He Came Back for Me

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Suddenly the doorbell rang; Jason got up, threw on a pair of jeans, and went to answer the door. On the other side was Amiee, Jason’s ex-girlfriend.
“Jase, Hun, who’s at the door?” Alyssa asked coming down the stairs in her silk bathrobe.
When he didn’t respond, Alyssa walked over to where he was standing.
“Oh, it’s you.” Alyssa sneered after seeing who was standing there.
Alyssa absolutely detested Amiee. Back before Jason moved, Amiee had made Jason think that Alyssa was glad that his mother was dead, that way she could spend more time with him.
“Jason, are you going to let me in, or what?” Amiee demanded.
Before Jason could get the words out, Alyssa said “Or what! You are not welcome here. And Jason and I are in the middle of something.” With that she slammed the door in Amiee’s face.
“Hey Babe, whatta you say I run to the store real quick and you get breakfast started?” Jason smiled before giving her a quick peck on the lips.
“I suppose I could do that. What do you want?”
“Something quick and easy, I think there are some cinnamon rolls in the fridge. And thanks, I thought I had gotten rid of her a long time ago. I don’t even know how she found me; your mom was the only one that knew I was coming back.”
“Jase, it’s okay, she’s gone, we’re together, and that’s all that matters. Now go before I change my mind and don’t let you.”
“I’ll be back in seven minutes.”
At the store, Jason ran into Dani when he was checking out. It was awkward enough for him going to the store for what he was getting, so to soften the embarrassment he bought some apple juice, chips and a couple of candy bars.
“Good morning Jason.”
“Morning, Mom.”
“How was the first night in the new house with the new girlfriend?”
“Fine, how was your night alone at your house?”
She looked away, “Fine, I’ll be seeing you at dinner tonight, yes?”
“Great, see you later, I have to be somewhere.”
“Um, okay, bye.”
Back at the house Alyssa was unloading the bags Jason had brought home.
“Apple juice? Chips? Candy bars? What’s with all the extra stuff?”
“When I got there I saw mom in the produce department, I had to get other stuff so she wouldn’t think that the only reason that I wanted you to move in was so I could screw you.”
“Jason, don’t ever say it that way, I would NEVER screw you, make love with you maybe, but NEVER screw!”
Jason walked over to Alyssa and wrapped his arms around her. “Oh, Babe, I’m sorry. Wrong choice of words. You know how Amiee gets under my skin.”
“Yeah, I know. But seriously, if this is going to work out, the word screw is not welcome.”
“Works for me. So, where were we?” He asked kissing her neck.
“I thought you wanted breakfast?”
“I did, but now, I’m not that hungry for breakfast. Plus, I bet you haven’t even started the cinnamon rolls.”
“And why would you say that?”
“Cuz, there aren’t any cinnamon rolls in the fridge, just a couple of cases of Coke, some string cheese and a couple 180’s.”
“You set me up!” She playfully pushed him away.
“Yup, but aren’t you glad?” He asked picking her up.
“I guess, but I’m not so sure of you sometimes. You’re not some crazy psychopath right?” She joked as Jason made his way up the stairs.
“Excuse me?! If anyone here is the psychopath it’s you!” He walked into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. “I don’t know if I’m in the mood now.” He turned his back to her with a big grin on his face.
Alyssa stood up on the bed and jumped on his back.
“You go through all that and then decide you don’t want me? Fine, I’ll just move back in with Mom!” She put her finger in her mouth then put it in his ear. “WET WILLY!”
“Okay, now you’ve asked for it!” He backed up to the bed and peeled her hands from his shoulders.
“OOOOO, I’m sooooooooooooo scared!”
“You should be!” He flopped down over her.
“Yeah, Babe?”
“Be nice to me, okay?”
“I promise I will, if you can say the same.”
“Definitely.” She leaned up to kiss him. “I love you.”
“I love you too. You know you still have your robe on right?”
“Yeah, and?”
“Don’t you want to take it off?”
“No. I want you to.” She smiled.
“Oh, so we’re going to be that couple, well in that case then shouldn’t we start off in the bathroom brushing our teeth, get lost in each others eyes, then undress each other as we make our way to the bed.”
“That seems kinda cheesy, but if you want our first time to be cliché, I guess we could do it that way.”
“I suppose you’re right.” He bent his head down and pressed his lips to her collarbone.
Alyssa let out a sigh, Jason eased the robe off of her shoulders. Pressing his lips to each as he did so. Alyssa tugged Jason’s shirt over his head, he reached around her back and undid her bra. Alyssa reached down and attempted to unbutton his jeans….she failed.
“I’ll get them.” Jason spoke softly.
He got up off the bed and whipped the jeans off as fast as he could, then straddled her again.
“Jase,” Alyssa spoke, looking down.
“Yea, Liss?” he followed her gaze. Blushing, he spoke “Oh! Well I guess we know for sure how much I’ve missed and wanted you.”
“Yeah, I guess.” She chortled softly, “Jase, we haven’t seen each other in four years. We’ve already moved in together, don’t you think that we should wait a little longer? I mean it’s not like either of us are going anywhere anytime soon. I’m not letting you leave me again.”
“Sweetie, I know exactly what you mean, but look at how great we’ve been together so far. I’m not pressuring you to do this, trust me, but don’t you think that after all that time we owe it to ourselves to do this?”
“Yeah, I guess I’m just scared. I mean, you hear about all the couples that have sex for the first time and then the only thing all the guys want is sex, they don’t want to go out to dinner or to see a movie.”
“Alyssa, I understand where you’re coming from, but that’s not going to happen to us. We’re different.” Jason rolled onto his back after saying this. “I love you so whatever you want to do, I want to do.”
“I say let’s just jump.” Alyssa squeaked as she laid on top of Jason.
“Ok, just don’t jump too hard. You remember what happened on Grey’s Anatomy with Mark and Lexi,, we don’t want that.”

Lying side by side Jason and Alyssa stared into each other’s eyes.
“Well?” Jason asked as he ran his hand through Alyssa’s hair.
“Amazing. I think I love you even more now. And I’m glad that I waited to do it with you.”
“I love you so much Alyssa, you have no idea. I promise that you will never have to live without me again, no matter what.”

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