Let's Pretend

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Planning

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013





(Arianna gets ready to go to Derek’s home to discuss future plans. She opens her house door and bumps into Kevin. She looks surprised to see him)

Kevin: Hey!

Arianna:- Hey!

Kevin:- can I come in?

Arianna:- oh yeah, sure...ofcourse 

(Kevin steps inside and smiles at her. She gives him a look)

Kevin:- I wanted to talk to you about Kelly

Arianna:- (Excited) you broke up with her?

Kevin:- (shocked) What? No?

Arianna:- (angry, she puts her hands on her hips) Well, then what?

Kevin:- look I know your angry I hid it from you, but Arianna its hard alright

Arianna:- hard? your going to use hard to describe it?

Kevin:- I’ve always had a crush on her....ever since forever actually

Arianna:- wait a second.....you had a crush on her when she and Derek were

Kevin:- (interrupting her) I like her and she likes me. That’s all that matters. On the other hand, Derek and you are history.....it doesn’t matter....it happened too long ago

Arianna:- Of course.....(slowly) it doesn’t matter

Kevin:- (holding out her hands) Arianna I like Kelly alright....but I don’t want to loose you. Your my best friend....I don’t want us to fall apart because of this

(Arianna looks at the sincerity in his eyes and feels like a horrible person)

Arianna:- (sighing and hugging him) I’m sorry.......I just freaked out....I don’t want to loose you either

Kevin:- (patting her on the head) I’m so glad you understand

(He then pulls her to the sofa and talks and talks and talks about how much he likes Kelly, much to the horror of Arianna)



(After talking to Arianna and having dinner with her family, Kevin finally leaves. Arianna groans loudly when she looks at the clock. 11:25 p.m. There was no way she was now going to be able to meet Derek today. And thinking about the way Kevin was gushing about Kelly, makes her kick the sofa. She then spends the next 5 minutes hopping in pain. After cleaning the dishes, she finally goes to her room and sighs. At 12:30, she sneaks out of her room and tips downstairs. She nearly bangs into a vase at the bottom but saves herself at the last moment. She finally manages to sneak out of the house. She runs to her car, turns on the engine, and drives off. After 20 minutes, she parks outside Derek’s house. She sees that all the lights in his house are turned off “Shit, he’s probably asleep.” She gets out of the car and stands below Derek’s bedroom window, remembering it from the past. She thinks about calling him but then remembers his horrible ring tone that would wake up the entire family. “I can text him but the idiot won’t reply.” She looks right, then left, followed by straight. She smirks. She sees the pipe that leads straight aside Derek’s bedroom door. She starts climbing until she reaches his window. She thinks about knocking, but then touches the window and it opens. “What idiot leaves the window open when there is a pipe that someone can climb into.” She grabs onto the wall and jumps in. She looks around his room and finds it rather clean for a boy. She turns around and sees him sleeping peacefully on the bed. “Who would know such a devil would look so innocent?” She comes closer to him and pokes him)

Derek:- (in his sleep) uhlkrghiwr

(Arianna pokes him again)

Derek:- innnp noop

(Arianna rolls her eyes and puts her leg across and sits on him. His eyes open wide in shock)


Arianna:- (putting her hands around his mouth) Shhhhhhh!

Voice:- (from another room) Derek, is there a problem?

Derek:- uh no mom....I had a bad dream.....no bothers

Voice:- alright

(Silence for 2 minutes in which Derek glares at Arianna still sitting on top of him. They hear a snoring noise from the next room. Derek sighs)

Derek:- get off me 

Arianna:- (getting off him and sarcastically replying) I’d think you’d be used to it by now

Derek:- (ignoring her) what the fuck are you doing here?

Arianna:- we have to plan?

Derek:- (checking the time) at 1:15 in the morning?

Arianna:- (smirking) yeah well....considering how things went last time.....we have to plan

Derek:- (scoffing) why, what do you suggest then, my love?

Arianna:- (sitting up excited) I was thinking we can start tomorrow itself.....I actually have plans (she pulls out a binder from her bag)

Derek:- (raising one eyebrow) you wrote them?

Arianan:- (Flustered) I don’t want anything to go wrong.....I like Kevin so much (she gets a happy look in her eyes) and when he

Derek:- (smirking) as much as I’d lurveee to hear you gush about Kevin, can we get this shit over with tonight? I gotta get my sleep......

Arianna:- (grinding her teeth in anger and opening the book) okay so I think we first need to set some ground rules on what is allowed and what is not allowed when we pretend date....I think we can hold hands, hug and cuddle....you know stuff like that. I think kissing me on the cheek or on the top of my head (Derek groans and she glares at him) is the kind of thing we are going for. You see, I know Kevin, if we go for the whole “let’s make out in front of their faces” he’ll know its only attraction. He’ll only be jealous if we seem to portray we have the “Real thing” u know. 

Derek:- you know.....all you had to say was no sex

Arianna:- (blushing) well of course not....I like Kevin

Derek:- (smirking) who is probably doing it right now with Kelly

Arianna:- (appalled) of course not....Kevin said he’s going home after he left my house

Derek:- (smirk widening) do you really think he’s going to discuss his personal life with you?

Arianna:- (ignoring him) this is not what I came to discuss over here

Derek:- (Shrugging in a i don’t care manner) you brought it up

Arianna:- (angry and frustrated) can we focus on us?

Derek:- us? (smirking widely) I thought you liked Kevin

Arianna:- (grinding her teeth) of course I like Kevin

Derek:- you sure?

Arianna:- (getting off the bed and hitting him with the pillow) your an abosulte disgusting pig (she pulls him by the collar so they are nose to nose) I like Kevin....and you are going to agree to everything I say

(They keep glaring at each other)

Derek:- (pushing her away) what the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Arianna:- (composing herself) you have to come to the cafe tomorrow and casually bump into us. It has to be “casual.” Stuff like “hey” “hey” you know an awkward start....cause there is too much tension. Kevin has to feel the tension between us

Derek:- sure

Arianna:- (getting ready to leave and upset at his lack of interest in her plan) well that settles that then

Derek:- ofcourse

Arianna:- so I’ll just leave then

Derek:- be my guest

Arianna:- don’t mess this up for me

Derek:- just leave woman

(Arianna glares at him one last time before she climbs out the window and heads towards her car)


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