A jemi love story

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: February 11, 2010

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Submitted: February 11, 2010



Demi's pov

okay so half the day went by good everyone wants to be my friend I've always been good at that anyways Joe and Selena and Nick want to eat lunch with my joes calling it our first date which is kinda scary but nice at the same time.

\"so Demi you got a boyfriend?\"Joe asks \"uhh no..\" \"Joe leave her alone it's her first day for pete sake!\" I giggle \"you have a beautiful laugh and smile you wanna go out??\" \"ummm...\" \"please?\" \"umm sure why not?\"

\"cool so this Saturday?? I'll pick you up!\" \"okay cool\"I say smiling.\" cool!\" \"Demi I feel bad for you!\" Selena giggles in my ear I laugh \"what did she say about me?\" \" umm..\" \"ohh nothin\" we both giggle \"you guys asked for it Nick it's time \"come on Demi run!!\" me and Selena run away from Nick and Joe we run into the girls bathroom...

Joes pov: the girls bathroom door opens I slam the cake in the principles face (it's my mommy so she won't get mad :) ) \"joesph!\" \"sorry mommy!\" she wipes it off her face and walks away Selena and Demi are both giggling in the bathroom \"Nick you grab selena I grab Demi we throwbthem in the pool out back ok?\" I whisper to Nick \"okay!\" we run in I grab Demi Nick grabs Selena we run out back and throw them both in the pool \"aaahhh!!\" Demi and Selena scream!

Sorry it was short I have to go to bed I'll post more tomorrow!!

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