Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Outgoing Texts.

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



<-- 7:58PM Cat?

<-- 8:05PM Cat, are you purposely ignoring me?

<-- 8:15PM Cat… please, talk to me…

Cat’s silence ate away at me. I was accustomed to talking to her at a moment’s whim, but now, I can’t even get a decent text message response. What could I have done that was so bad?

<-- 8:18PM hi, Megan :/

-->8:19PM hi Jen!! how’s life?! :D

<-- 8:21PM it’s… I can’t tell at the moment. did you speak to Cat at all today?

-->8:23PM well, yea sure, a few minits ago but only for a little while O: why?

<-- 8:30PM oh… never mind… it doesn’t matter. thanks Meg.

-->8:31PM are you sure everything’s fine, hun? .-.

<-- 8:33PM yea, everything’s great ^___________^

-->8:34PM LIAR.liar.LIES.LiaR.LIIIEEE!

<-- 8:36PM Megan… shut the hell up and go to sleep. Goodnight.

--> 8:37PM >:|


<-- 8:50PM Catherine… please? Whatever I’ve done, or whatever I didn’t do, I’m sorry, please… just talk to me .___.

<-- 8:58PM alright. I guess you need some time alone… so, I’ll stop bothering yougoodnight…

I tried to fall asleep, but nothing would work. My mind was far too troubled for my body to find rest. Cat wouldn’t throw me away, not without explaining why--I reassured myself that she wouldn‘t. But in the back of my mind, I kept asking, “Would she?”

“I should just try to get my mind off of her…”

I crept downstairs. Then after pulling my literature book from my bag, I ascended the staircase once more and went back into my room. I opened the book and ran my fingers along the text where the number had sat separating the cool pages. The small piece of paper was jagged yet smooth, and having been in the book for so long, it had visible, crumpled lines--which were now flat--running through it.

I picked up my phone and carefully entered each number. I sure as hell didn’t wanna call him; so, maybe texting him would help me to get my mind off of Cat, even if it was--a momentary thing… If she doesn’t want me, I know that he does…

<-- 9:28PM um… hey

--> 9:31PM who is this?

<-- 9:33PM it’s Jen… look, if you’re busy I could maybe text you some other time… I need to get to sleep anyway

--> 9:34PM no, nono it’s fine. So, what are you doing right now?

<-- 9:37PM nothing, actually… can’t sleep

--> 9:39PM u need me to come tuck you in? lol

<-- 9:43PM ha, no thanks

--> 9:45PM are u sure?

<-- 9:46PM yea… hey, I’m actually gettin kinda sleepy… so, I’m gonna get to bed now. G’night

--> 9:47PM tomorrow, can I come over tomorrow?

<-- 9:53PM sure… I guess so

--> 9:55PM see u then

As I lay there in bed with my phone beside my head and my pillow between my knees, I somehow expected my previous feelings for Cat to suddenly disappear. To my dismay that feeling didn’t only stick, but it bore deeper into the refines of my heart. I hoped that Jessie would soon replace all traces of my affection for Catherine--after all, I was attracted to him too... How hard could the transition be?

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