Mix of the Cliques

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Hallie Dawson moves and what's the major difference? Cliques. Alpha Emilia Green hates Hallie for no good reason. Suddenly, the cliques mix, the skaters with the Alpha A-List, the preps with the nerds, it's crazy! Hallie and her new friends, the outcasts, have to turn everything around before things get crazy. Have they gotten crazy already?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mix of the Cliques

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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Submitted: April 17, 2012



Mini White House


"No way!" Hallie Dawson exclaimed as she stared out the window. On a green, sprawling lawn sat a mini white house. Marble stairs led to a giant porch where marble columns supported a white roof. Two stiff men in navy blue uniforms stood at attention on either side of the big open doors. 

"This is our house?" Helena Dawson, Hallie's older sister asked, not believing that the mansion was theirs. 

"Well, this is Ida Fontaine's house and she's the friend who's housing us for a while so yes," Mr. Dawson replied, pulling into the circular driveway. The white SUV stopped and Hallie hopped out, forgetting her suitcases int he trunk. She ran, her brown hair whipping her face. She didn't care. All she cared about was the freedom she had after a long, 7 hour car ride from Pennsylvania. The summer air was perfect. 

"You must be Hallie right?" a woman's voice sounded. Hallie forced her eyes open and noticed a woman standing in front of her. Somehow, Hallie had gotten herself onto the marcle porch. There was a woman in her late 40s, wearing a white sundress and had red polished toenails peeking out of a pair of white peep toe sandals. Her dirty blonde hair was piled on her head with a pair of chopsticks. It looked like a tornado.

"Yeah, um.." Hallie started peeling the rubber off of her red Converse sneaker by stepping on the rubber with the other sneaker. 

"Ida!" Mrs. Dawson's voice exclaimed from behind Hallie. Hallie turned, forgetting the rubber on her sneaker. The two friends from college hugged and exchanged greetings.

"Hallie, you didn't help with the things!" Mr. Dawson scolded. 

"Don't expect anything from her while she's busy gawking at our house!" Helena scoffed, rolling her eyes and heaving a pink suitcase containing her makeup onto the second step. Mr. Dawson shot Helena a look and then proceeded to hug Ida too. 

"Where are my manners? Come in, come in, you don't expect me to leave you out here, do you?" Ida gestured to the doormen who helped the Dawsons carry their belongings. Hallie could tell from Helena's expression that Helena might've thought Ida would leave them outside. Hallie snickered and Helena raised an eyebrow.

Inside there was a mud-less mudroom where coats and shoes were put. Hallie unlaced her sneakers and placed them next to Helena's pink sandals. After a quick tour of the downstairs rooms, Ida led the group to a grand staircase.

"Okay. Hallie and Helena, you get the third floor bedrooms. There are three you get to choose from and the leftover one will be the guestroom. Kianna and James, you get the second floor bedroom next to the second floor hall closet. We'll have a special welcome dinner in the dining room and if you get lost, there's always the handy dandy red assistance button located near the lightswitch in every single room, even the closets!" Ida announced. Without a second thought, Helena sprinted up the stairs. Hallie knew her older sister just wanted the bigger closets. The room has to be big enough for her ego too, Hallie thought, rolling her eyes."Well, isn't she an eager one?" Ida smiled. Hallie shook her head and grinned, then ran up after Helena. 

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