Lost in the Shadows

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

Submitted: August 25, 2009

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Submitted: August 25, 2009



I woke up the next morning to the sound of screams and murmurs. Throwing on my robe, I headed downstairs. Everyone (Mum, Dad, Sara, Kate, Zeke and Aimee) were staring out the window. I made my way over and was shocked by what I saw.
Aaron, obviously drunk and wearing on a tattered pair of shorts, was standing on my neighbours roof. His chest was covered in a few scratches, in his hand a beer bottle and what I assumed to be some sort of drug he was smoking.
What was he even doing here? He was supposed to be at the police station.
I then noticed the gathering crowd below him. A few of my neighbours, some passers-by and two police officers were staring up at him.
“How long has he been up there?” I asked in a murmur to Zeke, who had come and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Only for a few minutes. He climbed up into that tree,” he paused, pointed to green tree across the road. “Then jumped towards the roof. He missed though, only just managed to grab hold. Aaron then pulled himself up.”
Zeke then leaned down so his mouth was at my ear.
“I wish he had missed the roof. He deserves to suffer after everything he’s done,” he muttered so quietly only I could here.
I giggled nervously.
A timid figure then came into view. Claudia.
I looked around.
“I thought she deserved to know,” Kate said simply.
Mum looked murderous. She turned to face Kate. I saw Kate’s dainty 10 year old body tremor slightly.
“No, mum, she’s right. Claud needed to know,” I said, before untangling myself from Zeke and heading out to join her.
I came up behind her, grabbing her hand. I felt someone grab mine. Claudia, Aimee and I stood; turning our attention back to the disaster at hand.
Aaron had the beer bottle to his mouth, downing the last few drops. He took a breath of his cigarette, before falling to his knees and throwing up. Most it got caught in the gutter, but the sight of it still made my stomach churn.
He clambered to his feet, the beer bottle slipping from his grasp.
A quick gasp escaped from the crowd in unison, before the bottle crashed to the ground; smashing across my neighbours’ front lawn. A drunken, confused look spread across Aaron’s face. He subsequently caught sight of Claudia.
“CLAUD! BABE! I was hoping you’d be here!” his words were slurred; he swayed somewhat on the spot.
“Come up! You know I’m sorry. Come have a smoke! We can start over!” A greedy and sinister look came over him.
“No!” Claudia managed to choke out. “But you need to come down and get help.”
A police officer then approached us. It was Officer May.
“Officer, how did he get out?” I questioned the moment she was within speaking distance.
“He jumped out of the police car as we were driving. We chased him all the way here. That was when he, well, I guess you can see for yourself. Now Claudia, sweetie, I highly recommend you stay right back here. We don’t know what he’s capable of.”
Claudia nodded, dumbfounded.
We turned our attention back to Aaron. My neighbour, Mrs Kunnerfeld, approached us.
“Officer, may I suggest I call an ambulance; just in case?”
“Yes, very good idea ma’am.”
Again, we found ourselves staring at Aaron, waiting for something to happen.
Minutes later, the ambulance pulled in; followed closely by a fire truck.
A larger crowd had slowly formed, many passers-by stopping to find out what all the commotion was about.
“Hey Aimee what” I was interrupted by a low-pitched scream.
I turned just in time to see Aaron slip and fall head over heels, and off the roof.
I tightened my hand around Claudia’s, just as Aaron flailing limbs landed on the grass.
The crowd was silent, people were starting to disappear.
I could only stare dumbly at Aaron. He had landed on top of the broken glass. His limbs stuck out at unnatural angles, blood oozing from numerous parts of his body. He raised his head slightly, revealing a glass shard embedded a centimetre or two above his temple. I cringed at the sight.
He seemed to be in shock, but that only lasted a few seconds. Before long he was screaming and wailing in agony.
The ambulance officers had rushed over to him, murmuring quietly. I could only catch drifts of their conversation, but it didn’t sound good.
“…should we move him?”
“Don’t know. Could be dangerous…”
Claudia seemed frozen, she was in shock too.
“Claud?” I asked tentatively.
“I’m good. It’s just…” she couldn’t seem to find the words.
“I know,” Aimee and I then replied in unison.
Aaron’s body began to tremble, before he threw up again. Even from where I was standing, I could see his eyes roll back into his head.
His screams grew louder, before they stopped suddenly.
The street was eerily quiet, it seemed no-one was breathing.
One of the ambulance officers stood up.
“He’s dead.”
The words seemed to echo through my body.
Claudia then began to sob quietly.
“It’s finally over,” she murmured. “It’s finally over.”

Aimee and I engulfed her in a hug, before heading inside.

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