Five New Boys

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Five New Boys: Chapter 4 - Hey Emily

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Five New Boys; Chapter 4 - Hey Emily

First day of school seemed okay, i talked to a cute boy. I didnt expect to see any cute boys. Usually, the boys at my school arent really my kind of attractive. Havent seen an acttravtive guy since eighth grade, his name was Brandon and he was my age. I dont know what happened to him, maybe went to a different school or something. Today was pretty much the same. Nothing new happened all morning, just the usual routine. I sat in my classes paying attention to the teacher about what we're working on.  After I graduate, Clara, Ashley and I plan on moving to California, so we tell ourselves to pull our shit together when it comes to school. We planned this two years ago. So everyday, we're a step closer to moving. I honestly dont like it here. There never seems to be anything here for me. I hear the bell ringing snapping me out of my own thoughts.
I waited by the front breezeway again. Standing by the main doors. I went on my twitter while i waited for everybody else and checking my interactions. Not the many, just a few follows and a couple people asking for a follow back. "Hi Emily" I hear a voice. I look up from my phone, Ashley. "Oh, hi" I say to her. "You tired?" She asks. "Yeah" "Me too, was lazy in P.E" "hah, really?" "Yeah" We stand there in silence waiting for everybody. I see Abby coming down the stairs. "Hi" I say to her. "Hi" She responds. I go back on my phone, checking my tumblr, seeing i have a few notification from people reblogging my pictures. Ive had my tumblr for a while now. Im pretty sure people got sad as I did two years ago and made me realize that people feel the exact same way and dont think that life could get better in the future. I was sad alot in grade 8. Mainly because i had no friends, i was mostly alone throughout that year. That was when Clara, Danielle and Jenn was grade nine, but then they had to go to high school much closer to home because of whats been happening here. There was aborginal people getting abducted by caucasian cops, thats what ive heard anyway. I didnt really get any details about it.
Everybody else arrives, we walk down in a group. "Ill be right back, im going to heat up my pizza pops" I say to everybody. Some nod, some say "Okay" I heat my lunch for a minute and thirty seconds, walk to our usual table waiting for everybody. Look over accross the room and seeing the girls asking the lady to get them what they want to eat. Everyday we have a menu, today, theyre serving rice and popcorn chicken which is covered in something a little spicy. I take out my phone and continue reblogging a few more pictures and wait for everyone. "Hey, Emily" I hear a voice. A male voice. Luke. "Oh, Hi Luke" "Did you already read the first chapter of How To Kill A Mockingbird?" He asks. "Yeah, you?" He lets out a small nervous laugh, "No, i forgot. I was busy last night, can you give me a small summerary of what happened or something" "Yeah, sure. How about i give you my notes?" "Sure, um. Can i get them now?" "Yeah sure." I reach over to my bag and pull out my notes of the book and hand them over to Luke. "Thanks, ill give them back before class starts." "Okay" "Alright, see you then. Im just.. going over back to my table then" I laugh abit because its right next to ours."Alright" I say smiling. 
"Who's that?" I turn my head to the left and hear voices. I see the rest of my friends and see that Clara had asked my the question. "Oh, um. Thats Luke." "Your boyfriends?" She says smirking at me. "Nooo, hes my partner in English class" "Haha, okay sure." "Shut up, he is" I say. Everybody else sits and we all socialize with each other. I dont think theres ever a time when we dont have anything to talk about. We could talk about anything and never get tired of each other. "Guys, shut up! Im trying to read something" I hear a male voice yelling from the right side. I glance over. His friends being loud and laughing, guys just being guys. 
I look over to my friends, smiling, laughing and talking. "We should do something Friday." I say loud enough for them to hear. "Okay, what?" says Danielle. "I dont know. OH, how about Pitch Perfect?" I say. They all agree to go. Looks like ive got plans tomorrow. School started yesterday which was a Wednesday. So now its, Thursday. The bell inturrpts our conversation. Looks like Abby and I have to get to math class. I say bye to everyone else who's classes are on the other side of the school. "I dont wanna go to math class" I whine like a little 10 year old. "Lets go, its only the second day. I doubt we're going to do that much work." She says. "But Abbyyy" I say pouting my lips trying to make a puppy face. "But Emilyy, lets go" She says grabbing me by my wrist and dragging me with her. Wow, its only the second day and I already dont want to go to class. Even though i havent really learned anything. "Lets go to the mall this evening and find some new clothes?" I ask her. "Okay, when?" "Around 6?" "Alright." she agrees. I love shopping. Its probably one of my main things to do. Especially with my friends. I absolutely hated shopping with my mom, I felt like a kid. 
"Welcome to class everybody." Mr. Walker said. "The unit we'll be learning is Algebra" I hear a few people groan in dissappointment. I know, I dont like algebra too. So i know what theyre probably thinking. He hands out math text books. "We will be using these textbooks for the rest of the semester, so please do not write on them, other students use them."
