Freedom Fighters

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my 1st attempt at a book.
it's about a group of 17 year old teenagers escape from a hostile invasion of the home. it is kind of a journal written about their survival and how they try to fight.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Freedom Fighters

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



War. The world is full of people killing each other. I didn’t pay attention before but now I can't help see it everywhere, humans steal, cheat and kill. i use to think we were smarter then that, since we hold ourselves over all other beings now i see how we can be ugly and violent. my world, my desicions its all a matter of life or death, me or them because death is all around us; I see that now.

I am starting this journal because apparently putting your problems on paper is meant to help... clarify. I have a lot of problems, ever since we decided to fight. 4 against a nation I don’t like the odds but what else would I do? Merrywater was my home, is my home and their not taking it away not again.

my story started on the 24th of April that's when my home was invaded by enemy soldiers. I don’t know where they came from I just know they are here now; any way what difference does it make? They spread out in groups across the coastline and inland quickly overtaking the towns capturing the towns’ people and putting them in prison camps. It all happened quickly too quickly no one given the chance to react to set up defences no warnings we all were cut off. They was smart, cutting out the towns power before taking in the people, so no one could make contact with other towns. i still don't know how they managed to get all the families into the same place of course there were those who slipped through the cracks like us but they just ran and hid.

I'm not sure if I'm grateful for not being caught, it all would have been easier if they had taken our choice of fighting away because now we have to do something and it's terrifying. now we have to fight, we will all fight for our homes: we will say how dangerous it is, how sacred we are, how we don't stand a chance and the we will make a plan and attack.

i am a soldier now.

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