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Hours passed, and Radley didn’t return. I guessed he was probably sticking to his word about not feeding me. I tried not to let it bother me.

It’s food, I told myself. It’s the enemy. It’ll make you fat and completely destroy your appearance.

I concocted a series of ideas on how to escape just to pass the time. So far, I hadn’t managed to get past four.

  1. Make a run for it next time he let me go to the bathroom.
  2. Try and break the door down.
  3. Use something to knock Radley out when he next opened the door.
  4. Offer myself to Radley in exchange for my freedom.

I was aware of how unrealistic ideas 3 and 4 were, but they were ideas all the same. The very thought of number 4 made me wanted to vomit everywhere, but I knew sacrifices had to be made. Still, I decided to save that one as a last resort.

I envisioned number 1 in great detail, trying to perfect it to a T. I could calmly walk, maybe even quiver in fear so he’d think I was too scared to make a run for it. Then I could break free from him, maybe by kicking him in the jewels, and dash downstairs. I could escape through the front door, and if that was locked, I could hurl something heavy through his living room window and escape that way. I’d run to a neighbour’s house and beg them for help. They’d recognise me from the news, and call the police instantly. Radley would be arrested, and I’d be back at home sweet home. It could be so simple.

Of course, I now knew Radley wasn’t afraid to be physically violent with me, but what did I have to lose? I didn’t have much of a life here or at home, although it was funny how I’d thought of my house as home sweet home. The very thought of Mum, Dad, Rita and even Faye was becoming more appealing by the second.

I side-tracked a little, entertaining the idea of me smashing the bathroom window and squeezing through it. It was only tiny, but I figured I could probably fit through it if I really put my mind to it.

I could tell by the darkness in the room that it was late. I smiled to myself, dismissing Radley’s behaviour as that of a sulky little kid’s. I was the real champion here – or at least, I soon would be.


I was quite proud of myself for thinking up a range of plans all by myself. Being one of the most popular girls in school, and having a rich father and a maid, I wasn’t used to being so independent. Still, around here I had no choice.

Now all I had to do was wait for Radley to return. He’d have to come back soon – how could he extort money from my father if he had no ransom? After all, he’d said earlier he couldn’t lie – and why would my father cough up millions of pounds for a dead body?

It was strange, but I was beginning to miss them. I missed the way Rita hummed some strange, exotic tune while serving us food. I missed the way Dad babbled away about work at the table. I missed the way Mum literally let her hair down, often coming in from a long day of shopping and pulling her hair free, shaking it around her shoulders.

Sitting here, I couldn’t help but wonder why my parents’ marriage had gone so downhill. I knew it was down to me, but why couldn’t they overcome their problems? Mum was a very beautiful woman, and Dad was quite handsome for his age. Deep down, I knew it was more about looks – but Dad had a lot of money which appealed to Mum, and he must have got really lonely.

 I thought about Radley then. I’d only ever known him to be in this house. I’d never seen or heard anybody else.

I thought about what Mum once said. ‘All men really want is sex.’ She’d said it so matter-of-factly, and now I was beginning to ponder her words.

I thought about the intense way Radley could look at me after I’d had a bath. I remembered the way he’d cupped my face in his hands so gently, the first day I’d been here. I thought back to when he’d watched me eating, his eyes travelling down my body. I thought about when he’d teased me, implying I’d soon become his own personal sex slave.

I thought about all these things. Is that all Radley really wanted, deep down? He thought he wanted £1million of my father’s money, but really, subconsciously, he just wanted sex. My mind crept back to Idea Number 4: offer myself to Radley in exchange for my freedom. If I gave him what he desired, he’d let me go.


It felt like hours later when he returned, empty-handed.

‘It’s about time you went to bed,’ he said, flatly. I could barely look at him, after what I’d thought about earlier.

I knew what that meant, and rose up from the bed slowly. I languidly made my way to the door, trying to appear as attractive as possible. Radley didn’t seem to respond.

He always went first when he led me to the bathroom, so he could block the way so that I wouldn’t escape. I threw him a quick glance, before entering the bathroom and locking the door.

Once inside, I went into a meltdown. What the hell was I doing, tiptoeing around him nonchalantly, looking at him meaningfully? I wasn’t ready for this.

This is the only way you can escape, I told myself. Think about it. All men really want is sex. I can do this.

I grabbed the hairbrush from the cabinet and tugged through my hair, making it smooth and silky. I then backcombed, giving my hair some sort of volume without looking like I’d tried too hard. After I brushed my teeth, I splashed water from the cold tap onto my face, giving me some sort of pinkness to my cheek. I had to improvise further. I grabbed a pot of Vaseline from the cabinet, rubbing it onto my lips.

I rummaged around further, then found a black biro, which I thought was unusual to find in a bathroom. I then noticed the newspaper beside it and figured Radley must like to do crossword puzzles on his bathroom trips.

Reluctantly, I gently outlined my eyes in the biro. I tried to do it softly, so that he wouldn’t notice I’d made the effort but he’d notice there was something different about me. It stung my eyes but I knew sacrifices had to be made.

I couldn’t find any spray, and so I grabbed the Yardley soap which smelt of roses and rubbed it all over my body. I dropped it to the floor in my haste, and bent down to pick it up.

I looked at my body in the full-length mirror. My breasts were accentuated when I leant forward to pick up the soap. I made a mental note to lean forward very sensually when I was alone with Radley.

I checked my appearance once more, making sure I looked okay without looking too desperate. I wished I could wear something a bit more attractive than my black T-shirt and black pants, but settled for tugging the T-shirt down so my breasts were in full view.

I sighed, a little sad at what I was about to do, but nonetheless determined to go through with it anyway.

I unbolted the door and stepped out into the hall.

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Thanks for telling me that I missed stuff. I hadn't even realized you were updating! :S Anyway, KMU! :D

Fri, May 4th, 2012 12:14am


It's fine haha, thanks for remaining interested xD I will :3

Thu, May 3rd, 2012 11:42pm

Melody Rachelle

OMG KMUUUUUUU!!!!!! that was an amazing chappie! hope ya update sooon!!

Fri, May 4th, 2012 4:24pm


Wow thank you :D i will :3

Fri, May 4th, 2012 10:50am


This is really good and interesting, thanks for keeping me updated!! :)

Fri, May 4th, 2012 5:09pm


Thankya! :D and you're welcome :3

Fri, May 4th, 2012 10:52am

Cameron SeVant

i do hope u update soon! The details are excellant it is almost like I am watching a movie. great work.

Fri, May 4th, 2012 11:09pm


Wow, thank you very much! :D

Sat, May 5th, 2012 4:10am


Number four on Veronica's ideas made me roll my eyes and go "WOW."

The mother's words of men just wanting sex got me thinking about what my previous dates had in mind...

Vero does seem desperate to escape and her pondering about her parents and life in general means character development, which is great.

I agree with Cameron, this story has a cinematic feel to it.

Sat, June 9th, 2012 4:48am


Hahaha. :) And thank you very, very much! :D

Sat, June 9th, 2012 4:31pm

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