Math class wasnt so bad. He showed us what we already knew from like grade eight or something. How to find the answer to the letter in the question. Just the basics. Nothing much really new. I check the time on my phone hoping class would end soon, 2:04P.M. My god yes! Each class is about an hour and fifteen minutes long. So, depends on the class. My favorite classes just fly by. The ones i dont like so much, are long as it could get. The last ten minutes went by pretty fast, Im pretty sure time flies by when you're paying attention.
'Going to be in the breezeway, the one by the library. Lets sit there for five minutes between classes.' i sent to everybody. I get replies instantly. 'Sure' 'Okay' 'K' is what i get. Abby and I make our way down the stairs, crowded by a bunch of people going up or down. We go and sit at the window already seeing Clara and Jenn there. "Hi" i say to them. They look at me, "Hi" they say back. "What class did you guys have?" "Science" they both say. "Oh, you got science together?" "Yeah." "Ohhh, Me and Abby just had math" "Oh really?" "Yeah." Everybody else comes, i say hello to them, they say it back. Everybody else is joining us to the mall tonight. Now that Jenn, Danielle and Clara got their license, we can go for rides whenever or wherever we want. They have their own cars. "Clara, pick me up after 6." I ask her. "Okay" she says. I really cant wait to get my license during the summer too.  So i can stop asking people to drive me around. A lady i usually see around comes and tell everybody sitting on the window ledge comes and says loudly, "Get to class everybody!" She says kicking everybody off the ledge. Most of us go, I say bye to everyone else as Ashley, Abby and I go around the corner where the grade seven and eights area lockers are and go into room 118. "You assholes yesterday." I say. "What?" Ashley says. "You guys left me hanging!" "Hanging?" said Abby. "Yeah, i had to find a random person to be my partner." They laugh. "Ohhh, who's your partner?" "Luke, one of the twins." They gasp. "Are you serious?" "Yeah." "You wanna switch partners?" asks Abby. "No" I say immediatly. We laugh. 
We go to our seats. Luke smiles at me and I return one as well. I sit in my seat. "Heres your notes" He says handing them over. I take out my binder and slide them in. "And thanks" he says. I look at him. "For what?" I say. He smiles, "For letting my borrow them." "Oh, yeah. No problem" I say stupidly. "Good afternoon everybody." Mr. Banks said catching everyones attention. A few people reply. "Good afternoon" "Did everybody read the first chapter?" He asks. Everybody nods. "Great." he continues, "Now, instead of the 'activity', we will be doing an essay on the book with your partner. You will answer the questions together, so you will need to review them on your own time. We will get time to work on them during class." So i guess that means me and Luke will be spending some time together. "Now, how many of you want to get out of the pop quiz?" Everybody raises their hands. "Alright, if you tell me which author wrote Great Expectaions." He walks around the class "Anyone? He was british, he also wrote the Paperwick Picks" and a girl raises her hand. He points at her meaning telling her to answer. "Shakespear?" she says. "Good guess, but he didnt write novels." Nobody knew the answer. But i did. I didnt want to draw any attention to myself. I wrote down the answer. Charles Dickens. He walks by me and sits back down on his stool. "The author is, Charles Dickens." He walks back around to his desk. He looks at me. Im really awkward when it comes to making eye contact with people, so i look down to my paper quickly. The bell rings. "Make sure you read the second chapter tonight!" He yells before everybody exits the class. I was the last one out. "Why didnt you raise your hand?" He asks and continues, "Do they call you the 'teachers pet', 'freak'" i lift my shoulders. "I used to be called 'spaz' I mean come on.. spaz?" I nod, just wanting him to finish, so i can go home already. "I heard you had a tough time last year" I dont exactly know how he knew that. Even last year was pretty bad because Clara, Danielle and Jen had to stay at the high school closer to home so they can help Ashley and Abby get through their freshman year. Now they're here, so im fine now. "They say, 'If you make a friend on the first or second day, you're okay'" "Thank you sir, but my friends are here now, so dont worry Mr. Banks, im okay. Thanks" He nods. I guess he's finished speaking, so i exit the class and see Ashley and Abby waiting outside the door for me. "What'd he say?" asked Ashley. "He knew i had a tough time last year." I tell them. "How?" "Not sure." "Oh, okay." "Yeah, i just wanna go home now." "Me too." I see the rest of my friends waiting by the door where I come in from in the mornings. We all walk out off to the parking lot, Danielle gives Abby, Jessica, and Georgina a ride home, all three of them life in the West Fort area. I dont really know how they get to school in the mornings. Maybe bus. Not really sure. "What classes do you have?" She says as we enter her silver lamborghini. Her parents make pretty good money off their jobs, they got her the car as a birthday gift last year after she got her license. Ashley climbs in the back. "Um, first period i have History with Ashley, second i have Art, fourth is Math with Abby and last is with Abby and Ashley which is English." She listens and nods. "How about you Ashley?" "History, P.E, Art and English." "How about you?" i ask. "English, Math, Geography and Art." We arrive to my house. We all stay in a same room which is the biggest for all three of us. We go on our laptops and we wait for 6 pm.
* * *
Sorry, i didnt post last night. I wasnt really feeling like myself. But im fine now. Made it extra long for you readers.
Thanks for reading and Enjoy my future chapters. :)

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