Fanged Heart

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Lacie Jane Walker is a 18 year old girl who lives alone in her apartment. One night when vampires attack and all seems lost, 19 year old Jason O'Connor steps in and saves the day. This novel tells a story of romance and love and how human and vampire come to be one.

This is an action packed thriller that will have you grinding for more. So stay tuned for upcoming chapters of "Fanged Heart - Bitterness at it's best."

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Draco Van Hulk

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Chapter 2

Draco Van Hulk


It has been about one week since that horrible night. Jason has looked after me well and tended to my every need. We got to know each other a lot. He is quite a gentleman actually, but I still wonder. Did that night happen for a reason? Maybe it was destine for Jason and I to meet. Who knows? Well, I do know for sure that he is a wonderful person to be around. There is still one thing that is on my mind all day. How did Jason manage to tear that god awful vampire off of me? The vampire was strong and for a second there, I thought that Jason was another vampire coming in for the kill. Instead, he lifted and tossed that vampire right through the air like a piece of garbage. It runs through my head like a broken record player. I should probably just let it go, after all. He did manage to save my life, and I’m grateful for that.

“Lacie Jane Walker. Wake up, now!” Jason yelled for me from the kitchen. “Your breakfast will get cold.” I kicked my feet up as I jumped out of bed. “I’m up, I’m up. No need to yell!” I said walking into the kitchen. “No need for the smart attitude miss, I made you scrambled eggs and toast.” He said grinning as he set the plate down in front of me. “So, what are we doing today?” I asked politely as I shoved food into my mouth. “We are going for a little stroll down the street.” He said in a small voice. “Why did you go quiet all of a sudden? If my house is fine, you won’t have to bother with me anymore. You will be a free man.” I said smiling. “I know, but if you leave... I will be alone. I don’t want you to get hurt again. There is a chance that vampire will come looking for you again.” I turned to look at him. I could see that he had been alone his whole life. I could tell he cared. Being the sweet, generous person he was, I would have assumed he had a girlfriend or house mate already. He slid his chair from beneath the table, “Go get ready when you’re done eating. I’ll be waiting outside for you. Take your time, were not in a rush.” After saying that, he pushed his chair back under the table and walked to the front door. Opening the door, he then said for me to clean up after myself. He then closed the door behind him.

Jason was acting strange. After that little discussion at the table he was so, quiet. Through this whole time I have been staying at his place, he has never told or asked me to clean up after myself. If I tried, he would just scold me and tell me to leave it to him. Did I say something to offend him? Even if I did, I didn’t mean to. In that case, I went to the room I had been staying in. I salvaged my drawers for something to wear. Suddenly a hand covered my mouth and held me against a wall. “Look what we have here. Do you know how much trouble I got in for not killing you when I got the chance? How I am surprised though by your rapid recovery.” There was a strained silence. This voice... It sounds so familiar. My eyes widened with fear and disgust as I realised who it was. It was that wretched vampire. The air was uneasy, and the scent of the vampire was repulsive. “I never got to introduce myself because I was too busy beating you to a pulp. My name is Draco. Draco Van Hulk.”

Before I knew it, Draco Van Hulk had strapped me to a chair and covered my mouth with tape. How could Jason have not noticed I wasn’t out yet? I guess I have to deal with this one myself, but how? Draco started circling the chair I had been bound to, yet he didn’t say a word. He walked for about 6 circles until he stopped. He turned to face me with his dark, demonic eyes. It was like he was trying to look deep within my soul. He walked right up to me a tore the tape from my mouth. I screamed. “Do you know how much that hurt?” I yelled. “Why are you doing this anyway?” I sneered. “You’re important, so I was told to find and capture you.” He said glaring at me. “What could possibly be that important about you?” It was then that Jason stumbled into the room. Face dripping with blood, bite marks all over his body, and stab wounds. “Jason!” I screamed. I tried to loosen the rope that held me to the chair, but it was pointless. It was so tight that it was giving me rope burn. There was nothing I could do. Was Jason going to die? “Lacie... I-I’m sorry. I tried so h-hard to protect you. I failed. I-I failed.” Jason dropped to the floor like a lifeless doll.

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