Music From The Soul.

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This isn't a real book, but a collection of my song lyrics.
Hope you enjoy!(:
If you want to hear what they sound like with music that I created with them, message me or something and I'll send it to you, if your that interested.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Music From The Soul.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

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Submitted: August 22, 2011





Verse One-

I've got a melody,

in my ears; and stuck in my heart.

It's screaming your name!

I feel so trapped in your gaze.

You still believe,

that I'm still that little girl I used to be.

But I'm not little.

I've grown on up.

Enough to see,

that I love you.

What will it take,

for you to notice it too?


Do I need to dye my hair?

Change my wardrobe, put makeup on my face?

Do I have to wear a shirt,

proclaiming that I love you so?

Want you? Need you? No, I love you!

I just pray to God, every night.

Wishing for the day,

you realize it too!

Verse Two-

There's a tricky question,

in my head; that strikes me to my soul.

Why can't you see?

That when I look at you my heart beats crazily?

No, it's not easy,

to keep everything away from you!

But I have managed.

I've held on tight.

Even though I'm hanging,

on just a thread.

I won't give up,

I'll get new string.


There's a melody,

in my ears; stuck in my heart~

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