Sinclaire Academy

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Blackout

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



They say that when your soul is ready to go into the Heaven everybody believes to be real, that you see a light at the end of a dark and gloomy tunnel.

I awoke in a bright room laying in a hospital-like-bed with an I.V. stuck to my wrist. It smelled sterile and had no windows. This wasn't the first time I'd awaken to find myself in a similar situation. The I.V. which was usually there to take my blood so that it could be used in whatever the scientists figured out a way to use it in, was filled with a clear liquid. That was new. 
I yanked the I.V. off my wrist which stung a little. I ripped the covers off my body only to discover that I'd been changed out of my hoodie and  black jeans to a white plain, flannel tank-top and white shorts that were way too short. I swung my legs over the side of the bed. The second my feet touched the floor, I gritted my teeth at the feeling of the cold tile.

There was a mirror on my left. I looked so pale. I was never one to be the magazine picture of health, but I have never looked this bad. I seemed to have lost some weight and looked much more frail than usual. If I hadn't been examining myself on the mirror I wouldn't have seen the shadow that moved behind it. That wasn't a mirror, on the other end of that 'mirror' was some crazy scientist. I turned, ahead of me was a door that looked to be made out of steel. I advanced to stand in front of it, pressed my fingertips against its flat surface and recognized the too familiar texture of stainless steel.

That scientist wanted a show? well I'd give him one.
Of course I could easily make the door  simply unlock itself but that wouldn't be as fun. Instead I tore it from Its hinges and hurled it at the 'mirror'. I doubted that the heavy steel door scratched the bulletproof glass but I was already through the opening that I'd made to care much. An alarm started blaring, very loud.

The last thing I needed was for the halls to be filled with people in white lab coats. I was sprinting not really caring where I was headed. . .or knowing. I've been in places like this one before, so when I saw the guys with the ridiculous black suits I tried my best to concentrate and not burst out laughing. Yes, that had happened before but I'd been in a field and not a closed space like I was at this moment. Their firing had been off, way off. I can't really blame them because I had buried them waist deep in the Earth.
I pressed my palm on the wall to my right, it felt like concrete and some other metallic elements. To the men running down the hall it probably looked like I was trying to catch my breath and regain my strength. They were coming at me from both sides but they didn't exactly look like they wanted to get any closer. I glanced behind me to see them making way for someone but returned my gaze to what was going on before me when I saw one of the guys move forward. He was dressed differently, he was wearing a white T-shirt with a gray hoodie over it and matching sweat pants. He was dressed almost like me. That wasn't what surprised me though. His eyes were a bright blue that looked somehow familiar. I also noticed that he wasn't armed.

If this guy thought that his charm was going to be enough, boy was he wrong. A smile spread across my face, unlike other girls who smile at handsome boys hoping that he falls in love with their luminous smiles, mine was a challenge. He looked perfectly relaxed, not in any way intimidated by me. Fine if he was going to act as if I was just some frightened little girl and not a threat, so be it. I'd like to point out that I still had my hand pressed to the wall. I didn't blame him for his surprise when the wall on his right detached itself from its place and flew across the hall and was on its way to squashing him like a pancake. Before the chunk of wall could smash him I felt something pierce my skin. I went down on my knees and ripped a dart that had hit me on the shoulder. I looked up in time to see that the chunk of wall had fallen in the middle of the hallway and now looked like a pile of rubble. The hazy feeling was back. A numb feeling spread across my back, down my arms and legs. 


The second time I awoke in a hospital-like-room I was less alert. I lifted my arm to examine my wrist, and sure enough, the I.V. had been put back in its place.

"You should really keep that on."

My head shot up to see a woman with curly red hair, a white lab coat and amber brown eyes. She was young and her height made her appear younger than she was.

"Who are you? What is this place?" I tried to keep the fear out of my voice. The numb feeling only making the situation worse. The red head smiled kindly and picked up a clipboard. She briefly skimmed it and looked up in surprise. She was looking at me as if all of a sudden I'd sprouted wings. I couldn't stop myself from squirming uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Hello, Sarah." her voice was kind but then again, at first they always put up that act.

