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I was in the stands. I was at Lucien's football game, with Sallia and Georgia. I couldn't beleive that I, THE MUSIC GEEK, Got the football player!!!!!!! Yvette was now a cheerleader, which,surprise, surprise, is Tyson, the now quarterback's girlfriend. It all worked out. We were all happy. Or so I thought...



"Go tiger's!!!!" I heard Yvette call from where all the cheerleaders were. I was in the front row. Meaning all the cheerleaders were right under me, which is why I could hear and see everything they did. It also made it confusing when Lucien or Tyson would point at one of us to show that we were their girlfriends. I had to admit; Tyson was still HOT now. But girls also thought Lucien was gorgeous. Lucien was. He had brown, long curly hair. And the most beautiful brown eyes.  I heard a whistle ring. Then Lucien and Tyson pointed over. Only they pointed at their girlfriends, so me and Yvette were kinda special. The game was over. The cardinals won, not the tigers. At least I was their to support Lucien, even though they lost. "I should go meet Lucien down in the stadium." I told Sallia and Georgia. "Oh, ok." They replied. I got up, and walked into the exit. I went down the hall, took the staircase, and walked towards the blue doors leading to the stadium."Hey, babe." I said to him as he walked up to me. "Hey." He replied. "I have to hit the showers, and get changed." He told me. "Ok, I'll meet you at the car." I told him. Then he gave me a kiss, and walked toward the changerooms. I walked back through those doors, and down the hall. I pulled the keys out of my pocket, and headed towards the parking lot. I went over to my car, where I unlocked it, and looked up to see Tyson on the other side of the car. "Oh. Hi Tyson." I said. "Hi." He replied. "You guys were great on the field." I said. "Look, Brooke, you don't need to sweet talk me." He snapped. "Sorry?" I asked. "Look at you." He said. "What?" I asked. "Your just so........." He started. "Perfect." He whispered. "You think I'm perfect?" I asked. "I always did. Even when we were 14." He said. As soon as he mentioned when we were 14, it reminded me of that day we were playing soccer, and he flew me on top of the roof. The day I found out he was a devil. The day Tyson broke my heart...  But then I stopped in my flash back, to hear an angry voice. "WHAT THE HELL?" Lucien called as he ran over to the car, to see me and Tyson talking. "I was just asking Brooke if she was going to get you to come to the practice in Dallas." Tyson said as he took his hands off the hood of the car where he had placed them before Lucien came. "Ok?" Lucien asked. I got in the drivers side, and Tyson stepped back and waved goodbye after Luc got in the car. Luc was my little nick name for Lucien. He also called me peanut butter and I called him jelly. It was cute. We loved eachother and that was all that mattered. We drove to my house, and Lucien and I went up to my room. "So what was Tyson ACTUALLY saying to you?" Luc asked. "He told me to look at myself, and I asked what was wrong with me,and he said.... uh..."  told him. "What?" He asked. "He told me I was perfect." I said. I was blushing, and it DIDN'T look good, especially infront of my BOYFRIEND!! "That little bitch." He said. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Tyson. And I. There's somethings we haven't told you..." Lucien started telling me.







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OooOoOoOoOooO Nice chapter, I really like your novel so far :D Please KMU?

Tue, February 4th, 2014 12:56am


Thank you, and sure

Tue, February 4th, 2014 2:47am

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