudia.
I could feel myself turning red.
“Well the police took Aaron away, Zeke practically surgically attached himself to your side, our parents made a huge fuss and we all ended up here.” Aimee half smiled.
“Oh,” I couldn’t think of anything better to say.
A stampede of people then rushed through the door. My mum, Mrs and Mr Jules, a few doctors and nurses, Zeke, Dad, Sara, Kate, Claudia’s brother Nick and a police officer.
“Wow.” I said. “I feel so loved.”
Everyone laughed, easing the tension.
The room wasn’t big enough for everyone, so the nurses checked me over then left; followed by the police officer after he took a statement.
“Indi, honey, we’re so glad you’re ok. We’re so sorry,” began Mrs Jules.
“It’s not your fault!” I protested.
“Anyway, we have to go. Shannen, would you mind running Claudia home; I’m sure she’d like to stay.”
“Of course,” replied my mum.
Nick, Claudia’s 17 year old brother and one of my best friends, leaned over and hugged me; before following his parents out.
I couldn’t help but notice Aimee’s eyes follow him out. I smirked.
Kate and Sara came over.
“Come here you two!” I said as I pulled them into a hug.
It was then their turn to leave, followed by my parents after I assured them I was fine.
So it was just me, Aimee, Zeke and Claudia.
“Well,” I began. “This isn’t awkward.”
They all laughed before Claudia “tactfully” said to Aimee
“I need a drink, you coming?”
I rolled my eyes at her, and then laughed as she winked.
The door shut and it was just me and Zeke.
After a moments silence, I looked up at him. He was staring at me.
“Don’t look at me,” I complained. “I’m hideous!”
He took a step closer then sat on the edge of my bed.
“You’ll never be hideous to me.” He replied, smiling in that dazzling way. I had butterflies in my stomach.
He gazed into my eye for a moment longer, before leaning in and kissing me.
My body just melted against him. My hands tangled in his gorgeous hair, while he held my mid-back; keeping me close to him.
I could have stayed like that forever.
A/N: just to clarify, Mr and Mrs Jules are Claudia’s parents, Nick is their son. Shannen and Joseph are Indi’s parents and Kate and Sara are her younger sisters.

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