Lost in the Shadows

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: June 15, 2009

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Submitted: June 15, 2009



I woke up in “my” room, comfortable as usual. I smiled, Zeke was being so kind and thoughtful. He kept making little gestures like a flower on my bed or a new book to read. All these things that made me smile. I rolled over, and on my bedside table was another turquoise flower. He was going to so much effort. I think he was feeling bad for upsetting me the other day.
I sat up, and headed into the kitchen. Aimee and Zeke were already eating breakfast.
“Morning sleepy,” said Aimee, laughing at me.
“Morning,” I replied, smiling and laughing.
“Wow, you’re in a good mood,” she noted.
“Yeah, I am.”
“Good.” She said decidedly. “I was starting to think you hated us or something.”
“Never,” I said, leaning over to hug her.
Zeke left the room to do some more of his holiday homework.
“So....” began Aimee.
“What?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing.” She replied looking deviously smug about something.
“Anyway, Indi. I thought maybe I could show you around. We could go for a walk, maybe swim a bit?”
“Sounds great Aimee.”
I dressed in a blue and orange bikini, with a loose fitting white dress over the top.
We set out into their “backyard”. It was full of flowers and trees. There was a quaint pond that was surrounding by pale, sand-coloured stones. It was breath-taking.
“Wow, Aimee, this is beautiful.”
We walked along a faded path that led to a gate in their rustic looking fence. Through the gate was a forest heaven. A beautiful lake, huge oak trees, an old pavilion and lush green grass. I was speechless.
“I know,” said Aimee, answering my unspoken awe.
“It’s our little slice of heaven.”
We sat on the grass, talking and relaxing. Aimee was, although very in your and face upfront, kind and considerate.
“So, where do you go to school?” I asked.
“If you follow that worn path for anther 10 minutes, you come to a few old buildings. We have one shop, a school, a doctor and a community centre.”
“Wow. It’s pretty remote out here.”
“Yeah, most people don’t even know we are here. But that is just the way we like it.”
“After I go home, I will have to come back and visit. I love it here.”
“Yeah,” replied Aimee. “You better come back. Or else!” She tried to look menacing, but it didn’t really work.
“Come on,” she said. “Let’s swim.”
We entered the clear, blue water. It was freezing cold, but still we ventured further in.
A cold bullet of water hit me from behind.
“Aimee!” I screamed.
“What?” she asked.
From behind me emerged Zeke.
“Gotcha!” he called, laughing.
“Zeke! You little…” I let my sentence trail off as I lunged after him.
Aimee stood there laughing, as we ran after each other like three year olds. Zeke came up behind me and grabbed my waist.
“Hey! Let me go!” I thumped against his muscular arms, but my fighting was powerless against him.
Laughing he released me.
We waded back to the grass.
“Well, you two look like you had fun.” Aimee said, happily sitting on her towel.
“Yeah,” I replied.
We sat down to eat lunch. I could see myself adjusting to this new lifestyle.

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