Jessica Danielle Parker: Tom, Dick & Harry...

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Danielle has been entered by Mrs Mac, along with a few others, into a huge competition. Her grade going along to support her, they arrive at Lumi's Spa and Resort for a week of classes, and fun--
She brushes off her brother's warning, but, before she knows it, she's caught up in a love triangle--and suddenly Danielle is maturing a little faster than she should...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jessica Danielle Parker: Tom, Dick & Harry...

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012





AUTHOR'S NOTE: Heyyy. Just a warning, there is vulgar language and light sexual references throughout. You may read on, and I'll give you a warning when anything bad is about to go down. 





There isn’t anything particularly interesting or amazing about my life. I arrived in Mrs Mac’s classroom, early January, upset because I’d just found out that Rachel and I had been dropped to the Advanced Placement 2 class—out of the Advanced Placement 1 class, AP1 and AP2 for short. I scorn the Needs Help children (I don’t hate all of them: just the ones that act as stupid as their grades). I got really peeved at one NH just a month or two ago—my best friend, Jody Smith.

All my best friends used to sit together (Latoya Khumalo and Rochelle Zoure, who managed to stay in the AP1 class, Rocky doing exceptionally well, as well as Rachel Pillay and Jody) before Jody decided she didn’t really fit in with us (“I’m only close to you, Danielle, and, well, you and Rachel were AP2s, Latoya and Rochelle are AP1s and you and Latoya are really close and Rachel and Rochelle are really close and I’m just…there. I don’t really feel like I belong: I don’t think I ever did.”) and left to go and sit with a bunch of black NHs just like her (except they are bilingual). I hope she has fun.

We are still friends, of course, best friends, we always will be, but…it’s not like I’ll ever be the least bit fond of her new found friends. In the first term, I sat next to Denzel Digg, the second term Kodi Barlett—and I’m still sitting next to him.

I never really connected with Denzel (he was so QUIET, and he’s so POPULAR) but Kodi and I got on like a house on fire.

He gets me, like, really gets me. Kodi used to sit next to Raleigh.

I’m good friends with Dave, too (we used to go on the same lift club in the morning: that’s how I met him) and with his friend Aaron, and I like other guys, too—but I’ve not really fancied anyone since Charlie Tyburn.

He just, well, waved at me (once, mind you, ONCE) and I instantly fell for him. He was my second love (the first was in grade five: Simmons Ngcebo). After I started fancying him, I was so embarrassed to be in his presence I would flee.

Quite literally.

He had a girlfriend (Sahara Coldfront, who happened to be in my class) and asked her what my problem was. She was confused and asked me why I avoiding her guy.

I avoided these questions, too.

Until, one fateful day, Tamara Calige (scariest chick alive—I sat next to her for a term last year) came up to me, as I was sitting at my desk (I sat next to Kiki at that time) and asked, staring me straight in the eye, “Do you like Charlie Tyburn?”

To which I replied, “No, I don’t fancy Charlie Tyburn.”

The only problem was...I was grinning from ear to ear while obviously lying. “Nooooooo….I don’t fancy Charlie Tyburn.”

She grinned, got up, and told the world.

I avoided Charlie forever—most embarrassing incident of my life.

Anyway, I got over him: and now I can’t look him in the eye.

End of story.

A little bit on my friends:

Latoya: good listener

Rachel: intellectual

Rochelle: honest, sweet

Jody: good for a laugh

Then there are the Queen Bees. The main QBs are Tamzin, Cameron, Sahara (yes, Sahara Coldfront! I had no chance) and Katy, with Tamara being their leader, but there are others: like Krista, Tarina, Julie, Lynnie…

Then there are the King Bees. There isn’t a “main” group, but some of them include: Mikyle, Ty, Derek, Charlie (you knew it: didn’t you?), Riaan (I love him: he’s so flirty with everyone and really nice to me), Denzel (Derek’s cousin), Mike (Charlie’s cousin)—those kind of guys.

I don’t really talk to them.

Then there are the Secondary Queen Bees. Unlike the QBs who are athletic and smart (sometimes just athletic) and cultural and aspire to be the best and have a boyfriend and have exclusive parties, the SQBs just wanna be friends with each other and laugh at the boys. They go for older guys, anyway. The SQB’s leader is Kelsey, co-leader being Raleigh (Kelsey’s bestie) then there’s Valerie (ex-best friend of Jody—I stole Jody from her—and Rachel—and me—and Nicky—Valerie stole Nicky from Latoya—so basically, Valerie isn’t generally the most liked person. In my opinion, her only true friend—not the popular people she hangs out with—is Kay), Belinda, Mia (the song that describes Mia is “My Humps” but the Black-Eyed Peas

I like reading (a lot: I came fourteenth in the GRADE for English, despite being in an AP2 class) and Maths (I excel in Maths, and that’s why I adore it)

Mrs Mac doesn’t like me. At all.

Sindy is Kodi’s best girl friend (but not actually his girlfriend) and irritates the heck of me: Mrs Mac just put her directly in front of me to taunt me, I swear. She comes first in class.

And is coming fifth in the grade.

I talk to guys (not a lot) and I’m not very popular, but I’m extremely fond of people.

Brownies are soothing—and i have never had a boyfriend: let alone been kissed.


It’d be nice if something exciting happened: just once.

It’d be a miracle.

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