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this is my new sequel called faithfully a twilight fan fiction, all human starts before Edward and Bella meet.

it is Bellas first day at penisualia college and becomes friends with Edward and the cullens , both want more than just friends both are scared the other dose not feel the same as they form a closer bond, games are played truth or dare ect

Chapter 1 (v.1) - faithfully

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011




Disclaimer: I do not own twilight Stephanie Myer does.

(Bellas pov)

Dear diary,

Today is going to be my first day at Peninsula College, wish me luck…

I was sitting in my old Chevy truck bought by Charlie as a welcome to forks present. I had come to forks after Phil’s baseball team had made it to a major league and had to move to Jacksonville, I’m not sure what made me want to come to forks, with its seven months of rainy days and hardly any sunshine but I felt I had too, like it was the better choice.

Of course my mom put up a fight, well more than a strop really with her childish behavior of whining and whining in till my bags were packed and we were in the airport. I’m glad she had Phil sometimes I felt things were the opposite way around I was more of a mom she was more of a daughter. I know it sounds bizarre but Renee was sometimes so careless so… childlike.

So here I was three weeks after I had arrived at Charlie’s and ready to start college, when I had graduated from high school back in phoenix all I ready knew what direction I wanted my career to go in, I wanted to be a high school English teacher .

I jumped when a knock on my window bought me back to my surroundings I glanced outside and saw Charlie’s anxious eyes staring at me form the misted up glass, I wound down my window.

“Are you all right bells”? He asked.
“Fine” I replied “just a little nervous”
“I’m sure everyone’s a little nervous today bells try to relax, oh and don’t worry about cooking tea tonight, we’ll order out take away or something my treat”
I nodded and tried a smile hopping it looked convincing enough. Charlie had got into the cruiser I looked into my mirrors watching him drive round the corner.

 I took a deep breath and started the truck; the load roar of the Chevy’s engine was a comfort to me. My dad had bought the car from Billy Black his best friend whose son Jacob was a whiz of a mechanic Charlie told me he had done most of the work on the truck himself. 

I got my acceptance letter from Peninsula College 2 months ago four weeks after I decided to go stay with Charlie I started filling in application forms apparently everyone from forks high school was going there too of course Charlie knew everyone in the small town of forks.

Ten minutes later I was in the college parking lot and badly hyperventilating after five minutes I got out the car, I pulled the hood of my jacket up over my head and slung my bag over my shoulders, like every day in forks it was raining.

 I took the map out my bag which was sent in the post with the acceptance form along with a timetable and made my way quickly to room 32c. I saw a group of guys, jocks, hanging round a shiny red bmw convertible I looked over to try to find the owner of such an expensive car when… SLAM. I fell to the floor books spewing out my unzipped bag.

“I’m so sorry are you ok?” I looked up to find the most handsome boy in existence; his copper brown hair was worn in a messy  style one piece hanging over his glistening emerald green eyes. His lips were set in to a hard line, brows furrowed as he frowned worriedly at me.

“Yea I’m fine thank you erm…?”
“Edward” he smiled. “Edward Cullen”
I smiled and started to stand up, Edward bent down a helped me pick up my books.
“Thank you” I mumbled. “I’m Bella by the way Bella swan”
he nodded, “chief’s daughter right.” I blushed and nodded.
“I better get to class” he smiled. I watched him pat down his jean pockets. “Crap where is it”? He murmured.
“What you lost?” I asked.
“Timetable” he looked at me a worried expression on his face. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.
“What’s so funny” he grinned.” My grin turned into a blush as he looked me in the eyes.
“First day at college and you’ve already lost your timetable.” I smiled.
He laughed a nervous laugh “can you help me find reception? … Please?”

I nodded at him and he smiled me a crooked smile, I swear my heart missed a beat. It didn’t take long to find reception after we asked around we got some straight forward directions.  Edward walked up to the receptionist, “excuse me ma’am” he said politely. “I’ve … misplaced my timetable is there any chance you could print me off a new one?” she smiled up at him and asked for his full name. “Edward Anthony mason Cullen” he smiled. In less than a few minutes we were standing out of reception with Edwards’s timetable. “Where is your first lesson” we asked at the same time, we both laughed.

“I have biology in room 32c” I said Edward looked at the time table smiling.
“Me too” he grinned.
“Look” he said showing me his time table.
“We better get going” he said.
I nodded as we walked together to 32c.

By time we got to biology only two seats were remaining next to each other two rows from the back. Silently me and Edward took our seats. I glanced round the glass room but no teacher had arrived yet. I felt Edwards’s eyes at the side of my head; I turned to find him smiling at me. “What”? I mouthed smiling.
“Nothing” he mouthed back, I was distracted as the teacher came through the door, he was middle aged, balding with glasses and a horrible brown suite.

“Good morning glass and welcome to Peninsula college” his eyes scanned the room. “The person sitting next to you will be your biology partner throughout the year” I smiled at Edward, who returned the smile.
The rest of biology flew by quickly and I soon found out I had Spanish next I reluctantly said good bye to Edward and made my way to room 12c. When I finally found the room all the desks had at least one person sitting in them I scanned the room quickly getting nervous. “Hey do you want to sit next to me”? I looked down to find a beautiful pale girl with spiky short black her I smiled gratefully and sat down. “I m Alice” she said cheerfully, I wondered how any person could be this cheerful on the first day at college and in double Spanish. 
“I’m Bella” I smiled.

Spanish actually turned out to be a lot of fun I really got on well with Alice, we constantly got told of for chatting. If I though Alice’s spiky black hair was stylish it was nothing compared to her dress sense, I wasn’t really into fashion, I mean of course I wanted to look presentable and in clothes that match, but I got the general idea Alice loved clothes and shopping for them two. When the bell went Alice stood up she was a head smaller than me,  “do you want to come to lunch with me?” she asked.
“That would be great thanks Alice” so far the day couldn’t have gone any better I had a handsome young, funny and drop dead gorgeous lab partner and I had already become good friends with adorable, friendly bouncy Alice.




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