Let's Pretend

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Arianna had the perfect plan to make her best friend Kevin fall in love her. She would date her ex-boyfriend Derek and make Kevin jealous.

Simple....not really....Especially since Kevin is in love with Kelly and Derek hates her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Let's Pretend

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




Arianna tosses her shining black hair over her shoulders and pushes her way through a party of drunk college kids and rolls her eyes. If any of her family members would see her right now, they would freak out. Seeing their pretty little princess at a college party, where everyone was drunk and high, would have them seething in anger.

But Arianna did not care, because Arianna loved parties. Especially when she came to every single party with her best friend, Kevin. Where was Kevin anyway? He should have been with her, like he always was. Arianna smiles as she remembers the little pact they’d made when they were just five years old. “To be together, best friends forever.”

When Kevin moved in the house opposite Arianna’s, he was such a shy, nerdy kid with big glasses, so reluctant to come and talk to her. Arianna chuckles at how she stomped up to him and introduced herself and demanded that if he would like to live in this neighborhood, he better become friends with her.

Shaking her head at the memories, Arianna climbs up the stairs of the party house and opens the first door she sees. She looks in and realizes that she has entered a bedroom with a couple heavily making out on the bed. She cringes at their crude behavior, and quickly mutters a “sorry.” She turns back to leave but stops halfway when the couple spring apart in alarm. Arianna feels her jaw drop as the room light shines on the faces of the two people who are none other than Kevin and....and Kelly.

Kevin blushes and speaks, “Oh hey Arianna, didn’t see you there.”Arianna looks at him with a gobsmacked expression on her face while he continues to talk. “I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Kelly”

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