The Hood Bat

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He stalks the night and he brings you a fright. Hood Bat is a vampire that is unkillable and is the Turnsville Dark Knight who is also the world's story as a monster that drinks blood without a single thought about it. Once a young personal detective enters Turnsville's grounds he is bound to never get out because Hood Bat lurks in the shadows waiting for the kill...
(Okay so I'm pretty sure some people know that Hood Bat is already a book on booksie but I really am the one who created it. Jay A. Hill used to be my profile before I forgot my username because I changed it a bunch of times. I know some of you wanted the story to continue on but I was never able to thanks to my dumb brain not remembering the frigging username. So anyway here it is again. I'll also make a few changes to make the story even better.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Hood Bat's Intro

Submitted: July 02, 2013

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Submitted: July 02, 2013




Death is what I am. Life is what I taste. But, in between the two I am both its friend and its enemy.

I've roamed the earth for many years in this perfect form of seduction, and blood lust. Every women put

before me is merely a snack or nothing but, something that is merely a creature made by my glorious God

who has damned me to an eternal hell. More than likely it was fate and not God. I have loved I have

hated, I have fought, I have killed, and I have hardly created the other race of humans who are the cheat

codes to life.

 I am a vampire. I am the most powerful vampire on earth. Over the

years as a child I begun to obtain new powers and have somehow managed live for about two millennia and I

am the Hunter the killer the avenger and...



Hood Bat


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