He Came Back for Me

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Alyssa’s cell sprang to life on the night stand:

Now I know why all the trees change in the fall
I know you were on my side
Even when I was wrong
And I love you for giving me your eyes
Staying back and watching me shine
And I didn't know if you knew
So I'm taking this chance to say
That I had the best day
With you today

She rolled over to retrieve the phone, “Hey Mom.”
“Hi Hun, do you think that the two of you can come over her in about forty-five minutes? Oh, and tell Jason I’m sorry about my flighty behavior this morning.”
“Yeah, no problem, I guess we’ll see you then.”
“Bye.” Dani hung up before Alyssa could reply.
“That was weird. Mom wants us to go over to the house in forty-five minutes. She also wanted me to tell you that she’s sorry about the way she acted this morning.”
“She was acting strange, maybe she’s hiding something.”
“Now that I think about it, the past couple months she wouldn’t let me answer the phone whenever it rang. And suddenly she was going out with her ‘girlfriends’ on Friday nights.”
“New ‘boyfriend’ maybe?”
“If that’s what it is and she’s been hiding it from me all this time you better expect to be calming me down tonight. I can’t believe she would do that to me….we tell eachother everything. I have half a mind to go over there now and talk to her.”
“You have absolutely every reason to be mad, trust me I know, but don’t you think that you should let her explain herself before you guys get into an argument over this? Maybe she didn’t want you to meet him just in case things didn’t work out; she was possibly thinking about what you would think the whole time, so she’s probably expecting you to freak out on her tonight. Surprise her, be as civil as you can while we are over there, then when she least expects it, throw her a curveball.”
“Ugh! I hate when you’re right. Well since I’m not going over there to flip out on her and we still have a good half hour before she’s expecting us, what should we do?”
“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m in dire need of a shower.”
“Mind if I join you?”
“Well……I’m not so sure we’re ready to take that step yet, I mean we just moved in together.”
“Are you making fun of me?!”
“Of course not! Why in the world would I do something like that to the woman I love?” Jason was trying so hard to hold in his smile, but Alyssa gave him a serious look and he cracked like an egg.
“That was mean!” She pouted.
“Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. But I had to do it, you just looked way too happy.”
Alyssa stuck her tongue out at him, then ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower.
“Oh, no you don’t!” Jason shouted, chasing after her.
“Oh, yes, I do!” Jason pushed her into the cold shower “EEEEEEEEEEE! JASON!!!!”
“What is wrong with you?”
“I think you know.”
“Oh, that again.” She shrugged giving him a peck on the lips. “At least I know I have the same type of effect on you that you have on me. Metaphorically speaking of course.”

After their shower, they proceeded to get dressed; then made their way over to Dani’s house.
Alyssa walked into the house first. Sitting on the loveseat in the living room was a strange man that she had never seen before, Dani walked into the room carrying two bottles of Michelob Ultra.
Dani’s eyes lit up when she saw Alyssa and Jason. “Hey kids!”
“Mom, random stranger?” Alyssa responded.
“Alyssa, Jason, this is Max.”
Alyssa looked at Jason pleadingly.
“Liss, I can’t stop you, it would be best if you didn’t but ultimately it’s your decision.” He whispered.
“Thanks Jase, keep random stranger company while I have a discussion with my mother.”
“Max.” Spoke the strange man.
“Whatever. Mom, we need to talk.”
“Ok sweetie, Hun I’ll be back shortly.”
Alyssa and Dani exited to the kitchen.
Raising her voice slightly, Alyssa began the interrogation. “How could you keep this from me? How long have you been seeing this guy? We tell eachother everything, I feel so, so, so betrayed!”
“No, Mom. I’m not done. You wouldn’t let me answer the phone; you were always going out with your ‘girlfriends’. Or so I thought, until Jayne called and asked if you were home, I said ‘No, isn’t she with you?’ Then she went ‘OH! I’m sooo sorry I forgot it was Friday!’ Now, I didn’t get suspicious until Betty called the following week, followed by Annie and Maggie, and they all asked for you. Mom, if you’re going to keep things from me I don’t think I can be here right now, Jason and I are leaving. Good bye!”
Alyssa stormed out of the kitchen. “JASON! We are leaving!”
“But Alys...”
“Yes ma’am, Bye Mom.”
“Do not speak to her! She has NO HEART!”
“Alyssa, please, let me explain!”
“NO!” Alyssa yelled as she dragged Jason from the house.
“Alyssa, don’t you think that was a little harsh? I mean maybe it’s not what you think.”
“Jason, if it’s not what I think why would it take her so long to attempt to interrupt me?”
“Well, um…”
“So, if we aren’t going to hang with your mom tonight, what do you want to do?”
“There’s an under 21 club downtown, and tonight just happens to be Karaoke night.”
“Alyssa, I’m not singing! I haven’t sang since my voice changed!”
“I’ll sing if you do….and you know how bad my voice is.”
“Fine, if it will make you feel better.”
“Thank you, I just need to let loose tonight.”

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He Came Back for Me

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