"My name is Dr. Claire Rays. I'm the one who shot you with the tranquilizer and for that I apologize."
I glared at her. She'd said that is if she were telling me I had a cavity, she'd shot me with a tranquilizer! This lady was out of her mind.

"Caleb would have hurt you if I hadn't intervened."
Yeah right. If she was talking about the pretty faced boy with the blue eyes, she was crazy. She's lucky she shot me in time or else I would have been the one to hurt him.

"As to your whereabouts, you are in an island in the middle of the Pacific, a location unknown to everybody but the Sinclair Academy and many of the major governments." This crazy woman wanted me to believe that we were in an island when just two hours ago we'd been in N.Y.? I would also like to point out that people don't make Academy's for freaks like me. That did it. She's definitely the craziest scientist I've ever met, and that's saying something. 

"Look, I'm not really into the whole We-need-your-blood-to-study-freaks thing. So, unless you want me tearing down your door again, I suggest you let me walk."

I said it with as much venom as I could inflict into my words. I'd definitely not hesitate in tearing down the expensive looking steel door. I had to admit though that when ever I woke up in a similar room, they never bothered to give names.

"You don't have to go tearing down the door. I'ts automatic. As for the blood, I'll admit that you have a very interesting DNA composition but I haven't and do not intend to take any without your consent."
My consent? Even if she begged me for it, I would rather bleed to death. I looked at the double doors which were different from the last. I wasn't buying a single word she was saying. . . and yet, I was curious. 

I looked her evenly in the eyes. I was going to find out more about this 'Sinclair Academy', after all, none of the crazy scientists have ever used that angle. As soon as I knew that it was all a sham and was outside, I'd take off.

First things first, there was no way I was going to go anywhere with what I was wearing.

"I'd like my clothes back." I wasn't bothering to say please, because it's not like they asked for my permission to bring me here.

"Your clothing was damaged, I can get you something else to wear, if you'd like?'

damaged how? I had been in a somewhat decent outfit. Give me a break, I don't exactly have a mom to tell me what I should prance around in. Her eyes were expectant, waiting for my answer.

"Sweats and a hoodie would be fine." she nodded and turned towards the glass double doors. The glass doors slid apart and she was gone. This time I took the time to get up an look around. It wasn't as sterile and creepy as the last room had been. It didn't exactly have floor to ceiling windows but it somehow felt more open. There was a small palm tree in one corner which looked real. Crazy scientists usually didn't have any life in their Frankenstein-lab-looking-rooms. 

The glass doors slid open to reveal the red head holding a bundle of clothing. She set them on the bed, smiled at me and left the room saying nothing else. I stared at them for a minute or two before moving towards them. When I touched the fabric, I was surprised to find them very soft and also new. The hoodie and sweats were a soft lavender/gray. I picked up the hoodie to see a piece of paper that had been laying between the hoodie and sweats. I picked it up to see that it was written in neat handwriting. 
'you will find some shoes on the bottom drawer of the bed'
I went down on my knees to open the bottom drawer, and sure enough, there they were. I held them in my hand and checked the shoe size. They were my size! I stared at them for a minute until I realized that if I wanted answers, I'd have to put them on and go find answers. 

I swiftly changed into the new clothes and walked out the glass double doors. When you're determined to get answers and nothing can stop you, make sure you know where you're going. I was walking down an empty hall with bare walls, not knowing where I was headed. I turned a corner and stopped in front of a door, it looked like sunshine was filtering through the glass window in the center. If that was a way out, I'd take it.

I had no idea why, but my hand was shaking when I lifted it up to push open the door. I hated to admit it, I was afraid of what I'd find at the other side of that door.

"There you are. I should have known you wouldn't wait for me to give you the grand tour."

I turned to see the red head walking towards me with a smile on her face. She didn't look mad because I had left without her permission. Not that I would have asked for it. She didn't look surprised either, I didn't know whether to be glad or alert, so I did what anyone else in my position would have done. I returned my attention to the door, pushed it open and stepped through to the bright sunlight.

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